Stickman Readers' Submissions May 20th, 2009

Being Stupid in Thailand – Why Not?

You walk into the darkened room and immediately a middle-aged woman greets you with a big smile. You ask to sit a couple of rows from the stage and she guides you to a small table ten feet from the stage with shining chrome poles. Along the way, you survey
the other patrons of the half filled room; mostly middle-aged and mostly overweight white men fondling their much younger choices for the evening. Although middle-aged yourself, you have kept yourself in good shape and have no need for Viagra.
Before you sit down, you take one more look around; what a bunch of losers you say silently.

You order the popular Thai beer and when it arrives, almost on cue, loud music starts to blare and twenty or so young Thai girls enter the stage. They are topless, wearing only bikini bottoms and white boots. They start to dance slowly but
when they see some of the patrons staring at them, they release their bodies to the pounding beat and flash their best smiles. One of the dancers, a very cute and very young girl with long hair, sees your staring eyes and gives you a gigantic
smile that melts your heart instantly. She moves directly in front of you and really puts on a show. You smile back and shake your head gently to the music as you establish an unspoken rapport with one of the most beautiful girls you have ever

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When the music stops, the girls scurry offstage and one minute later the girl of your dreams sits down next to you. She is wearing a half-buttoned blouse that flashes her firm breasts with each of her feminine gestures. She asks your name,
you tell her, you ask hers and when you try to pronounce it she breaks out in a big laugh. You said “jewy” instead of Yui, and now both of you are laughing. You order her a lady drink and then another. You avert your eyes from the
next show as you try to concentrate on what she is saying to you in her broken English. She puts her hand in your lap and caresses it slowly. You put your arm around her shoulders and try not to keep looking at the open blouse. Then she says,
“You want me tonight?”

As your dick is now fully erect it seems like a silly question. You agree, she tells you how much for a night and how the bar fine works, you pay the check-bin and soon you are off in a taxi towards your hotel. In the room, she agrees
to your request to shower together. Soaping each other in the large shower stall is one of the most erotic pleasures you have ever had. In bed, she is a shy lover but with a little patience she is soon a willing partner. This session is repeated
in the morning. After a round of showers you let her order anything off the room menu. She orders enough food for five people but you love making her happy and seeing that beautiful smile.

During breakfast, you tell her you are going to Phuket for five days, would she like to come? She says she would love to but she has to work. You ask isn’t there some way she could get out of it. She says the bar fine for five days
will have to be paid. That leads to a quick discussion about overall costs and within 30 seconds you both agree to a lump sum payment. It is an amazingly low price, at least to you. That will be the last discussion about money you will every have
with her. She gets dressed quickly and leaves to pack her clothes. She meets you at Don Muang later that afternoon and soon she is sleeping on your shoulder in the seat next you on the short flight to Phuket.

The next five days are wonderful, spent shopping, eating, lovemaking, and sun bathing. She wears a modest bikini on the beach and you can’t help noticing all the stares from the other men. One day, you rent a small Suzuki SUV and drive
around the island looking at the sites and stopping for quick bites of food. All this time, you are telling her about your life and she is telling you about hers. She says she comes from a poor family in NE Thailand. She has three younger siblings,
her Mom has cancer and that her father left the family some years ago. She says that is why she is working in the bars instead of studying at university. The work is not too bad, she says, especially when she is with someone like you who has a
good heart. That night, back at the hotel just before going to bed, she tells you she loves you and you believe her.

After five days and as you are both packing up, you hand her twice the agreed to price. She tries to give half back but you insist. Use it for your family you tell her. She gives you a deep wai and then a big kiss. You feel like
the white knight. Back in Bangkok you exchange cell phone numbers and promise to call her soon. Two days later back in Farangland, she is burning up your cell phone. A month later she calls to say her mother is sick again so you send her a little
bit of money. You try to call her a few days later but her cell phone is off. You decide she must be at home in the countryside helping her family. You wait for her next call but it never happens. She probably decided to quit working and stay
with her family. If so, you feel special that you were able to help her with that, but your heart longs to see her again.

How many times has this scenario played itself out in real-time; hundreds maybe thousands of times? How many of you in this story continued to send money to your sweetie in Thailand only to find she has been scamming you the entire time?
Yet, how much fun would you have had if you didn’t believe at least some of things she said? Feelings of physical power, heightened sexuality, love, and magnanimity is hard to pack into a week’s vacation. How many of you who regret
the loss of some of their hard earned cash would trade getting some of it back in exchange for the beautiful memories you will now carry to you grave? How exciting is a roller-coaster ride unless you believe there is some element of danger in

Have you ever tried to teach a simple game to a child, like tic-tac-toe? Even when you are being kind and making a few mistakes, the old instincts take over and you win every time. How much fun is it when you win all the time, when the roller-coaster
you are on always arrives safely at the platform every time? The same with bar girls, when you know all the tricks and how to win every time, why are you even in the game in the first place? When you strip away all the unreal elements of bar girls
what are you left with? Sexual gratification? If so, let me introduce you to a friend I know, Rosy Palm, she can save you a hell of a lot of money.

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Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating we all go out and hand our wallets to the first bar girl we meet. I am suggesting there is a reason why some men choose to play in this arena (fantasy) and why some choose not to. Those grounded
in facts should probably find a better place to play, like the real Thailand. Here, there are only a few established rules and the game is much more complicated. The Thai personalities and the Thai venues are so much more different than our own,
we can realize fantasies we haven’t thought of because no one has experienced them yet! For those who believe this is a world devoid of sensuality, believe me it is not. There is a deeper sensuality to real Thailand that you will never
find in the go-go bars, beer gardens, or discos.

Stickman's thoughts:

For sure, some would do anything to keep the memories…

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