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A Guide to Girls on the Game: It’s All in the Details

There’s an old saying that it’s all in the details. The good business deal, the great as opposed to the good novel or short story, making the right choice in a mate or the house you buy.

Marc Holt’s recent piece is a crude and in many ways not very helpful guide to going with Thai girls who are prostitutes, hookers, or whores—whatever you prefer to call them. His guide is not much better than saying there’s no difference between a chain Italian restaurant and one with chefs who know what they are doing and where there is a subtle atmosphere and you’re not going to find yourself among a gaggle of screaming kids.

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Marc Holt is running a game on his readers. He wants to let you know that he has lived in Thailand for thirty years, but what he didn’t tell you is that for most of this time he has been married. And while he may well have played around with girls on the game during the time he has been married (you’d have to ask him on this score), it’s a near certainty that he’s not nearly as likely to have had the kind of experience that someone has had who has gone with say 200 of the girls and sampled a great variety of types, and a great variety of types there is indeed, a point that does not come across in Marc Holt’s guide.

Marc Holt doesn’t make any distinction between those just into the game and those on the game, and this alone is a very important distinction and one fairly easy to make. If a girl only speaks two or three words of English and literally does not understand anything you are saying, then it is almost a guarantee that she has been on the game for less than a month or two. She won’t have questions to ask about where you are staying, or for how long, or what you do—all questions that girls on the game use to quickly assess who you are and how you might be exploited, i.e., how to get the most money out of you for the least effort.

Girls just into the game are likely to give one a very different experience than a girl on the game for say upwards of three or four months. She is much more likely to give a better girl friend experience (gfe), and to not find an excuse to leave earlier than she agreed to stay. But she is also less likely to be willing to “smoke” (give a blowjob), or do it very well. So here then there is a huge trade off, between a girl that will try to please as a young and fresh girlfriend will (unlike a pro who has been around for a while), and one with whom you can only communicate via your hands and facial expressions and what you do, and not much more. None of this is to say that these girls right off the farms in Isaan or out of the factories of Bangkok are not thinking of the money they are going to get for what they do, but rather that the experience you have with them will generally be more “genuine” but also less “polished.”

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You not only want a girl to smile at you and keep her gaze on you if you’re thinking of choosing her, but you want to see how she’s going to react when she sits with you for a drink. Here are some clues as what you are and are not getting. If she asks you to buy her a drink five minutes or so after sitting down, she’s been around (she will obviously also have to speak English to do this, which is another clear clue, irrespective of what she or the mamasan claims about how long she has been working). Or if she asks you to buy a drink for one of her “friends” in the bar, she has also been around. Both of these small money-making ventures, and particularly the second one, are “bad” signs: she’s definitely on the game, and she’s been at it for a while, and if you do get a gfe from her it’s not going to be, on average, nearly as good as the one you get from the girl two or three weeks off the farm and still learning her first half dozen words of English. Another clue about what you are getting: if in the first ten to fifteen minutes, she asks you to pay her barfine, this is a very bad sign. All other things equal, this is the kind of girl that is going to make an excuse to leave early, even though she said she would stay with you long-time. She’s got a kitbag of excuses bigger than a fat farang’s beer belly.

Do not simply ask a girl how much it costs for short-time or long-time, or both (Stick’s suggestion). Ask her the question this way: Do you prefer short-time or long-time. If she says she prefers short-time, all kinds of things are much more likely than if she says (the answer you want to hear): Up to you. If she says she prefers short-time, you are less likely to get a good gfe, you are more likely to get a “runner” (one who leaves earlier than agreed to), you are more likely to get one who is interested in getting you off as quickly as possible (less foreplay), and you are likely to be getting one who is more focused on making money (possibly getting back to the bar and picking up a second john or trick for the night) than the young recruit whose mind is still rather unfocused concerning what she’s doing. So if she says, then, It’s up to you, this gives you greater options. Nine times out of ten she means that whether she stays for a short-time or long-time is literally up to you.

But even finding out that a girl will stay “long-time” (it’s up to you) is not at all a good measure of how long she will in fact stay. Probably the great majority of the girls in Thailand (not true in the Philippines) will want to leave by five or six in the morning. If you want them to stay until at least eight or nine, perhaps ten or eleven, thinking that you want more sex in the morning but not too early, then this has to be clearly established, even with a girl just off the farm (establish it by pointing to your watch several times and also getting this clarified via the mamasan).

Marc Holt talks about the unpredictability of what you’re going to get when it comes to sex. This is generally true, but there are ways to increase, and greatly increase, the odds of what you’ll get—or not want–a starfish. One early indicator is how the girl does or doesn’t cuddle with you in the bar (even those right off the farm will readily cuddle in the bar if they have any interest in you). Another is whether or not she has her cell phone on and is turning to it in your presence. Still another is how she behaves when you take her out to a couple of other bars, or to listen to some music—always a good idea before taking her to the hotel. Is she close or warm? Or just genial and polite, and leaves the impression: Can we get on with what you’re really paying me for? But perhaps the best way to avoid getting a bad performance in bed is to avoid picking a nine or ten, perhaps even an eight. Probably the best ones to pick are the fives, sixes and sevens. They’re not the best lookers. They may have a C-section cut and some visible stretch marks. They may have a little extra fat on the thighs or not have the greatest face. But all of these fives and sixes and seven are also more likely to give the best performance in bed. They’re more eager to please, because they’re probably not being barfined every night, and the best way to get additional barfines, or repeat business, is to “please,” give a good performance. A starfish is “time efficient,” into numbers, a hard-core entrepreneur, or an insensitive entrepreneur—you don’t like the way I fuck, touch shit, the deal is about fucking, not about the quality of fucking.

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There’s the issue of what you want in the bedroom. If you want a blowjob, then make sure you have not only established that she will give one but that she is going to do more than give you half a dozen strokes with her mouth and then call it quits. If you want her to sleep in your arms for the night, then get this out-front with her, don’t assume that she will, as opposed to wanting to sleep on the edge of the bed and away from you. If you want a three-holer (the hardest thing to get) you have to make this quite explicit, or explicit enough that she really understands what you mean when you say to her, or through the mamasan, Do you do “everything?” Nine out of ten Thai hookers do not understand “everything” to include getting poked in the ass.

A very critical point that Marc Holt does not make is that between “entry” and “non-entry” and getting rid of the girl. When you get her back to the room and you get her into preliminaries (foreplay), you’ve got to decide if at this point she’s unresponsive or not what you expected or wanted. If not, get rid of her right away. Do not wait until after you have entered her, or she has stroked your manhood half a dozen times with her mouth. At this point, she is going to want all of her money, whereas if you haven’t entered her then you can probably get off with paying her 500 baht when you promised 2,000 or 2,500. You may also be able to get a return of your barfine. Once you’ve entered her, however, she’s going to want all that was promised, and you may not be happy with her insistence or paying out this much if you still want to barfine someone else for the rest of the night. It will be nearly impossible to get a barfine back if you’ve stroked that pussy of hers two or three times with something other than your middle finger.

There’s much more that I might add, but the point I want to make here is that Marc Holt’s guide, for the reasons I pointed on in the opening, are quite crude and not really very helpful, certainly not if you’re trying to maximize the number of good or great experiences with Thai hookers, get full value for your money.

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Lots of good advice.

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