Stickman Readers' Submissions July 21st, 2008

Are You Going To Move And Work In Thailand?

This question has been on my mind from the moment I told my friends that I have a Thai girlfriend.

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They all asked me this question. They all think I will move to Thailand, but is that a real possibility? Yes would be my first comment. You can live and work everywhere in the world, can you not? This proves to be a bit more complicated than
thought. Why? Well just a little research on the web told me my bachelors degree is not worth much in Thailand. I have a bachelors and some applications in various areas with experience to back it up. In my own country this secures me a job which
pays the bills and can bring me to Thailand once a year. Or some other place in the world but having a Thai girlfriend, Thailand is going to be my destination for some years to come. Not bad I would think, could be better but that will always
be the case. And this job will get better and my options within the company are multiple. So how are my chances world wide? To start off easy, Canada and New Zealand no problem, America ditto. In these parts of the world I can get a job not all
that different from the one I have now with a salary that pays the bills and I probably would be able to go to my country of origin once a year. This is no option for multiple reasons so is the rest of the world thinking about it. So the choice
is between keeping what I have in my country or move to Thailand. The whole visa nightmare I will leave out of the equation. I did a little research on Google with the words “Thailand jobs” and looked at what came my way. A half
hour later the best paying job was 15,000 bath a month. Can I live with that amount? No, not if I want to keep the style of live I have grown accustomed to. So I have to look at other options. Well, what can I do? What are my chances. I can speak
read and write two languages with a little studying that can be boosted up to three. The third I can speak and read but writing is a problem. Teaching a language is that an option. Is there good money to be earned? Well it is possible according
to reading the Stickman files. But do I want it? Do I want to throw away my past study and change to something totally different. Yes I think I have to throw away my past study because who is waiting for a science teacher who can’t read
write or speak Thai? And the jobs in my field of interest are not the highest in payment and I do want to maintain my current lifestyle. So is teaching an option, yes or no? Reading this site I would say there are a few down folds to teaching.
For one I can’t fly. I tried a few times skiing and snowboarding but failed miserably. And I have no experience in teaching. That is not going to help finding a position which pays the bills and much more. Is it all about the money is one
thing I wonder writing this item. Yes, that I can answer directly having enough money each month to pay the bills and some more for the lifestyle you want is so much better than having to live on a very tight budget. Especially if you want to
start a family in the future. As a parent I would do everything to secure that my child would have the best education possible (my parents did the same for me and I thank them for it) and for that I am responsible. And that I know for sure you
need a whole lot of money in Thailand to put one through the best schools. Comparing this with my country there is a big difference. The schools in my part of the country are good and there are enough options in the region for every interest.
And when the option is there to get a masters or bachelors degree this would pose no problem. There are enough in my region in every field of interest. Money is not a big problem. To give an example, 1 year at a bachelor study would cost about
100,000 baht – books and everything included. I started to think about the question of me moving to Thailand about six months ago. I am writing about it just now because something has changed.

I have visited my girlfriend in Thailand once for two weeks and we hit it off. This is after talking for about six months on the phone and sending SMSs. So after the two weeks I knew one thing for sure, if there is a future for us we will
have to spend more time together. That left only one option, her coming to my part of the world and she did. And she liked it so much that she told me she really did not want to go back to Thailand. This surprised me because my country is very
different from Thailand. Maybe I will write about this some other time. There are a few items in the story of a Thai girl in a different environment and the mistakes one makes, the funny things that happens meeting the family and friends. But
at the end of the day she has no problem coming back in the future. This is something we are discussing now.

But first it is my turn to go to Thailand and spending time there with her and her friends and family. Yes this lucky B is going to Thailand next month. The economic problems are not yet hurting my life but it has to improve or else going to Thailand
every year and getting my girlfriend over to my country could prove difficult. And if she comes and lives with me for good, going back to Thailand with the family is not something we can do every year. Maybe not even every two years.

And yes, with writing the last piece I have answered the question. I think I will stay in my country. This just became even more the case after talking to someone who has had a Thai wife over for about ten years now. I asked him why he chose to stay and
not move. The answer was simple. "If you move to Thailand it is important not to be dependent on working. You have to have money to start with and to fall back on if things go sour." Getting a great job and holding it is a lot (will
prove) more difficult than it sounds (maybe if I go get my masters my chances on the Thai market would be better but that will still mean living in my country for the next couple of years. Because first I have to finish getting all the applications
I have committed myself to with my current employer. And if I promise something I do it). And he knows a little bit about it. His father has lived in Thailand for 13 years. And the social security is so much better in my country, a real plus.
And very importantly, my family and friends really like her too. And she can see no problem moving to my country and getting back to school to learn the language and off course getting a job.

Then the question becomes can she secure a job in my country. That is something I have to find out. I do know that getting a low end job will not be a problem as there are many jobs here for people who don’t speak the language but can speak English.
And she can work her way up from there because she has the brainpower to do it. But better would be getting a job more appropriate to her schooling and experience. If everything keeps going the way it is now I have about a year to find out if
it is possible or whether she needs to do some extra schooling in Thailand. And the other question that is asked sometimes. Why a Thai girl and not a local girl? That is easy. I just fell in love with a Thai girl I met the same way I have fallen
in love with the local girls I have met and dated in the past. Nothing more, nothing less.

Funny thing, the next study I have committed myself to is in the line of work of another writer here in the Stickman readers' submissions. So if I get stuck maybe through this community I can ask for some tutoring. Who knows he might
even say yes.


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Stickman's thoughts:

Good luck.

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