Stickman Readers' Submissions August 26th, 2006

Fantasies Which Come True


This is going to be a short one. I don’t usually write about girlfriends and conquests nor do I carry the stories in gossip and I’m sure this has been a ‘feature’ which has furthered my success. There are a few though where
enough time has passed where it’s safe to tell the story in a generic but still interesting way (I hope) and I’ll throw one in once in a while. I’ve long said in my submissions that I’ve never paid for sex, never will
as long as female companionship in the form I enjoy comes my way through other means. Will that last forever? I hope, being happily married to the first woman I can truly envision ‘going grey’ with I feel blessed. Still, memories
are free and safe from her scrutiny so every once in a while, like a late Saturday morning with a nice warm breeze blowing in the open windows as I look over Bangkok I can close my eyes and..

He Clinic Bangkok

It was 1999. I got a call from the states and an excited agent was asking me if I could hurry over to a certain hotel where a high end fashion show was taking place and cover the event paying specific attention to several designers models
and that a pass would be waiting for me at the desk. Crap! I had just worked a few days ago and my nicad packs were drained and I’d failed to charge them so I pulled out a couple of the external battery packs that take AA batteries, grabbed
my camera bag, and hit 7-11 for every AA they had before grabbing a cab for the hotel. I barely had time to dress which I try to do for these events, but being a warm day it was black shoes, black slacks, black crew neck, black sunglasses. Not
a bad Johnny Cash impression I suppose. Throwing a few hundred baht at the cab driver I grab my kit and rush to the front desk where they’re expecting me, get a pass on a chain (they’ve since started selling wonderfully comfortable
fabric lanyards everyone is using) and was shown to the conference rooms which were all opened up into one big space. The runway already had models starting to make an appearance so I assembled my gear and slowly moved into position with a 250
roll back (still shooting film back them) in place and two more in my bag loaded and ready to go.

The girls were pretty much the same as at other fashion shows, it’s always interesting to see the mix of Asian and western (Caucasian) women you see as models during fashion shows in Asia and this was no exception, tall, short, tall,
short, white, brown, yellow, white, brown, yellow, black, and so on. Evolution is sometimes so kind to us. Paying attention I listened for the designers I was targeting which was difficult in the accented Thai, especially when the names were Chinese
or Japanese and being hacked to death in their enunciation. Forgetting that I figured I’d just do my best with every model that graced the runway and I set to work. Fashion shows as a rule are short affairs, at least the modeling part,
45-60 minutes tops. The real time is spent in the pre-introductions and the party afterwards where the designers and more popular models mingle with the buyers and their agents. I don’t get involved with that but once stunning.. no, take
that back while I check my Roget’s.. here we go, devastating, dazzling, gorgeous, heavenly, marvelous, ravishing, sensational, smashing, striking, superiour, wonderful, breathtaking.. I think I’ll stop at breathtaking because that’s
when I discovered I couldn’t breath. I’d lived in Asia by that time about 17-18 years and had seen and had my share of beautiful Asian women but this one was a cut above the very best I’d ever seen. Our eyes met and held for
just a few seconds and regaining my senses and taking my first deep breath in a few minutes I went back to packing my gear while trying to keep my eyes from sneaking glances. Tall, busty, the tightest, flattest stomach you’ve ever seen,
long shapely legs, smooth white skin, a smile that was full of perfect white and straight teeth and big wide eyes that set off a very exotic face with perfect high cheekbones and a prominent chin. She turned and so unusual for Asian women actually
had glutes! I was stunned, this lady's body was the result of the most perfect genes AND many hours spent working out. Anyway, I gathered my gear and left.

On the way out the concierge stopped me and handed me a plain white card with a simple first name and a number and a handwritten note “please call me before five?” I couldn’t place the name and the number was not local.
Getting back to my condo I took a shower, grabbed a Coke, and sat down at the computer and fed the country code in and found the number was in Taiwan. Kinda cheeky expecting me to call a long distance number when I didn’t even know who
it was or why I was supposed to be calling. I waited until 4:59 pm and dialed the number. A soft sultry but confident voice answered the phone and instead of a hello? Mushi mushi? Yobosao? or whatever I get a “I’m so happy you called
me.” I’m guessing either Taiwan has the best caller I.D. that recognized my name from my then unregistered 1-2-GO phone or this was a very private number. She went on and asked me if I have a tux? Sure, I say I keep one handy (actually
two for different seasons) and she says great, that will save time. I’m starting to wonder what this is all about when she asks me if I’ll escort her to a function that evening.

CBD bangkok

Enough, “who is this?”

“You know who I am.”

“Umm.. no I don’t.”

“Well, you couldn’t take your eyes off me!” Now I had a pretty good idea but why is this rich socialite calling me to be her escort? (The answer comes later) She asks for my address and says a ‘car’ will pick me up at
about 9pm. I hang up the phone and sit there thinking of the possibilities which frankly there were none so I grabbed a snack and sat down to my boring marketing homework. At about 8pm I take a shower, trim my nose hairs, clip my nails, and get
dressed. I chose a simple dress watch as my only jewelry. I never did understand (and still don’t) the farangs that come over here and go native with gold multi-baht chains hanging around their necks to attract the moto-thieves..

wonderland clinic

At about 8:50 I step out of my door and walk down to the drive roundabout and a big black Benz is already there with a properly groomed driver holding the door open for me. I had my doubts this car was for me but he knew my name and told
me there was champagne waiting for me inside. Hmm.. this was getting more interesting as we go.

About forty minutes later we pull up to the Peninsula and the door is opened and I’m led up by a waiting Thai lady to the Penthouse and asked to wait in what was a huge living room with a great view of the river and Bangkok. I could smell her before
I heard her, the type of perfume that’s so very low key but sensuous at the same time, the kind you can get lost in. I turn and she’s wearing a black gown and it’s the woman I had eye contact with. She introduces herself and
explains to me that she was unexpectedly invited to a designers party where some important buyers were going to be and she needed an escort and would $1000 USD for the night be ok? My heart sank. I mumbled something about the money not being why
I was there and her face softened a bit and she moved a bit closer to me and softly apologized and said she would be happy if I would accompany her. She said that she’d been a model since she was 14 with “handlers” always
around her or the staff and didn’t get to meet many “real people” and she forgot her manners. I looked into those huge almond eyes and found the forgiveness she already knew I’d find as she was probably well practiced
in manipulating men in all sorts of ways. We left by way of the private elevator and I immediately noticed it was going UP and I knew we were in the Penthouse. She just smiled and held my arm and said “do you like helicopters?” Do
I! I can fly the things but had been angling for a good helo ride of Bangkok since I arrived in country.

Taking off from the Peninsula’s heliport the city became small below us and we sat close together and not wanting to mess her hair up with a headset she just leaned over to my ear with those wonderful lips and warm breath and said
“beautiful, isn’t it?” I shook my head yes without taking my eyes from hers. A few minutes later we land on top of some big building and soon we’re in a big party and it’s full of models, drugs, designers, buyers,
stuffed shirts, the sort of people I hate to be with. After all, there were some pretty big plates of what looked like coke and other drugs going around and this was Bangkok after all and the movie “Midnight Express” or whatever
movie where that guy got stuck in a Turkish prison was going through my mind. She never left my side, introduced me by my first name, and made the rounds. It was during the rounds how easily I noticed she worked men. They couldn’t say no
to her. I knew the feeling. We walked out on one of the large garden balconies to catch some air and we chatted a bit about ourselves and she told me she has clothing factories in Thailand that make her designs and she markets them all over the
world. She lives in Taiwan but has always been too busy to date and at 28 has found herself well off and successful, but often lonely. It was when she said this and turned to look at me with those eyes again where we just gazed at each other for
a few and she laughed and said she wanted to kiss me but didn’t want to mess up her makeup yet. Kissing would have been nice but I was eyeing the railing and imaging her.. well never mind..

The party didn’t last long, she got was she wanted, made a phone call, and then asked me if I liked boats? Sure, I love sailing and the such and we went back up to the heliport when called (do you know they schedule them in to pick
up the guest, kinda keep them in a holding pattern until the guest is in the elevator and then they call them in?) Our bird lands, we get in, and it takes off out to sea! A few miles offshore there’s a speck in the sea and soon I can see
it’s about a 80 foot cruiser with a small pad on the back and we get dropped off. We were instantly greated, she jabbers on in what I think is Mandarian, the man bows and she leads me into a huge luxury stateroom and moments later the man
appears, opens and pours one of several bottles of champagne while another man leaves a tray of cold sushi and fruits. They leave. I think this is where my memories will stay my own, but suffice it to say we didn’t leave that boat for three
days and she was indeed buff and in great shape!

We parted after that, me back to what three days ago I thought was a nice condo but now seemed like the back of an alley, and her I think back to Taiwan. Over the course of the next six months she’d call me a few times a month when
she was in town and we’d spend time together and we always had a great time. I had the feeling however that.. well.. I was just providing a boyfriend experience! I couldn’t help myself and had to ask her if after six months if there
were any feelings on her part and she said “you know you make me feel good when we..” It wasn’t the answer I wanted and she knew it and I found myself being busy the next few times she called and she eventually got the message.
Sometimes I still think I’m crazy for ending what I now realize was a fantasy. I never spent a baht, never saw actual money change hands when we were together, she always controlled and took care of all the arrangements and it was indeed
a fantastic experience from every angle. But I was at that point where my heart was starting to get involved and I don’t think hers was.

A few months went by and then it was Christmas.. and this Christmas for personal reasons was a sad one and I was sitting in my condo alone wondering where the hell my life was going when there was a knock on the door. I went to answer it
and a man in a suit was holding a wrapped gift with a card, asked me my name, handed it to me, and left. I sat there looking at the box and card for some time. I opened the box first and as I opened it I could smell her perfume so I knew it was
from her. Inside was the Submariner Rolex I’d had my eye on one time when we went shopping and I smiled and set it aside.

Sitting back in my chair listening to some holiday music and looking around at my empty place I heard some giggling outside and walked over to the window and down at the pool where some farangs with their newest BG conquests were splashing
around having a merry time.. Going back to my chair I sat down and opened the card and it was a plain white folded card, empty on all sides but for some very correct and neat handwriting with what must have been a very nice fountain pen. “I
miss you and think about you often. I’m sorry I wasn’t ready for more but my life is busy and what you wanted is still 4-5 years away for me. Remember me on the Chinese lovers moon like the time when we were…”

What more is there to say? I’ve had a handful of similar but different experiences during my lifetime, we all probably do. The times that were special and the moments magic, when nothing else mattered but the smile you put on her face
and time would stand still just long enough to let you know that life was worth living. That Christmas night I really needed to be reminded of that in a big way. Did she know?

Until next time..

Stickman's thoughts:

Wow! You are one lucky guy…fantasy sure was the right word to use!

nana plaza