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The Ups And Downs Of My Trip To Thailand

  • Written by Anonymous
  • December 13th, 2006
  • 4 min read

Hey Stick, just thought that I would send you a brief synopsis of my trip.

I sent you an email a while back letting you know that I was about to take my ninth trip to the LOS. You were kind enough to answer my email, so I thought (fair is fair) and I would fill you in on the trip. (note: I have never claimed or never will that I am literate or a writer) lol

billboard bangkok

Trip started fine and played a few days in Pattaya, nothing sensational, just the same old story of a tired, thirsty and lonely guy working in Afghanistan, looking for a great holiday in the Land of Smiles.

THE GOOD, had a great 30 days, sampled the local flavour and had a really great time like thousands of others before and after me, met this young stunner that I had met on a earlier trip, who happened to be single this time (yeah right) anyway had a great week with her, and money never came up. After 7 days I asked her if she would like to go home and see her parents (Korat). Long story short, I rented a private car with the stipulation that I would pay a total of 5000 baht (for a 3 day trip, – he would find his own place to stay).

The time with the family was wonderful as can be imagined, besides buying the requisite food and alcohol, the family, extended family, distant relatives and every odd, old misguided individual from the entire village came over to see the Farang. It was a good time for all, especially since the family didn't ask for anything extra, besides what I was already supplying.

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THE BAD, her cousin, just back from the army was drinking heavily and drove his motor bike into the side of the private car that I rented, and yes, you guessed it. Being the Farang, even though I was not even present when the incident occurred, I was expected to pay for the damage. There was no reasoning to this, even the lady that I was with looked like a deer in the headlights when I tried to explain that I was with her at the town karaoke bar when the incident happened. (Anyway gave him 3000 baht to take us back to Pattaya-he wanted 10,000 for the damages) (And no tip, he was actually angry that I didn't give him a tip).

But as you always say, it is Thailand, and there is nothing that we can do except go with it. (It was my fault ((Farang)) because first I rented the car and second I bought the booze, go figure).

Well, back to Pattaya, needless to say she got her walking papers as soon as we got back, I can't tell you enough how she just couldn't understand, that I was leaving her and that for me to really like someone she would have to be on my side and stick up for me when things went bad in order for me to really like and "take care" of someone. She just didn't get it!

Well then I did a couple of days on my own, drinking, eating and short timing. That is when my adventure got REALLY BAD, seems that I ate something that didn't agree with me, you know at 0200 in the morning, eating at an outside vender, you can do it fine for 999 times, but that last one will kill you. I stayed in the hotel room for a day and a half feeling worse and worse until late on that second day (about two in the morning) I contacted the hotel desk and told them that I needed a taxi to take me to the hospital.


Not two minutes later, the hotel manager came to the room and saw that I was truly ill, and the next thing that I knew was that an ambulance was there and a EMS crew with gurney was ready to take me out of the room (all I asked for was a taxi – Christ).

So there I was, 3 days in the hospital, nine IVs and 22,000 baht later I was released with a clean bill of health (and feeling a hell of a lot better).

I wholly recommend the Pattaya International Hospital on Soi 4. The staff was totally professional (and beautiful), took care of me and did a complete blood work up.

So, I am proud to say that my cholesterol is good, along with blood pressure, HIV negative and that the doctor wished that I would quit smoking, but for doing it for so many years and being 44 years old, I am in great medical health.

In closing I don't want to ruin anybody's holiday, but always be aware and be wary. We are foreigners in this country and as such we are expected to foot the bill (maybe it would have been different if the lady was my wife or GF, but after only a week, what can you expect). Also it must be noted that the pushcart foot stands are probably 99% good to go, but that last one might get you (who knows how long it has been since they have cleaned it). And lastly, the Thai medical facilities are very, very good.

Stickman's thoughts:

Medical facilities in Thailand are inexpensive and you can get things done quickly. Most of us give them the serious thumbs up.