Stickman Readers' Submissions March 25th, 2008

The Story Of Madam Baht Cart Part 3


He Clinic Bangkok

Arriving home and feeling full of myself [who wouldn’t after three months of Thai TLC] I was confronted by a difficult situation. During my absence the business was being run by my wife and eldest son and although guidelines were in place for the
day to day conduct the interpretations of those guidelines were divergent and conflict arose. What to do? I made a decision that was clinical and selfish. If you cannot play as a team then I will disband the team and we can all move on separately.
It took some time to get things in order so that we all gained maximum benefit from the disposal and I was on my way.

On my way to where?

Thailand of course. At age sixty a new life awaited and perhaps that for the short term could include Nam. I had received one letter from her in the period of my absence via the aforementioned friend in which she stated that she missed me and looked forward
to my return. There was no request for financial assistance, just a brief statement of fact [ so I believed ].

CBD bangkok

Prior to my departure I had sent a letter to Nam advising her of my arrival time and the hope that she could meet and take up where we left off. With hope and expectancy I taxied from Don Muang to Pattaya but there was no joy [or Nam ] on arrival.

Not to worry. I am a free man. I have money. I have golf clubs. I have friends. I have thirst and I have a hunger for what is freely available in Pattaya. For the next week or so I kept myself entertained and had put Nam completely out of my mind. There
are a thousand Nams in Pattaya and I was on my way to bedding all of them. Having no respect for my stomach I allowed myself one night to dine at Kiss Restaurant. Was it luck or was it fate that decided I should be there when Nam walked by. When
she saw me she walked straight up to my table and sat down. Never heard from you, did not know you were here, why did you not tell me you were coming etc.. Well letters to working girls go astray especially if they contain banknotes, and I had
been foolish enough to include $100 for her fare to Pattaya when I replied to her letter to me. Never mind.

You are here so am I,
May be millions of people pass by,
But they all disappear from view,
And I only have eyes for you.

Sorry folks but touch of nostalgia there. Although those lyrics were written in 1934 they could not have conveyed my feelings any better at that moment than if I had penned them myself.

wonderland clinic

Back to the story… We decided that it might be a good idea to carry on further catch up conversation at my current accommodation which was just up the road on Soi Diana. For the record the sex was terrific, but we had come to talk. She tells me she
has been staying with a man recently but he is ting tong and she has left him.

Sounds OK to me but what are your future plans I ask?

To stay with you she says.

That’s settled then I say.

There is one surefire way to gain the affection of a Thai lady or girl. Offer to feed them. The offer was accepted and we are on our way to Frankie’s behind Made in Thailand for some nice food. Where the 7 Eleven is now on Soi Honey Inn corner
there was a traditional Thai convenience store and Nam stopped there and said she needed something. Could I wait? Mai Mee Panhah I say [my Thai is improving]. A few moments after entering the shop she exited the shop but not alone
nor in the same decorous manner in which she had entered. No, what emerged was a tangle of Thai and Farang bodies, a struggling, swearing, shouting twosome seemingly centered on carnage.

WTF is happening here I ask?

It’s the mad farang she says.

It’s my woman he shouts.

No way she screams.

My original plan was to eat so when Nam suggested I go on while she sorted the mad Farang I complied. [Frankie had a well earned reputation for schnitzel and mixed salad bowl.] I ate alone and returned to my room. I passed no bodies or bloodstained footpath
on my way back so supposed that things had been sorted. I cannot recall the time but later that night Nam arrived at the door bag in hand. I ask what is going on and she convinces me that Fred [we will call him that] is indeed bordering on insanity
and just refuses to let go. Seemed reasonable to me at the time or perhaps she got me at a weak moment as I cannot concentrate too well while being blown. Anyway, we were on the way to an eventful few weeks.

A few days of bliss followed and I had agreed to accommodate the young son, now aged about three, together with older sister who would cook, clean and take care of the child. I continued to play golf, drink outside and enjoy Nam’s talents inside.

On about the third evening while returning on foot from a few drinks after golf, a rock whistled past my head. WTF was that. The next afternoon while walking in Soi Buakao I was forced to evade a length of 4×2 wielded by a crazed Farang [yep Fred]. As
he departed he warned that he had taken a contract out on me and I should watch myself as my time was near. Of course I discussed this with Nam that evening and she convinced me that the reason she had been so keen to leave him was his insanity.
What kind of fool was I?

The only semblance of security we had was that Fred was unaware of the location of our love nest. This situation continued for about a week with me watching my back and taking a different route home each time. It was a Sunday morning and I had decided
to walk down to Beach Road. Around Soi Yamoto I sensed someone following me. You guessed it, Fred. I hurried to Royal Garden and ducked inside McDonalds. As Fred approached I noticed he was not alone. Oh Shit, he had two heavies with him they
looked nasty. I had had enough of this crap so I stepped in front of him and asked what the hell he was on about. Fred was silent but the heavies were not.

Give him back his wife they demanded or else.

Wwwwife I stuttered, whose wife?

Mine said Fred. TBC

Stickman's thoughts:

Hahaha, wife?! Oh my goodness, now that puts a whole new perspective on things. Actually, a point that long term readers will know but newbies may not is that if you are married and someone screws your wife then you can sue that guy big time. It does happen in Thailand. Conversely, if you do the dirty with another man's wife then expect to pay!

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