Stickman Readers' Submissions April 23rd, 2009

Brokenman Busted

Good old Brokenman Repaired, baring his soul for us all to see. I take a particular delight in his decline and fall, as I did write to warn him of what lay ahead when he started posting last year. He was making the same mistakes that so many
Westerners make in thinking that having made a mess of his life at home, that somehow Thailand would be his salvation. And he did what so many misguided foreigners do – they assume that they are somehow different from the millions of other
sex tourists who find their way to the Land of Smiles, and that the girls they meet are also different. Well, Brokenman Repaired has proved yet again the old Thailand saying – Same, Same.

It always annoys me when guys who obviously know little about Thailand start lecturing the rest of us old-timers about the way life works here. If he’d just kept his tale of woe to himself then I wouldn’t be writing this. But
he set himself up for criticism, so here we go.

He Clinic Bangkok

WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? If you can't get and hold onto a decent wife in England, why would you expect to do so in a country you know nothing about? How would you expect to have a relationship with someone when you can't
speak their language and know nothing about their culture?

The life you describe in the Midlands would bore the pants off the average UK girl, so how did you think a Thai girl was going to react? You wrote as if she should be grateful for the boring life you were offering her, as if you were a white
knight come to rescue her. The fact that she headed straight for the bright lights of London shows that she doesn't share the same rosy view of your life as you do.

Here's what guys like you don't get. You and most other guys who come to Thailand for sex have boring, mundane lives in the UK. You save all year and have two or three weeks in Thailand where you live like a king. The girls you
meet assume that's your lifestyle all year around so of course they are happy to accept your offer of marriage. But it doesn't take them long to realise that it was all an illusion, and that in fact your life in the UK is actually worse
than their life in Thailand!

CBD bangkok

She's got three cars, how many cars do you have? You live in the Midlands with the rain and she lives in Thailand with the sun. Your social life revolves around a minor football team and the pub. She has friends and Thai TV and good
food and people who care about her. But you in your arrogance assume that your life is much better than hers. It's not! And after a few months in the UK, the average Thai bride realises that she was better off in Thailand…. That's
hard to accept, but it's true.

Why is she in London? You know why. And you know what working in the massage place means… As Stickman said, she used you, right from the start. And shame on you for being fooled so easily. She will find and use another guy in London, she
probably has done so already. And you, you no doubt will end up back in Thailand looking for another soul mate. The cycle will go on repeating itself. How will it end? Badly, mate, unless you come to your senses. You already have lost your savings,
go through this a few more times and you'll be on the streets. Literally. Or maybe just before you lose everything you'll sign up as a lifetime member of the Pattaya Flying Club and take the last swan dive out of a high-rise window.

You keep referring to her as 'not a bar girl' as if that somehow makes a difference. Whether she worked in a bar not is of absolutely no importance. It's about people, not jobs. You flew to Thailand thinking that it would repair
you, that it would be your saviour. It didn't. It ruined you. You might as well have flown over with a bullseye on your chest. Thailand has ripped the heart out of you, financially and emotionally, exactly as I said it would. And anyone who
knows anything about Thailand and the Thais would have predicted the same. But not you, You were different from the average monger. And she was different from the average girl. 'Fraid not, mate. You are exactly the same as every other sex
tourist that comes to Thailand looking for a life partner!

And then what do you do when things went wrong? You fixate on the first Asian girl you see as if she is somehow going to be the answer to your problems. Again, what do you know about the Chinese? Not much, judging by the racist comments you
make about Hong Kong girls. Here's another prediction, my good friend. If you do get fixed up with the Chinese girl, you'll lose her, and more money, within a year.

wonderland clinic

It's not as if the signs were hard to read when he first met her. This is what you wrote last year: “That evening I was expecting to be joined by my old pal Nat. She had phoned earlier informing me she was coming up from Chonburi and would be at the Nana by 8.00 pm. Those acquainted with my previous ramblings will know a central theme has been my association with Nat who was my first TGF back in 2003. Our relationship has matured and developed over the past three years; we have become true friends and regularly keep in touch. She manages the business interests of a rich English guy for which she receives a good salary. She also owns a few modest business ventures in her own right and lives a very comfortable lifestyle. Although we are no longer intimate we are good friends and I always spend some time with her on my visits to the Kingdom. For some time she had entertained the delusion that her employer would leave his UK based wife for her. However on my last visit it was evident she was growing weary of the lonely existence she was leading and beginning to see her aspirations as little more than wishful thinking. She had also started to see the futility of keeping herself for this man as he only came to Thailand twice a year for two weeks at a time and then principally to collect his money.”

Do you see? She was already leading on one British guy. Why did Brokenman Repaired think that she would treat him any differently? Of course she didn't. What went through her mind when she met Brokenman Repaired? Same, same!

Stickman's thoughts:

The sub is harsh and self-righteous, for sure, but it does contain many truths.

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