Stickman Readers' Submissions June 7th, 2007

To Be Happy And A Non Constantly Complaining Whiner?

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If you are retired and live here in sleaze by the sea Pattaya, you get the opportunity to meet all sorts of farangs. Obviously most are men and estranged from those so called first world countries.

Maturing in capitalism I sought to meet and learn from successful people as I began aging pretty much on the edge of poverty so my motives were of necessity… As a young man I was attractive enough to women to not recognise the need for
financial security until it began to become clear as forty approached. And so I spent some lonely years learning and earning under the hope that someday I may find love (or acceptance)…

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At 55, I was looking at another lonely holiday and a friend suggested I just fly to Thailand, told me where to stay and introduced me to a former girlfriend of his…well she was clearly after some fast cash and I bailed out as quick as I
could and fifteen thousand baht lighter. I met some fellows at the pool and they mentioned they were headed for Pattaya and I might want to try that for my last days I would be here until flying back.

So, off we go with a drunken taxi driver in the middle of the morning. We pass a billboard with a huge photo and remembrance of Maurice Gibb which just stunned me and made me say out loud. "Hey these just might be some pretty cool people,
and I sure didn't see anything like this in LA while passing through X".

As it was New Year's Eve and those boys had commitments I checked into the beach road Marriott (ten times what I pay these days, haha). I dressed in some nice black slacks and sport shirt (and shoes!), stepped on through that gate to
Royal Garden's frontage and into my new life.

Thinking no-one would know back in the high financial world I struggled in that I was eating my New Year's Eve dinner in McDonalds.

So someone yells "hey G.I. and I turned around to the source of that accurate assessment (albeit 40 years earlier)… It was a fellow with Tigers tattooed on his legs and a shaved head like mine. We shared dinner and he gave me some
tips before his scheduled appointment with a regular of his and I was prepared for my adventure, full of hope at what marvelous creature I might find or might find me…

Walking that beach road after dark is a bit intimidating to newcomers and I was just not feeling good about all this "handsome man" BS. I noticed a sweet smile from one passing by and thought she didn't seem like a disease
burdened pro and maybe I'd see her again. Well that didn't take long as I noticed a few minutes later she was walking beside me and simply reached out her hand and we were walking and holding hands to the New Year's Eve fireworks.
She spoke zero English and was wonderful for the remainder of my Pattaya trip and I made her accept a hundred dollar bill after 3 days and nights. She cried and didn't want it, but I just put it in her pocket and sent her off looking back
with puppy dog eyes. Never saw her again, but she was very kind and what she gave I have only gotten in South East Asia at this part of life. Warmth and sweetness.

It took me six months to return and the intervals kept getting shorter until 4 years ago when I just retired and moved to Phuket.

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Now two years back in Pattaya I am a happy man… Very honestly, I am not sure I have thought that all that many times in my life I could truthfully say. I've been through several relationships here, each one helping me grow, and now
have a very peaceful and good time. Here a man can experience so many opportunities for love that it boggles the mind. And if you have some financial security and are not a drunkard, mean-spirited fool, the women are warm and friendly. This sort
of life is completely impossible where I came from and one cannot even have a conversation with a woman back there without being accused of harassment.

To those boys who so often complain how things aren't done as well here as back home I have only to say "yeah, ain't it great"? It is not that hard to adjust to, to get things done and take care of yourself… But, it
does take time to adjust the attitude and that's where most of our problems are.

So, if you are older and healthy enough to have a strong body and desires, how can you think it is better to go back to an anxiety driven environment of exponentially more aggressive people than most tattooed bleach blondes in the highest
barfining gogo here…? There are only lonely old men to talk to back there, Choose your rest home… I've got mine…

Stickman's thoughts:

Pattaya evokes really mixed feelings from people. Some love it whereas others hate it! I personally like it but I have never managed to stay more than 4 days. After 4 days I just feel like I have to get out!

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