Stickman Readers' Submissions May 1st, 2006

It’s In Your Hands!

Dear readers

I just wanna express one of my opinion about Thailand (My home country). I used to read some of the stories in Stickman’s website. I believe that all of the stories are truth of your experience. So from what I were read, some they are have a good time, some they are have a bad time and bad feelings, but that it happened from what they chose to do.

People who are able to travel overseas, so they will choose the best for them self. Where will be worthwhile for them to spend big budget. So I’m really pleased that tourists come to visit Thailand.

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And I understand that someone who wrote stories that make its seem that Thailand sucks because they were senseless in that moment to decide about something (mostly about a lady).

Thailand has many beautiful places for visit such as an islands, waterfalls, temples, flowers places, sex town etc. But mostly tourist are fascinated by sex services, even if Thailand has other services. That's why they always said Thai ladies love their pocket because they always ask for money, that's because it’s their business so you choose that kind of service so you also deserve to pay for that kind of service.

And some of them, are fall in love with Thai lady, after that couple life didn’t work out, or some they are marry then marriage life didn’t work out either. So that was their fate, they chose by them self. And couple or married life never runs smooth, so some couple are broke up even from any problem, but it doesn’t happen only in Thailand. It can happen in any place, any country in this world.

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And also foreigners and Thais are dealing with the difference of language, and especially different traditions, so if they decide to be together it can be good if both of them can get out over from their traditional to each other in the middle.

Here in my country, Pattaya town is mostly people call sex town, because there is really many bars, and bar girls that have for foreigner take service anytime. So some people say “Pattaya is a toilet”, and many call it sucks place. That is because the kind of people there. But for me Pattaya is always nice place that have the beach for relax on day time, the mall for take a walk for shopping or just shopping window, then have disco that you can choose to hang out, and of course in disco will have many lady work sex business, but if you really just want to enjoy dancing just don’t relate it to lady sex business then disco still disco that have music and drink service for you enjoy dance. Just don’t relate people to place anything bad can be better just changing the way to thinking, right. Smile.

And for someone that have chance to travel, my country is not bad for travel, here have beautiful place for visit such as an Island, water falls, temples, flowers places, sex town etc. Like I talked at the beginning, it’s just you that choose to do what kind of places you want to go. But any place you choose to travel it always open your world more wide, and maybe after you come to Thailand, you will have an idea for yourself, or you will feel that you get more full life, and you can see the other side of the world that different from your home country, and you will experience the culture and traditional aspects of the neighbors countries in Asia because Thai, Lao and Cambodia are close to each other.

Or maybe after you come to visit Thailand to see how life’s here, people here then you will feel proud on how you are, proud on what you have.

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Sticker girl, smile. hehehehehehe.

I like that I don’t like instead of what they is what happened.

Stickman's thoughts:

People make their choices…and if they're not careful, they pay the cost.

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