Stickman Readers' Submissions February 17th, 2010


I would like some advice as to a possible relationship with a bar girl I met at the monkey bar in Pattaya. I was out there looking for a girlfriend and have had several encounters with the girls of Phuket and Pattaya, and had a blast.

To give you some background, I have been married for twenty two years in Canada and have a rocky relationship. I work overseas now in Korea in a technical supervisory position and will be there for well over a year. Before I left Canada my wife told me she had no more feelings for me and this was an unofficial separation, which I intend to carry through in the long run.

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My co-workers and I came to Thailand in search of a good time and found it. We have been back several times and will continue to come before we have to return to Canada.

I met Poi at the monkey bar and was with her for one night at the start of my week's holiday and was with several other girls for the next couple of nights.

I choose to return to Poi because I enjoyed her company and spent the rest of my week checking out the scene in Pattaya. My plan was to do this exact thing find a good looking girl and get her to tour me around and explore more of Thailand. From my previous trips to Thailand, I found that it was a nicer experience and easier to do and see things if you had a girl with you, and everybody would stop hitting on you a soon as you had a girl with you.

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I have been with the most gorgeous girls that I have ever met in my life. Poi, my "girlfriend" is of the Laos background and her family is from the Ubon Ratchathani, north-eastern area of Thailand. I find them to be the most beautiful, although Poi is very beautiful, she is not the most beautiful Thai girl that I have met. She 32 years old but doesn't look like her age. I am 47 but don't look my age. People tell me that I look like Michael J Fox, and generally have not had a hard time talking with and meeting new women.

Poi and I had great sex together, although I did better with some other girls, she was a little shy and pulled back at first, while the other girl was wild and sex crazed, she was hot horny and seemed to generally like to fuck.

Poi and I did have lots of sex but we talked lots and laughed a lot and just enjoyed each other's company, going out, eating, sightseeing etc…

She is beautiful but not a ten. She has scars from a C section etc… But nonetheless she dresses very nice, has very good hygiene, doesn't drink smoke and no drugs.

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She has a mother and sister that lives in the Ubon area, and I guess she sends them money. It sounds like the standard for the por of Thailand and it sounds like many of Thailand, she was married has a girl, but lives with her father, and worked for a high tech lens fabrication factory, her job required her to be a quality surveillance, QC as we call them, and the chemicals used to clean the lens were affecting her eyes etc.. And had to take time off to heal her eyes, but the company let her go.

According to her she had just been a bar girl for the last several months and didn't not like what she was doing etc.. Probably the same line by all the girls.

She didn't really get into any of her background or life situation until inquired I pressed the issue, most other girl were always the ones telling you their life stories. Poi on the other hand would not talk much abut it and would change the subject and talk about other things.

She always talked about her mom and family and how she miss being with them.

Here is my story and I an asking you if this is possible, I live in Korea and will be here until next year, I sent Poi some money, without her asking for it or her knowing what I was going to do. I make very good money and I am in good standing, up until I get my divorce hahaha.

I put a shit load of money into her account and waited to see what she would do, I asked her once what she would do if she had money, she said that she wanted to go home and wanted to go to school, she liked hairdressing and if she had lots she would open up a hairdressing saloon.

Several weeks later I transferred a lot of money into her account and waited to see what she would do, we text message to each other on a regular basis. She did move back home and is taking English classes, she want for me to go visit her and her family, which I am about to do in he ext week or so.

I like this girl a lot, but have read many stories on the net and I am trying to figure out what to do, I want to spend more time with her, but my job is very demanding and can only take time off once in a while , otherwise I work 6 days /week.

I will definitely not commit to anyone without knowing them first, I would like for her to come and live with me in Korea and I would also set her up for English classes.

She wants to come but is afraid, and has never been anywhere out of the country. What would she need to come here, and I have already told her that the money I sent her was a once and only deal, she keeps telling me that it was too much for her, but I figured I f I did like her and maybe some day take her with me. I a schedule to work in Argentina for a year, then China the year after and would like to have a partner with me.

I enjoyed having fun in Thailand with different women but would rather also have a partner to go see and do things together, I am not looking for a slave, I love to cook and I am self sufficient, but I d love that Thai food that is the best, Korean food sucks. I would love to have a girl like POI, north Americans are spoiled and I want someone that will appreciate me and be grateful of life????

Well there is my story, I really like this girl, but also know she was prostitute, can she be sincere about her life change, or will she resort back to prostitution. I have read many stories about some of the tricks or games some girls play? But I want to give her a chance but do not how to go about this. I could g for a much younger girl like some do, but I do not feel not comfortable having a 20 year old under my arm.

Poi is 32 and has life scares, physically therefore not perfect and scared (meaning she life experiences) and not as fortunate as My life). My dad once told me if you want to know someone in a hurry lend then $20, it isn't that much money, but you will see the true character. I don't care about the money I gave her, feel good that maybe good will come to her, I am just happy to have spent that time with her, and if she is stayed in Pattaya in the sex trade, and played me .. Oh well.. But she did leave right away and did what she said she would do. Is it possible to give this girl a chance, and try to bring her to Korea I did asked off handling at one time but not in a serious discussion.

I would like to bring her here and spend some more time to get to know each other, I will be traveling all over the world and think she would be so loyal because of the new life she could have. My ex is too worried about her career etc. I just want a life partner and I want to give her a shot.

Any advice is appreciated.

What I am asking is can I take the bar out of the bar girl, she was the hottest at that bar and was always the first one being requested, I'm a fooling myself for thinking that I could have her to myself ?? Would she cheat on me, I know she did a lot of men, but is something that I will deal with, I want a girl that I can fun with and not worry that she will be running off, but also I want to have sex without a condom, because she has had many men, is there a point somewhere where we can sex without a condom, the girls at the bar a checked regularly and I did talk to the ma-mason to make sure she was checked before leaving.

Stickman's thoughts:

I got so annoyed trying to correct your English that I eventually gave up before I even got half way through this submission.

But from the part that I did read, I would say that you do not know her nearly well enough to even consider her for a long term thing.

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