Stickman Readers' Submissions January 5th, 2010

A Response To Korski’s Survey

Many a single male regular visitor to The LOS will say how much they love the Kingdom. But after a few years they might come to the realisation that they could not give a stuff about the country and it’s all about the girls. I on the other hand, since I have been visiting regularly, have lost the appetite for a new anonymous body in my bed every night and have grown an appreciation for the county.

I still have fond memories of mongering and although it is still on the menu the appetite just isn’t there at this stage, all could change the next time in Pattaya.

I largely agree with Dr. Korski’s categories but I will throw in my own clarifier, a monger can jump from one category to another and possibly back again in the same trip.

Back in my mongering days I would primarily be hunting in Category #2 The Great All-Night Squeeze but I would seek out The Good Hot Fuck for a ST early the next day should my all-nighter have proven to be a dud. Every monger wants to find a girl that is the ‘great bonus’ that Korski refers to, the great all-nighter that turns out to be a great hot fuck or vice versa.

Another of Korski the Great's assertions, that a monger will quite often not get what he is expecting is something that I completely agree with. Now this is where mongering becomes like a sport. A bit like fishing, in order to get what you desire it is helpful to start out on the happy hunting expedition knowing what kind of service you are looking for, the odds of success are improved when you fish in right place with the right bait for your target species of the night. Knowing what you want and where you are most likely to find it will reduce disappointment. That’s a no-brainer.

Don’t expect to pull a The Great All-Night Squeeze out of Rainbow 4 from Miss stellar ten Star Fish. But if last night's 6 with the stretch marks has rocked your world and left you drained and tired (done her job properly) you might be looking forward to spending a quieter night fondling the perfect body of Miss stellar ten, and if in the unlikely event, she provides “the good hot fuck” and/or an “all-night squeeze”, you have a truly magnificent catch. If Miss stellar ten then goes out in the morning and returns with food items to make your breakfast and wants to stay with you for The Great Love Affair then you should do what any good fisherman would do, have her stuffed and taken home to mount on your wall – only joking! Most likely to catch Star Fish when fishing for 10’s.

About the only time Hot number 10 will provide the above mentioned fantasy service will be with a newbie that she considers ripe for the picking (plucking more like). Now here is a new theory of mine; It is easier for a newbie who has been well advise to pass themselves off as a veteran than it is for a veteran to pass themselves off as a newbie (especially when alcohol is involved) my “firt” time come Thailand or how “mut” long time and the cat is out of the bag. It would be great if some stickman writer could come up with a set of instructions on how to act like a newbie without making a complete dick of oneself and parting with large sums of cash. I suspect that this may be harder than expected when dealing with a stellar 10 businesswoman, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to turn the tables once in a while.

Sweet, young, drop-dead beautiful 20 year old coyote dancer gets tricked and scammed into providing great service by sneaky old farang. Wouldn’t you just love to see that in the Pattaya news!

So how do we go a hunting for the Good-Hot and the great All-Night. Again I must agree with Korski, amongst girls that have not been in the industry for long. She may not have figured it all out yet but boy does she know how to fuck and please a man’s socks off. She will probably have children and a previous marriage and still be in that fine Thai mode of trying to please her man. Chances are that she has recently been deserted by her Thai husband and will try extra hard to please, and provide that great GFE. This lady may well be on a hunt of her own to find a rich new husband and father for her kids so hang on tight while this girl rocks your world. She probably can’t speak any English but language is no barrier in the sack.

Such ladies are around but we are unlikely to find them when looking at the 8’s, 9’s and 10’s in the go-go bars.

Happy mongering

The Yobbo

Stickman's thoughts:

I'm going to sound like a broken record here…I still think the majority of guys are in the bars for company, more than sex. Maybe not you and maybe not Korski and certainly not Dana, but the majority.

nana plaza