Stickman Readers' Submissions February 16th, 2010

Sad Case In Nana

He walks the sois and ends in Nana

Where the girls act their drama

He Clinic Bangkok

Hey where you go oh hansum man?

Now here’s a girl who has a plan

Walking on he enters the Plaza

CBD bangkok

Now its time to watch the drama

Crumpled notes and tunnel vision

Yes here’s a man who has a mission

Cigarette and beer in hand

wonderland clinic

He sits and dwells in candy land

Is this really a life so sad?

Or an office life he could have had

Depression seeps through his glass

He knows his life is lower class

A girl approaches and sits beside

Only fifteen hundred for that ride

He drinks and drinks until he cries

a realisation in the land of lies

What was once a folly place?

Made his soul fall from grace

Time to leave and go to bed

This time he walks alone instead

Hey she shouts where you go?

For five hundred I will blow

He walks on and she follows

Oblivious to his mind of sorrows

Memories of love and times gone by

He’s just a shadow of that former guy

He awakes and hears mumbles and snores

Once more he bedded a queen of whores

A condom split lies on the floor

In his mind that’s the final straw

In the bathroom he takes his gun

And blows his brains to kingdom come

A happy release to a jaded soul

Who bedded girls with hearts of coal

Or was it all but a drunken dream?

Or even memories that could have been

He shaves his face then has a piss

And Lek shouts out where are you Chris?

By Chris Denny

Lover of tequila and tantrums

Master of deception to bar girls

A survivor and a pagan jester

Stickman's thoughts:

Very nice indeed.

nana plaza