Stickman Readers' Submissions August 28th, 2006

Big Bad Bargirls

You arrive back from Thailand
and you miss her so much.
You have each others email
so you both stay in touch.

After a while
your feelings grow stronger.
And you say to yourself
I cant stay here much longer.

He Clinic Bangkok

You love her so much
and she says she loves you.
But how many men she got
if only you knew.

You send her each month
20k of baht.
She say now you boyfriend
but your not that smart.

I now not work bar
and I wait for you.
When are you back
I think 3 months or 2.

CBD bangkok

You plan your next trip
to see the love of your life.
And your thinking in time
I'm gonna make her my wife.

You send her more baht
she say mama is sick.
But wake up mate
its just another trick.

You call her mobile
but she not answer the phone.
Is she really
with her mama at home.

So two months later
and off you go.
Back to the smiles
to see your ho.

wonderland clinic

You arrange to meet
at your usual place.
But there's no sign
of her pretty face.

So two hours later
and she still has not come.
She's properly out there
with a cock up her bum.

You receive a txt
saying cant meet you today.
I look after mama
while papa away.

I come in one week
I meet you Pattaya.
Listen up mate
she's a f%&*ing liar.

Please please honey
can you send me more money
My mama real bad
this is starting to sound funny.

So you send her some more
of you hard earned cash.
If only you knew
she was bargirl trash.

Thank you honey
I love you two much.
She's telling the same
to a man who's Dutch.

Ok then my girl
ill see you one week.
She's straight to the bank
like a hawk with a beak.

So off you go
hotel, change then a bar.
Then you think to yourself
Pattaya tonight
its just too far.

But I've told her I'm going
Pattaya tonight.
f%&* it ill stay
Bangkok one night.

So onto soi four
to have a few cold Singhas.
But they just look
like ugly mingers.
You love your girl
you think she loves you.
Eight more singhs
now you haven't a clue.

You go to the bar
where you met your teeruk
Then what you see
is so much bad luck.

You notice your girl
saying want short time mick.
As she's got her hand
all over his dick.

You drag her outside
in her thong and bra.
Your supposed to be at home
not in the bar.

I am so sorry
but my mama is sick.
I need the money
so I have to suck dick.

You walk away
with your head held high.
And shout f%&* you bitch
I hope you die.

She ripped you off
like all bargirls do.
But if you had read this site
then you would have knew.

I've been Thailand seven times I'm 29 years old and yes I'm a sex tourist.

I'm single no mortgage no bird to tell me what to do I'm my own person.

I love Thailand I love the food, women, I love the people (so friendly).

I've been reading your site now for about a year, I've never wrote in before I've just read them. I've found some of them funny and shocking. The most ones I'm interested in are the bar girl stories, ahhh yes the BIG BAD BARGIRLS. Some of the stories I feel really sorry for the men who had there hearts broken and had been ripped off big time.

You learn from this (right stick?) The little bit of poetry above (if you can call it that ha ha ha ha ha) is about my mates younger brother who fell for a BARGIRL. He learnt from this so why haven't a lot of your readers?

I read the stories where the man gets involved with a Thai girl (maybe bargirl maybe not) marries her sends money back home gives and tries to give her the best life possible but she ends up bleeding him dry, taking his money plus his heart.

So why do they go back for more? Straight back into a relationship with a Thai girl. These are the stories where I find myself thinking now they deserve what they get. Nobody deserves to be lied too, took for a kunt but they go back and back for more. Why cant they learn from the first time? I go Thailand and I play it at there game, they love me I love them, they want babies I want them too, I just f%&* them pay them in the morning and carry on my day. I wont go into detail of what happened to my mates brother regarding the above but he learnt from it he's been back once and plays it there way now. Me and 4 mates were in nana about 4 months ago had a few (as you do) in morning night bar then went into nana plaza, we were sat in a bar (not a gogo), on your right hand side as you walked in (bout 50 yards in I think) opposite was a mad loud gogo (yes you know it) my mates had picked up some girls and I was the only one without, this gogo (I can't remember the name) was full of slappers outside and where we were there was no toilet. So we had to use the gogo bar, I went to use the toilet and thought id pick myself a tart up, it was full of katoeys but I managed to get a descent one (a women yes) not one waiting for his dick to be removed.

600 baht barfine away way go back out to the lads.

5 lads 5 tarts and the lads are pissed, we went to get taxis to go night club when one of the girls phone rang she quickly ran off out of the way of the music (they spoke really good English by the way) we caught up with her while she proceeded to put her fingers over her lips to say hush, I knew what was happening it was her sponsor on the phone.

She proceeded to say hi honey I miss you I love you I not work bar etc etc etc I just come see my friend.

Her friend was laughing, she was using him for money she say, she put phone down and she was back on my friend rubbing his cock saying f%&* me I give you power. I thought to myself this bloke thinks his little sweetheart is being faithful being honest but she's with my mate.

I later found out that night she was actually married to this bloke he was German and they had been married for 8 months and he was trying to get her back with him. One of her friends started to tell me that she had f%&*ed up the first interview with her husband to delay the visa true or not I don't know.

Anyway we all got rat arsed enjoyed ourselves and f%&*ed them silly that night.

On the way back to cold wet f%&*ing England I started to think about the bloke who rang his beloved that night and she pretended to be all innocent and then I started to think about my mates younger how he fell for there charms etc etc.

Maybe your reading this in your country and thinking that could be my girl who spoke to your mate that night.

The chances of that are properly like winning the lottery but there are so many

out there who are scamming, f%&*ing men, saying I no work bar I wait for you, you give baht mama sick etc etc.


So why do they go back again for more and more Thai relationships? I don't know it seems to me its always the old ones (no disrespect by the way). PLAY THEM AT THERE OWN GAME.

My mate I think march 2005 took a picture of every girl he had f%&*ed on the back he wrote there name and email address (if they had one).

When he got back he emailed every one of them saying how much he loved them, how much he wanted to marry them, have babies, he was a local business man in London he told them making large amounts of money for his company (he worked in a warehouse packing greeting cards) 95% of the replies well you guessed it wanted to marry him, have his babies, (TAKE HIS f%&*ING MONEY).

Wake up everyone these bargirls are evil after one thing only (MONEY). PLAY THE GAME, PLAY THERE GAME, DON'T FALL IN LOVE.

Just one last thing if you want to try and catch your tart out make and set up another email address of your own, different name of course. Tell her how much you enjoyed boom boom when you last met the other month and that you are back in Asia on business soon and if you would like to meet again.

They have been with that many they cant remember try it everyone you will be surprised as to what she (your wife, or so called girlfriend) replies..


For various reasons, I ask that submission writers do not use profanity, or limit it to when it is absolutely necessary.

nana plaza