Stickman Readers' Submissions January 4th, 2010

Late Night Ladyboy Encounter

I just read your post about your wander along Sukhumvit in the wee hours and felt I ought to share a little
incident that happened with me on my way home, a few days ago.

I enjoy partying at Nana Plaza more so than Soi Cowboy. Cowboy seems to be louder and just isn't my scene although I enjoy heading to Cowboy during the day. I routinely stop off at the Aussie bar on the corner at the end of the street
from Sukhumvit, for my beloved fish and chips. The bar staff there are very nice girls, pleasant and they're good wait staff.

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Nana felt ok the second I wandered down and parked myself on a stool at Strikers, so I tend to party there and enjoy the pump and vibe of the area, whilst downing ales and chatting up the girls. It also allows for a decent walk from my hotel
on Asoke by Sukhumvit train station, as I walk everywhere I can within reason to help keep the pounds from piling on. Nana's also part of my morning walking route from the hotel, to shake off the previous night's cobwebs while toting
a coffee and getting some morning sun.

I was coming home around 1:30 AM, along the opposite side of Sukhumvit from where Nana Plaza is, toward Asoke, past the Beat. Dark in many places along the route, I'm not concerned as I'm a linebacker-sized Canadian of
Scottish ancestry, breaking 6 feet and weighing in at about 255 lb these days. I'm a peace loving chap of a plucky, jovial and warm nature.

Quietly padding home to my hotel on Sukhumvit, a drunken and aggressive ladyboy popped out of a dark corner waving a Heineken bottle's spout right up in my face under my right eye, nearly forcing me to drink from it.

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I was so startled I almost didn't feel her hand in my right pocket, until it was clear she was rumbling around in there for whatever she could clutch. I wear cargo shorts and always keep my carryables in the Velcro-flapped outer pockets, the wide
access open topped inner pockets are for hands to rest in (my hands or a friendly bargirl's), beer cash sits in a shirt breast pocket. My big pockets always stay empty, case in point.

We're face to face here and this is a bit of a bold move on her part but as mentioned, she's wasted, likely bolstered by liquid courage. I pushed her back a bit on her chest, yet her hand remained in my pocket, her position standing
fast. Perhaps delayed reaction time due to inebriation, perhaps deliberate, I didn't wait to find out.

Without thinking really, I thrust the web of my hand out to her throat, admittedly a little more harshly than perhaps I should have, to push her back out of my personal space. Forgive me for failing to finesse the technique, but I'm
getting mugged by a drunk ladyboy on a dark street at 1:30 in the morning here. She choked and stumbled back, sputtering and dropped the beer bottle, which clunked to the ground and cracked; she fell into the arms of her friends. I then saw three
other ladyboys standing behind her, holding her up; the moment of truth, I didn't wait. Exit Farang, stage right.

I didn't bolt or run, but squared my shoulders and cocked my head a bit downward and quickly pushed past them, careful not to actually knock anyone aside and provoke anything further. I figured if I get knifed I'm going to a dead
run outta there, but leaving quickly seemed to work on its own, and I kept my head turned slightly to see if they were following, which they weren't.

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I still travel the same route nightly and am just as polite and pleasant to all I meet in passing, I just keep my eyes open a bit more.

I have three days left here and I'm going to enjoy them, before I return in 2010 for more of the Land of Smiles. Perhaps to scout some retirement property, if the Bangkok condo market has anything notable. I walk around that large lake
every day on the other side of Sukhumvit from where Cowboy is. It's 2 km per lap and the buildings opposite it seem quite nice.

Stickman's thoughts:

The ladyboy pests have become worse in recent times and there seem to be more of them on the even soi number side of Sukhumvit. In the past, you pretty much only found them on the other side!

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