Stickman Readers' Submissions February 18th, 2010

Mr. Anonymous & Angeles City

Mr. Anonymous In reply to Anonymous (Pattaya versus Angeles City, The Truth). I wonder where he gets his ideas and thoughts from. From what I see in his last submission he obviously does not think at all. He just raves and rants about things which are
happening in his mind only.

Pattaya has a lot more crime than AC, he sees a Russian guy beaten into a coma on Walking Street once. But did he find out why? There may have been a reason for this. Sometimes tourists get drunk and are very abusive. Why just blame the guards or Thais
for this situation? Did Mr. Anonymous really know what was going on or was it just his simple mind and racist attitude that made him automatically blame the Thais for this incident? People run over by baht buses with drivers using ya ba to keep awake, etc.. Did Mr. Anonymous actually drug test these drivers himself or was this just another figment of his imagination? Could it maybe have been the pedestrians were drunk or just unaware of traffic conditions? Crossing the road is
one of the most dangerous situations I normally find myself in whilst visiting Thailand. Common sense will usually prevail.

He Clinic Bangkok

Mr. Anonymous seems to also have trouble finding a girl that will stay long time with him. This does not seem to be a problem for most of us Aussies. If you treat the girls with a bit of respect and don't act like a complete arsehole, most of the
girls will be quite happy to stay long time. But after reading the last submission from Mr. Anonymous it's no wonder girls do a runner on him. After five minutes with this guy you would be trying to find a gun to shoot yourself with or the
nearest balcony to jump off.

Mr. Anonymous must never have heard of the term "bronzed Aussies". This saying is used because of our brown skin and our lifestyle in the sun. To say that Aussies bitch about brown skinned people is just ridiculous. I myself am more often than
not darker than the Thai girls. I often hold my arm up next to theirs and point this fact out. I also tell them how much I love their brown skin. It is like an all over natural suntan (no bikini marks). Brown skin is something I find attractive
on any woman whether it be natural like Thai girls or from tanning like the Aussie beach babe. Yes most Aussies love brown skin. Just look at our packed beaches in summer. Thousands of Aussies laying in the sun to get that beautiful brown suntanned
look. It also seems that Mr. Anonymous blames Aussies for the tattoos that most bargirls have. Gee I had never noticed all the Aussies running around Thailand colouring the local girls with tattoo guns. Don't know how I missed it because
so many bargirls have tattoos. Even some that have never been with an Aussie. Mr. Anonymous gave me a good indication of were he comes from.

Mentioning that "at least they got rid of Hitler's face from the front of the new mall here". But I don't even want to go there. It's not fair to the rest of his good countrymen. Most I'm sure are genuinely good people. Most
I'm also sure would be sickened by his racist attitude.

CBD bangkok

When I am visiting Thailand you will often find me in my favourite bar. Drinking with some of the many friends I have made there over the years. Some are expats, some are regular visitors and occasionally some are locals. Often there will be up to a dozen
of us. Irish, Russian, German, Kiwi, Aussie, Bulgarian, English (dark & light skinned), American (dark & light skinned) and maybe Thai as well as the odd person from somewhere else. All of us are drinking and having a good time together.
We are all friends and have known each other for quite some time. None of us really cares where the other came from. It's how you behave while you are here that really matters. We all have respect for each other and we all have respect for
the locals. There is no room for racists at our tables.

The only thing I can agree with Mr. Anonymous about is the selling of child pornography and bestiality DVDs on what he calls Ocean Road. (He even got that wrong but most of us that know Thailand, know where he's talking about.) I also believe this
sort of thing should be stamped out. It is only sickos who would purchase or watch this sort of stuff.

As you probably have already guessed I am an Aussie, and a proud one at that. It is not whether you are born in Australia or not that makes you an Aussie. Australian is a lifestyle. If you live here and embrace the Australian lifestyle you are as much
of an Aussie as us who were born here. Australia is very multicultural and the one thing most of us will not tolerate is racism. Hopefully anyone else that would like to make racist remarks or put shit on a particular nation would be brave enough
to leave a pen name and an email address so they could receive their deserved hate email. It's a very brave man that hides behind a name like Anonymous. Oh! And while I'm here I'd like to say a special thanks to Korski, Sawadee2000,
Caveman and Rahiri for their many submissions that I have enjoyed reading so much. 2Dogs.

Stickman's thoughts:

I might have to review the policy with Anonymous submissions. In particularly antagonistic or controversial submissions, maybe writing it as Mr. Anonymous is not right?

nana plaza