Stickman Readers' Submissions July 18th, 2008

Real, Fake or a Convenient Love and a Great Customer?

Everyone who has been to Thailand has a story. Whether it to be with a girl, with the food or with the culture, it is a country of which most people find a significant experience in their lives.

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I have been to Thailand twice now and wish to write a story about the girls. There are warnings everywhere about how to treat a girl, how to protect one's self, what to do and what not to do. For me each and every girl is a human being
and therefore different to one another. In short I have had several dealings which were more memorable than many of the girls you just pick up for the night.

The first time in Thailand I was in Bangkok and Phuket. Yes, I had some raunchy nights which meant nothing other than senseless sex. However, through my weeks there I did meet 3 different girls who were something more. The first in Bangkok
who worked in a massage parlour. OK, I paid her boss for the 1 hour massage session with her and another girl and it was very enjoyable. It turned out to be more fun than sexual and the 3 of us laughed lots and genuinely had a good time. One of
them wanted to catch up afterwards and take me out. I agreed. So after much sneaking around I met her in an undisclosed area and we followed by meeting her friends and having dinner at 2 AM. She didn't want any money at all. In fact she paid
for the dinner. She put me in a taxi and I ended up on some street corner I didn't know and she came again with her friends. She then bought my ticket into a nightclub and her and her friends also purchased drinks for us all. OK, I am not
a tight arse here, but it was a breath of fresh air to have someone that was real. An absolutely beautiful girl, she took my heart away for the night and it was like a love story from a film. I went back to her house and we slept there until the
morning when we had to say goodbye. I had to leave. She wanted no money and we just had a great night.

I went to Phuket the following day. After some of this and that, an arrogant bar owner from Australia mentioned to me that no girl would like me. Called me a 32 year old bleached blonde haired football player. Called me many harsh names and
thought I was foolish for thinking that a Thai girl would sincerely actually like me for ME. So I asked one of his girls out….no bar fine, no money. We went out the next day along with her friend and they were lovely girls that took me for shopping
and lunch. As it was also the last day, I had to say goodbye. They both bought me a gift as a fond memory of them and Thailand. Stick it to the guy in his bar I say.

So at this point perhaps anyone reading this thinks I am tight with the cash. Not the case. But there are scenarios whereby it is lovely to have an experience with a local Thai girl, and skip the bollocks associated with money, lies and false
emotion and meet some legitimate friends. And I must say, these experience were far more gratifying than a senseless night of intense sexual activities.

I left Thailand for the first time feeling happy. At times I was over the whole prostitution and crap, but the few girls I met that were real, made it all such a great time.

Second time to Thailand. Pattaya. Well, what can be said about this place. I was ready for an all out onslaught of the impossible being possible. Some senseless nights of sex (of course enjoyable to say the least), but open to any scenario
that would arrive at my feet.

Second night in, met a beautiful girl who really attached herself to my heart. One of those girls who for some reason stands out from just about everyone else. She wasn't for all of the lies and artificial crap, and was honest enough
to tell me she didn't want a boyfriend and this and that. Was happy to catch up, go out but had a daughter to look after during the day, and too many responsibilities. Great girl though and continued to call me on occasion.

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So the third night came and I found a girl. My God. That was to lead to all sorts of things. It was near impossible to get rid of her. She was so full on, at times I just needed to escape my room and breath. She attached herself to me to
the extent where she wanted to spend every minute with me. 24 hours a day and on and on. In the Pattaya tourist book there are the 10 commandments for the Thai woman and how to treat the Farangs and get the most from them. I laid in bed with her
the next morning and read these to her. We laughed about it. She showed me messages from other Farangs who have left and gone home, all saying they love her. I asked her about money they send to her etc etc. We laughed about how the girls have
men sending them money. It was all a joke basically. I tried to get rid of her after the 4th night, but couldn't. She sat there crying and said she didn't want any money and that she just wanted to stay with me. I couldn't NOT give
her money, and asked her to please go do her job cause she needs to make money and come back in a day or two. I tried everything. I was really keen on this girl, but we all need our space. She came the next day at 7:00 AM, knocking at my door.
Well luckily I was sick that night and didn't have another girl in my room or they may of been carnage. She found a phone number from another girl I was with the second night, called her and threatened her. So in the end I needed a holiday
from my holiday and took her to an island for a few days. I have never met a girl who has been such a handful. She cried many times when I needed my space, she would get angry. I never knew which way she was going to go. I guess it kept me on
my toes but it did exhaust me.

I believe this girl liked me. Perhaps not the LOVE she said, but she liked me. She had a fight with her best friend, they didn't speak anymore, and her life was a bit chaotic. She did need someone to be with her. Often she was the one
asking me for the sex, and she was getting off on me rather than the other way around. She had fun. I cannot mention everything but we did some pretty creative things which didn't involve the bedroom which were first for me and her. So instead
of her being with a new man every night (possibly not so nice ones), she found a guy that respected her, that she (seemingly) was attracted to, gave her friendship, looked after her and supported her. I guess she found a great customer and was
very happy. In the end, I was happy as it was a friendship linked with the customer I was to her, and the service she gave me. There is a lot to this story and her, but you get the idea.

I left came home and she called me frequently. It was on her mobile and she was spending a lot of her money. I also did return the calls myself. We talked on the webcam etc. It was nice to get home, and bring some of my good Thai times home
with me. I wasn't in love, but as a friend it was still fun and helping me recover to coming back to reality at home. Still, I was wary of anything that could happen and if she once asked for money, I would say no. Well, after two weeks of
constant phone calls, webcam etc….she said she was going home for a month cause her mother was sick. My alarm bells went nuts inside me. So I just waited to hear her ask for money. After some days she calls me and puts her mother on the phone.
Thai/ English communication and then back onto the girl. "Do you think you can send some money to help out mama?"

I said, "I wish you didn't ask this and NO! I don't believe a thing you have said, and that goes for the crying and all your words" and said goodbye.

As a summary. You can never know what any of these girls think. We sat on the bed and laughed about people sending her money, we read through the 10 commandments. She loved having me there when I was there as it gave her a great, fun and
an easy life. She loved that in me. A great customer. One of the best customers. But still only a customer. Not sure how she could think I would send her money after everything we joked about. So in the end…. Thailand and the girls. Anything
can happen…just when you think you have found something special, you haven't, and when you are on guard and believe it is not real, it can be real. So I say….go there with an open heart, but guarded with iron bars and padlocks and you
can have the time of your life and a very special experience.


Stickman's thoughts:

Hmmm… You wanted her to leave and she wouldn't? She threatened another girl? Sounds like she was completely barmy to me. Such a girl I personally would consider a nightmare…

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