Stickman Readers' Submissions March 28th, 2009

The “Maggie” Phenomena

The reading lately on Stick's site has been hilarious with "Maggie" reaching cult status. I'm just guessing that 90% of Stick's readers are men. I would've guessed 99% but I've talked to women who read his
site, and I've read submissions from women, so maybe it is 10% women? That surprises me. I recently wrote the letter to Maggie within my submission. It was exactly as I really wrote it to her. She really did give me a very nice response and
in her second email, included a picture. So…. For all those people who doubt that she exists, you're wrong on that one. She looks like a very nice person and sounds the same in her emails. She said she's going wait a while and then
send Stick a response letter. I don't think she planned on becoming the subject of so many letters. One lady thought I was Marc Holt, but I am not. She also thought I had a girlfriend or wife. I do not. Am I caught up in the Thai sex scene?
After the last 3 trips, the answer would be, yes!

I've been with 58 women this year. I told a local girl here in the states about the 58 women figure, and her response was , "Wow! you need some serious couch time!" She also thought it was strange that I knew the exact figure.
(ok, maybe I was off by one or two)

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I don't know whether to tell the whole world because I think it was so much fun, or I should somehow be ashamed of it and keep it to myself. After reading Stick's site, I know there is no future in it. I'm not going to get
hooked on a bargirl, although I can totally see how that can happen. I know moving over there is out of the question. A few visits a year may work for a while. I guess the thing I'm having trouble with is that I'm so addicted now, that
if I meet a great lady here, I'll have to pass on something good that could've worked out great. I know I would pick the Thai sex scene over her. That's pretty sad isn't it? I hate to admit it, but I had the time of my life
over there on this last trip. I thought to myself….somebody just kill me now, because this is as good as it gets! It must be what shooting heroin feels like. All those women. All those beautiful, young women!. It's not just the sex (although
that was great) but just hanging out with the women.The companionship. I was always aware that I was paying for all of it. I would even sit down each night at a bar in the entrance to Nana Plaza and visit with the same girl each night for an hour
before starting out through the bars. I would always leave her 400 baht just for taking up her time. I know what they're there for, the money. They've got to make a living.

I've enjoyed getting all this out with submissions to Sticks site and reading the responses. I figure I'm saving $65 and hour on "couch time" I think I owe Stick! ha! Maybe a case of wine?

I find it funny how the "married guys" can justify what they do as "normal" I think they all struggle with it in their minds. I think most guys do. They may use Stick's site to save on their "couch time"

I think reading about Maggie really bothered a lot of guys. I mean, we love women. We really do. We're just wired to enjoy the naked female body. We love the young soft skin, the soft voice, and their great scent. Most of all, we love
reaching a great orgasm.( guess there's is no such thing as a BAD orgasm!) ha!

Women just don't get that we can have great sex and still not get emotionally attached to the woman. (not always true) There are a few women that can accept their man fooling around as long as they're "safe" and don't
bring anything home. Can you imagine if the Thai sex scene existed though out the whole world? Older, middle aged women wouldn't stand a chance. I've never paid for sex till Thailand, but I really like it. You know what your getting,
you pay your money, you get off, then go on your way. So many times in a relationship, you're really not getting what you want. when you want it, but you get comfortable with the person, so you let it slide and pretend things are ok. Guess
that's called being in love? Guess ya gotta take the good with the bad. Over in Thailand all you get is the good! ha! (providing you use protection) Of course, all that "good" will cost you. I've heard stories of guys selling
all their personal possessions just to fly back over there. Guess drugs are like that. I guess, to Maggie and to all women I say….. I'm sorry. We're just men.

Stickman's thoughts:

I am away from Bangkok so sorry, no comments at this time.

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