Stickman Readers' Submissions December 12th, 2006

My Latest Trip

By Cruizenclyde

As a reader of over 2 years I felt it was time for me to "stick" my 2 cents in and pass on what little I have observed in my trips to LOS. Remembering my 1st trip and watching a 28 year old American from the other "City of Angles" (Los Angles, CA) who I met on the plane ride over this trip was extremely entertaining. My 1st trip was on the advice of some of my unmarried co-workers who make twice annual trips at least to the LOS. They finally convinced me to go to LOS about 2 years after my 2nd divorce and after my 3 girlfriend was sent packing as being way to demanding and was turning out to be a significant financial drain. I hand only once been involved in the p4p arena while on a extended fishing vacation in Costa Rica (long legged Ticas) with friends while between GF's and found that I'm not much of the ST kind of guy.

After 2 days in BKK and the ST scene from Nana and Soi Cowboy I was beginning to think that the 20 hour flight was a waste of time. I had already read Stickman and was wondering where the GF experience was. So with the meeting of a fellow American at the Dynasty BKK who lived in Jomtien and who convinced me to try Pattaya off I went. One day in Pattaya and a 2 lady soapy, I was not EVEN ready for the fishbowl let alone a double soapy, on the advice of my friend things started looking up!! I had booked a 2 day trip fishing and seeing the islands excursion and when I returned to Pattaya (Dynasty Resort is very nice) I went back and booked 1 of the soapy ladies that spoke excellent English and was VERY attentive to my every want and need along with many other needs that I didn't even know I wanted or were possible! Needless to say I was planning on coming back.

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On the last trip (3 weeks of this last Oct.) I met this young man and his older friend (aprox. 47) who had their guide book and were not even planning on visiting Pattaya! Well with a little persuasion and 1 night in BKK they followed me to Pattaya and I was able to get them bungalows at Dynasty Resort as my reservations were already set there. Again the staff hasn't changed in the last 2 years and are still the greatest from the cleaning ladies to the manager Anita who gets my heartfelt tanks for putting up with my young friend's lady friends. After watching the young man (call him Hormone) almost (?) make a fool of himself with the lady that picked him up in BKK crying and doing everything to keep him in BKK I gave him the Butterfly lecture and the proper way to hang his head as he said this to ANY girl he met!

Hormone, being a hard learner, had to go thru another 2 ladies over the next week fighting to keep him theirs! (Literally fighting at 3:00am on the resort grounds) As I wasn't to enamored with the LT GF that I had chosen, another story there, I convinced Hormone and his friend to move on with me to Phuket and get a change of scenery with some clean beaches. As the 3 of us sat next to each other on the flight to Phuket, Hormone's friend and I continued to pound the butterfly concept into his head as we were both getting tired of the drama the girls were giving him. Upon arrival in Phuket and finding a decent hotel, thanks Bill Harris, we started to explore the island. (This was my 1st time there also)

Within a few days (only a few starfish and $ oriented BG's to go thru) I had found a very nice lady who I BF for the rest of my stay who is everything you would want as a companion and as a friend. I'm staying in touch with this one for my next trip as she also made a most excellent nurse when I came down with a high fever and some sort of stomach bug that she took me to a local DR for and completely took care of me. During this time Hormone had finally learned his lesson and was completely using the butterfly vocabulary to each and every girl he met, he is an professional actor at home, and the results were extraordinary! I will say now that I'm white, 6ft tall 54 years old, still fit from desert motorcycle racing, water/snow skiing and ocean fishing/sailing, but a good looking white 28 year old is just amazing to watch as he goes down Bangla Rd. and the girls (and yes the ladyboys too) simply go nuts over him!

I felt the Brad Pitt movie star thing on my 1st and 2nd trip especially on Walking Street myself but this was unreal to watch. I saw 2 girls at 1 bar deliberately pour water/beer (no its not Songkran) over him and almost fight each other to get his shirt off so that they could "clean it" and him and keep him there as long as possible. The rest of the trip was pretty normal including 3 days of fishing (my lady caught the jackpot fish on her 1st ocean trip), elephant rides and bar hopping that I assume is a normal venue for most men like myself though every time I get home and start to ponder on the latest trip so many things come back to me that come under the coulda / woulda things that shoulda been done that had it been clearly understood at the time most certainly woulda been done.

As soooo many of the more prolific writers to this site have said before, all that is needed in the LOS is a mellow, polite and courteous attitude to have a tremendous time without the Hooker feel (I still feel that way with ST girls in BKK). OK, OK as the T shirts say "No Money, GO HOME!" but its still not a lot of money compared to the US or anywhere I've been in the Americas where even with a good attitude you can still get a lot of grief from $ hungry beggars in every venue of business.

My next trip, TBD by work load, will definitely be Phuket and will probably be much more saltwater fishing and sailing orientated. If any readers have suggestions as to reasonable, read cheap, sail boating charters and fishing skippers for large tuna, dorado etc. please let me know.

Again Stickman, thanks for this site.

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Stickman's thoughts:

Nice to see a good mention for Bill Harris. It would be hard to find a nicer, friendlier hotelier.

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