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Sad Case In Nana

  • Written by Anonymous
  • February 16th, 2010
  • 1 min read

cloud nine thailand

He walks the sois and ends in Nana

Where the girls act their drama

Hey where you go oh hansum man?

Now here’s a girl who has a plan

Walking on he enters the Plaza

Now its time to watch the drama

Crumpled notes and tunnel vision

Yes here’s a man who has a mission

Cigarette and beer in hand

He sits and dwells in candy land

Is this really a life so sad?

Or an office life he could have had

Depression seeps through his glass

He knows his life is lower class

A girl approaches and sits beside

Only fifteen hundred for that ride

He drinks and drinks until he cries

a realisation in the land of lies

What was once a folly place?

Made his soul fall from grace

Time to leave and go to bed

This time he walks alone instead

Hey she shouts where you go?

For five hundred I will blow

He walks on and she follows

Oblivious to his mind of sorrows

Memories of love and times gone by

He’s just a shadow of that former guy

He awakes and hears mumbles and snores

Once more he bedded a queen of whores

A condom split lies on the floor

In his mind that’s the final straw

In the bathroom he takes his gun

And blows his brains to kingdom come

A happy release to a jaded soul

Who bedded girls with hearts of coal

Or was it all but a drunken dream?

Or even memories that could have been

He shaves his face then has a piss

And Lek shouts out where are you Chris?

By Chris Denny

Lover of tequila and tantrums

Master of deception to bar girls

A survivor and a pagan jester

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Very nice indeed.