Stickman Readers' Submissions April 25th, 2009

Anonymous Debunked

If ever there was a submission written with bitter glee and self justification this was it, entitled 'Brokenman Busted'.

He said this: 'It always annoys me when guys who obviously know little about Thailand start lecturing the rest of us old-timers about the way life works here. If he’d just kept his tale of woe to himself then I wouldn’t be writing this. But he set himself up for criticism, so here we go.'

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Anyone reading Brokenman's missives about his adventures in Thailand and his subsequent marriage could not help but root for him. Except this sorry guy who hides behind Anonymous then proceeds to trash him mercilessly.

I've known a number of these expats in my days who thought they knew everything there was to know about everything Thai.

This particular writer takes some satisfaction from someone else's misfortune to be able to flaunt his preconceptions about not only Thailand but those who come for a holiday. This is the quintessential ugly farang who sets himself up as an authority
about all things Thai especially Thai women and Farang/Thai relationships.

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His statements are full of stereotypes coloured by his prejudices both for Thais and Farangs who mix.

Not only did he spout his prejudices but he misrepresented Brokenman as an ignorant tourist. The fact is that Brokenman has been coming to Thailand for many years, has many friends there and well versed about Thai culture. This “writer”
took the trouble to mailing Brokenman just so he could later say “I told you so” and show off his “superiority”.

Why would he bother to do this? I mean he does not know Brokenman from a bar of soap. Of course it wasn't to help a fellow man, it was to be able to build his own ego and self esteem. In this case he failed miserably, the only thing he achieved was
to show himself as a buffoon. Even if some of the things he mentions have some truth in it, his delivery of those were so objectionable that the message got lost.

Brokenman's plight is not the run of the mill story this writer refers to. We can only judge the events on facts presented by Brokenman over the period he's been writing his stories and this affair has no relationship to the sordid stories this
writer wants to associate with.

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The writer highlights the old adage of same, same but it's not appropriate at all.

What's same, same is the writer's opinions about things which he knows so much about, no doubt experienced over and over by himself. Presumably he got burned several times and now he wants misery in company.

Lets not give him that satisfaction. There are many good stories about mixed couples, so many undocumented because people protect their privacy.

If Brokenman made a mistake as a few others do as well, he went too far in sharing with us his private life. There's a lesson to be learned here, you wear your heart on your sleeve too much and some people will take pleasure from bringing you down.

Consequently you may end up in worse shape than before because instead of commiseration you get guys like this who write for self satisfaction. No wonder he writes as anonymous, he's a gutless wonder. Why not at least put a moniker on your submission
like others so we can remember you next time and pass over your subs?

I'll say this about Brokenman; a bloke who writes every time with good humour and a humble human being who did not deserve this predicament he finds himself in. A combination of unfortunate circumstances and loss of income contributed to a marriage
hiccup which may or may not be beyond recovery. However if he made a mistake let Anonymous tell us that he never did. I hear deadly silence.

Brokenman don't let your spirits sag, there's someone for everyone out there, it's a numbers game and you have to be in it to win it. Don't let the Anonymouses of the world affect you, you're much better than them.

As for you, the writer of this sub, I say pull your head in and have another beer with your fellow old timers and tell each other how smart you are in expat heaven. Maybe its you who had a miserable existence in your own country and decided to live in
Thailand where you think you're somebody while you were a nobody back home.

How does it feel living in a country while at the same time feeling so superior to the local inhabitants? Mate, you're a square peg in a round hole.

Keep your advice to yourself next time and eat some humble pie. Over and out sucker. So long.

Stickman's thoughts:

You're right in that there are some really bitter expats who orgasm at the thoughts of others' misfortune. I didn't like the tone in his submission at all, but I will give him one thing. He did make some good, if harsh, points.

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