Stickman Readers' Submissions May 2nd, 2006

What Do Thai Girls Have To Deal With?

Isn’t it about time to hear another Thai girl’s opinion? 😉 I’m sorry I might make mistakes here and there but I’m going to do my best and double-check before I send this submission.

Before I start my story, please take a few seconds and think of this question. Who are Thai girls / women anyway? Go ahead, I can handle it. Some would say Thai girls are cute full-stop. Thai girls are sexy but greedy, dishonest and narrow-minded. Thai girls are the one who have dark skin. All Thai girls look for only one thing, MONEY. The list would go on and on. It makes me wonder if Thai girls have been misrepresented on the Internet. Come to think of it, there’re many girls who don’t belong to any on that list and there’re girls who would belong very well.

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I think it pretty much depends on where you meet the girls. If you meet them from some chat rooms like Bangkok chat, no offence but you know you can’t expect much from them. <There we are Statler, just like I told you!Stick> They are looking for men and money and you’re looking for girls and probably sex. That’s the easiest way to find what both of you are looking for. Nothing good comes that easy, don’t you think?

I have observed and talked to some Thai girls who date foreign men. Some of them are my friends. Both International and Thai program girls I know often meet foreign men from Yahoo chat (Thailand room), nightclubs and in their daily life. One of my friends, she has white skin and she graduated with the first honor. She got a ob at one of the embassy and is about to move to Europe with her boyfriend and they’ll get married. They are a cute couple and they met at a nightclub. Another friend of mine met her ex-boyfriend in the yahoo chat room. She has dark skin but is very exotic indeed. He visited her about 5 times

in 2 years before he decided to live here for a year. Since Thai girls are available 24 hours, they finally broke up because he said Thailand makes him feel like a King. “All” Thai girls think he’s handsome and of course he has the money. She was honest and waited for him during those 2 years and really hoped one day they’ll get to be together and it’s not about money at all.

When I was working at one of the English schools, there were many foreign men and of course Thai girls. Some of them can speak English, some can’t but they are learning and not giving up. Many of them were (maybe they still are) dating and it’s not just because of sex and money. I admit our salary was 3-4 times lower than foreign teachers. They felt bad for us and when we ate and went out, they wouldn’t let us pay. Not all of them of course. I loved the ob so much but because of the salary and I wanted to go to Grad. School and a few other reasons. I had to quit. Some of the girls there hated me and I found out later that I just started working for 2 days and I already made friends with foreign teachers. They have been there for years. I really didn’t know until I talked to trainers and they told me so. I really had no idea how to act to that but I knew all along that something wasn’t right in that place. I had carrots for breakfast every morning and one day when I finished teaching and went back to the office, there were some carrots and flowers in my locker and later I found out that it was one of the young English guys who did it. The problem started. They even hated me more. The school assistant really liked him but she’s married. They were secretly dating at the time and she rang me and talked to me about the carrots. I was like, why do you girls have to make a big deal out of it. He just wanted to make fun of me for eating carrots everyday. That’s it. He’d text me everyday and he did that to the assistant too. (He said; she likes me, I don’t like her and I’ve never SMS’ed her first). When he was talking to me and the assistant pretend to walk pass by he’d just move his chair away from me, like he wasn’t really talking to me at the moment but other friends. There was one time he was talking (very close) to the assistant and I just happened to walk to the bathroom and he just pretended he dropped his phone on the floor so I didn’t see he was that close to her. My friends saw that too. I thought he was pretty smart. LOL. Well, later on, his very good friend asked me out, he said he liked me and stuff. I was confused and didn’t know if they were playing games or what. The girls at school made fun of me every time he looked at me. I wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or what. We finally hung out together as friends in the end. They were some nice people but a few months after I quit, I heard he is secretly dating and sleeping with one of the Thai teachers. Now I know why the girl has never said a word to me.

There are good and bad everywhere I think. When I date foreign men, (Well, I don’t have dark skin so they can’t assume that it’s because of my skin color) so they come up with a new idea, she has the figure that foreign men like. Thai men would never like her. That’s so unfair. Why don’t people just think that it’s because of who I am? Or maybe we just click and understand each other? I decided to show the world that Thai men don’t hate me by dating a Thai-Chinese guy. My mother liked him a lot but it was the worst time of my life. We couldn’t even talk and understand each other. He had his own ideas and won’t listen at all just because I’m a girl. I can’t know better than he does. Is it a typical Thai guy thing? Probably not all of them are like that.

I’m taking a German language course now and 20% of the girls in my class have German boyfriends. Some of them are studying hard and really want to make the boyfriends happy. A few can’t speak English and it’d be difficult for them to learn a new language but the boyfriends already paid for the tuition, what can they do? They just have to sit in the class and listen.

I’ve read a submission related to Thai girls and Indian men. I’m a Thai girl and I admit I don’t like most Indian men. A lot of them are not very nice to us, Thai girls. Maybe we deserve it. I don’t know. The thing is when you are in chat rooms, they would come up with the same old thing

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Indian: halo dear

Thai: hey

Indian: dear u wana make friendship with me?


Ok, there’s nothing wrong with that but they are just not interesting and maybe Thai girls are just not attracted to them? No offence to Indian men though. I have very good 2 Indian friends, I met them at Grad. School. They changed my view of Indian people. They are some good people who deserve to be treated nicely. Too bad, they already transferred to Italy and France.

The bottom line is I’m sure not all Thai girls are bad, greedy, dishonest and don’t shave, etc. You may have met those girls at the wrong places and wrong time. The good ones are out there somewhere; maybe you ust haven’t met them yet. Don’t give up hope. Nothing good comes that easy, right? Best of Luck!

Stickman's thoughts:

Too right, nothing good comes so easily!

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