Stickman Readers' Submissions March 30th, 2009


I want to put my two cents in on the "Maggie Chronicles". Let start by saying I have never been married but have bought several engagement rings which I later redeemed at a pawn shop or back to the retailer. I have also
been the recipient of speeches by married men who have been denied sex by their wife's verbally, by poor hygiene and then been reluctantly given sex on special occasions or barring that as if it's a chore to get it over with. The latter
I have experienced from a girlfriend. In my case she treated my foreplay "skills" (which is a misnomer since it is analogous to being called a skilled candy consumer) as a chore. She still got off but yet she was inconvenienced! I will
also add that she felt like the wronged party when I refused to let her move in with me. This was from a woman that refused to finish me manually when she couldn't or wouldn't finish me orally or coitally (is this a word yet?).

My previous girlfriend did all of that and more at least 2 times a day. Our sex was good to sometimes great but being young put too much and too wrong of thought to too much and too good oral / French attention. I put this down to her age but since we
kept in touch (not sexually) over the years it was just more of a mindset she held to. Maybe she realized it was a coitus recharger for me. I believe part of her mindset was if a man becomes sated with me he will get with other women. Two aphorisms
come to mind "Always keep them wanting more" and "A sucker is born every minute". As I said the sex was great with her, partying out on the town as well, but as Stick has said, you have to talk to each other and after so far
in a conversation she did not share the interests I did in matters beyond household and personal relationships. A lot of women are not interested in history, religion, literature, music and beware of women with artistic interest$ (
Freudian slip!). We wound up going our different ways yet still crossing paths due to mutual family and acquaintances. We are comfortable around each other and I make sure to put
whatever man she is with at ease in regard to me. When I move on, I move on.

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The last time I proposed marriage was the year 2000. I met a secretary at my buddy's business. She was in the process of a divorce because of sex, money (surprise, surprise) and in hindsight immaturity on both of their parts. Guy made money, bought
nice things, was young and wanted an occasional threesome. Girl figured he did not have to be such a go getter if this is one of the rewards he wants. Girl's parents wanted guy to remain go getter and treat their daughter as if she is his
daughter, which I think would severely crimp his sex life. Guy played around without his wife and girl filed for divorce, moved out of their house and in with her parents. I listened to this story and being older and experienced was not shocked.
I was shocked that girl did not ask for anything in the divorce settlement other than her car. I found this to be very confident and also an expression of her just leaving the guy with his life and whatever as if she had never been there. Hindsight
is now telling me I was lied to. I did not have sex with her before the divorce as this was something I had done with women before and I thought stopping this would increase my chance of not just getting with a woman, but also sticking with one.
I've now scaled that back again to as long as she's not living with the husband.

Her divorce was finalized and after spending time with her, her family and acting on sledgehammer hints from her, her mother and sister I proposed and was shot down. She said she was not interested in getting into a committed relationship yet. I said
"well can we just…" (before I said have sex) she said "Just f**k" I breathed a sigh of relief and said "Yes". She smiled cruelly and told me she was a victim of date rape the previous weekend by an acquaintance
after she was drunk. I knew then that I had been riding on shit river for several months. The platinum ring with a half carat diamond was returned at a (luckily) $200 loss. By the way this girl was 27 years old, a natural platinum blonde with
blue eyes, 5' 4" and about 115 lbs.

The next girl had black hair, black eyes, 4'10" 120 lbs., 19 years old and skin that was gold mixed with ivory. She was already a mother by a boy that had no intention of becoming responsible any time in the near future. I was not scared of
this since I come from a big family and taking care of others, especially children, was not a scary prospect. It is now as I've discovered it only amounts to weakness in the eyes of the woman you would help. I asked her to move in with me
all the while holding the engagement ring in my pocket for future use. She replied "I'm pregnant" . She was pregnant by the same boy again. That ring went to the pawn shop at a 10% return for me. I've been stuck with condom
wearing hook-ups since. I miss ungloved sex.

Getting back to undersexed relationships, I believe that there are pathologies involved in this phenomena that involve peer pressure from other married couples, friends and even professional psychologists that are outside of the sex
therapist discipline. I maintain that I will expect sex at least once a day from any woman I marry. Menstruation will not give a waiver either (which with Thai women will be a hard sell, but not impossible). This is not sex addiction, this is
healthy living. A couple that does this not only gets physical benefits but strengthens their intimacy. This is a force multiplier for happiness. A woman that rejects this can surely not be blamed for making virtually every married person I've
listen to complain about their marriages seem prophetic when they tell me sadly "well you'll never be married". But a woman that rejects this may find herself writing a letter similar to the "Maggie letter".

Maybe I'll never find a woman that will agree to this life way but I believe I will. I also believe I'll find a woman that will agree to me having sex with other women when she is incapable or unavailable. Maybe not when she has a 3 or 4 day
bout of the flu, but maybe so. A psychological profile classified me as a pessimist but I do think this is possible since it will be based on the trust of two people that have bonded as completely as a husband and wife can. Maybe I'll be
classified a sociopath now.

Daily sex between spouses is more common than thought and is endorsed by credentialed sex therapists but this flies in the face of a popular culture that feeds off of dysfunctional misery disguised as faithful altruistic love. I have gone over this ground
with the very naysayers and complainers and when I point out the future love of my life can take an altruistic approach to giving me sex. I told them that just because she enjoys it does not make it less altruistic and if does not I'll quit
the sex and then her as, while I'm into rough sex sometimes, I'm not into rape. They get outraged as stories of my sexual prowess has been disseminated by above mentioned girlfriends and know what I say is obtainable. Even people that
love you and would put their lives on the line for you are not above screwing with your happiness.

By the way I'm on my way back to LOS. I will probably have to be with several women until I find a woman pleasant enough to spend my time with. This is called a GFE on this site.

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I just find myself doing this because this is how I enjoy myself in bed and out in public. I must add also that Thai women are as clean as they look. This really makes for a pleasant romp and I give them the tribute they deserve while in bed for their
well kept appearance and hygiene. American women are good at this as well but Thai women go the extra yard. I believe that you would really have to search far and wide to find a Thai woman that believes body odor is a feminine enhancement. As
I've written in two previous submissions, I accepted a marriage proposal from one 22 year old Thai woman that ended after a 3 month engagement. She kept the ring, 22K with a 1/4 K diamond and engagement necklace, 22K
weighing about 1/2 oz. (in the USA you'd only get dimes on the dollar at resale, I wonder how much she got). My other GFE was with a 34 year old that was honest in stating she did not want marriage or children as she was going to support
her parents, then live with her sister the rest of her life and just have lovers and boyfriends.

As an expat, every woman I've spent considerable time with has treated daily sex, sometimes up to 4 times a day, as an amusing treat. I don't know if this is an Asian attitude or gratitude or we just aren't around mutual friends and family
that think such is a good wholesome endeavour.

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