Stickman Readers' Submissions June 6th, 2007

Incountry # 28

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Baa was a sweet thing but there were a number of her behaviors that I imagined were out of character for a maid from the North country. She ran up and hugged me in public. She held my hand as we walked down the street and made no secret of sniff kissing me even in the mall. She was also a good kisser in bed. A wide open mouth and hungry tongue. She was not that modest and enjoyed getting in the shower with me and washing my back. There were however a lot of things that convinced me she was what she said she was.

We worked out a deal. I would pay her 5000 per month and pay the rent and food bills. She asked if she could work and I agreed. I had assumed she would find a job as a maid or clerk or some such endeavor. Imagine my surprise after spending a week with me she announced she was going to work as a bar girl on Soi Diana. She said she was not going to go with customers. I had heard that before. I was skeptical.

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I dropped over to Bill’s bar and recruited him to test her statement of not going with customers. I sat on one side of the bar and Bill at the other. We arrived at different times. The plan was for me to talk to her a minute and then leave to identify her. Sitting there two friends walked by who knew both Bill and I and joined us and that blew that. I decided the fates were against me and let it drop.

The next day was her day off and I picked her up. We ate dinner and had a couple of drinks after dinner. She had one too many. I took her to her room and said my goodbyes and put her to bed. It was then she grabbed me. She made it clear I was not leaving until she had her way with me. I had no choice this diminutive women hauled me on top or her and planted her heels on my buttocks and spurred me on with her ankle bracelet which cut strips of my flesh with every forced thrust. I staggered home completely drained with the blood congealing on my underwear.

The evening had me wondering a bit about the veracity of good girl number one. I decided to stay in touch but not move her in my quarters and set off again on the Baht Bus of Love.

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The first night brought a telephone operator with quite good English skills. It was disarmingly easy after I asked her to join me in my apartment for the night. She was untrimmed and untried. She would have made a good choice except she was too young and I got the feeling she was interested in only a lark and not something permanent.

I decided to take a few nights off from the good girl circuit. Back on Soi Six I found a new addition to the staff at the King Kong. She was perfection in woman with the morals of an alley cat and the experience to match. I took off a couple of days from my search for a good girl to spend it in erotic bliss. I had two nights with good girl #1 and two nights with the lady from Kong and two to hang out and one night to rest. This worked for a while although the phone calls were getting troublesome and kept crossing. I also realized this had not been my original plan.

I was walking through an outdoor Thai market looking for some fresh fruit about closing time when an attractive woman, Kik and I seemed to look at each other at the same time. We both smiled and I made small talk. She had one child, and in her late 20’s. She acted older. We ate a simple dinner at Foodland and went back to my apartment and had sex. She is from an area in Thailand I am familiar with and like. It is home to the monkey Wat among other attractions. The mountains seem to rise up out of the rice fields and offer a cool alternative to the flat hot plains. Although she spoke no English she seemed anxious to learn. When I suggested some books she directed me to inexpensive ones in the discount area of the mall. I was looking forward to getting to know her.

For some reason at this point in time Princess began to call me again. She was making a nuisance of herself and attempting to disrupt any ongoing relationships I may have had going and during this time Kik went back home.

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I didn’t know it at the time but it may have saved my life. But that is for another story.

Stickman's thoughts:

Oh no, not Princess again…

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