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Against Knowledge And Better Judgment! Part 1

Against Knowledge And Better Judgement! Part 1

Bad news: I have, went and fell in love.

He Clinic Bangkok

Bad News continued: A Thai Girl. She works in a bar. I can hear the frantic screams off “no” or “you f****g idiot” towards the page and I can hear them in my head as well.

The worst news: She works in a short time bar in Pattaya’s Soi 6. <You really are out of your mind!Stick>

Now I promised myself faithfully that I would not let this happen. I also know better from reading many a heart wrenching or laughable and gullible story from the Stick site. I know – I know and I wouldn’t class myself as stupid, so what the hell am I playing at? How the hell did this happen and am I going to say the inevitable line of “she is different”?

CBD bangkok

How did this start…? Ok background, I live in Pattaya – That in itself qualifies me to know better! So here we go with the first part of the story. I like a little adventure down Soi 6 in Pattaya as it gives me something to do with the day and it's good fun being chased down the street by women. Ok granted, it's not the classiest place in the world, but you get what you want and there are no false pretences. It means I don’t have to take the girls back to my apartment and let them know where I live. Ok enough of my bullish manly behaviour. You know what goes on!

Three or four days in a row I had seen this cute little thing sitting outside her bar. We had given a smile back and forth. She had even asked where I was going in Thai on a couple of the days. Being it on this street, I never thought much about it but I had thought she was really pretty. Thing being I was always with my buddy and we were a nightmare together for choosing a bar to go into. We both sort of had to agree so as not to leave the other one lumbered with the ugly sister…. Although as you all know this inevitably happens no matter how much pre-planning happens. The amount of times I have had to sit and wait and stare into a glass because Jenny from the block with 3 eyes and 4 ears is rubbing me up whilst my mate is banging Cinderella upstairs is unbelievable. My mates gave me a nickname after a short trip to Philippines recently (STD) and not because I have any, Soft Touch Darren! I can't help but be nice and can't just tell and ugly one to piss off! They all have feelings, right?

Off the track here a little. So I'm down Soi 6 as per usual. We are just about to head to Walking Street as the day time is growing to a close. We pass this little cutie one more time, she says hello and for some reason I just decide to go into her bar for one last drink. No consulting my mate this time, he duly follows suit and enters behind me (Not literally – I must add).

I'm sitting next to her – I had never noticed just how beautiful she was until then. Maybe it was the beer, maybe because it was dark, either way I thought she was hot – the hottest girl I had seen in Pattaya (Ok maybe I was a little drunk). So I don’t even get half way down my beer and me and my new dream woman is running up the stairs for a moment of passion. I will save on the details! She was hot! I never even made the obligatory shower until after we had finished!

wonderland clinic

So I come back down to the bar and I had run down ahead of my girl as I had stolen my mate's t-shirt from the room next door as he was busy showering. I thought it would be funny, him hunting for it and me gently sipping a beer – childish but sanuk. I get down to the bar and there are 2 guys waiting, that were not there before. Now I overheard one say that’s her as my girl came down the stairs. A mental note made.

She came and sat with me and had a couple of drinks waiting for my mate who finally appeared topless. The other guys had finished their beers and one begged his mate to have one more and wait until she was free. I laughed to myself and thought of sloppy seconds! Then I quickly retracted and thought I don’t know who was there before me that day!

My mate and I are quietly recharging the batteries for the onslaught of Walking Street and finish a couple of beers, during all this time I am staring in to this woman's face, practically slivering on my t-shirt. My friend can see the mysterious influence and just says “stop it” a few times to me to grab my attention! He can see what’s in my head. She is hot, I try and bowl her over with my wit and charm (What the hell am I doing?). Ok so it's time for the boys to head off! I ask her the inevitable questions can I have your number? Can I have your e-mail? I explained to her that I waas about to leave Thailand for 4 weeks to go back to work but I'd like to stay in touch and see her again when I came back. She said yes but probably believed that I would, As much as I believed she cared whether I did or not.

I am due to leave Thailand today to go back to work for 4 weeks. My taxi to the airport is not until 20:30 so I decide to have one last laugh down Soi 6 with my buddy and go and see this girl again as she had been playing on my mind. We get down there and try and make light of my journey away to keep me upbeat. I popped in to one of the internet shops there, quickly checking my e-mails, wishfully thinking my work get in touch to tell me to have an extra week at home. No such luck! Can you believe that the computer I went on has an e-mail account still open. Question: how many of you have gone into an internet shop and someone has left their account open? Don’t people know how to close these down. Now imagine my complete and utter shock that it’s the same e-mail address that had been handed to me the day before! What a decision to make, I have always wanted access to a Thai girl's e-mail account and now I can if I want it. Against all my better judgement, I shut it down and never looked. I thought it was none of my business and it would have been out of order to spy on her, she meant nothing to me to worry about reading her mail. (Advice: How wrong was I, I have now spent the last 6 weeks trying to break back in to her e-mail account to no avail. Any information is good information).

Me and my buddy walked up and down the street and he saw nothing he liked and my girl wasn’t at her bar. So I decided to phone her – that number becoming useful already, glad I asked for it even if I did feel stupid. So I gave her a call and was surprised to hear her say I can see you, I see you walk past before – but I not want you to see me, I have ploblum….! Oh no I thought, here we go – I'm not even getting a night of passion and she is ready to try me out for out “can you help my ploblum”. Surprisingly though she never did! She said she wanted to see me – she asked me to wait there. I suddenly saw her pop her head out of the beauty salon and beckoned me over before quickly diving back inside. I was intrigued and God knows I wanted to hear about her problem. I thought I had another stick story in the making – how right was I? Just not to the depth of what this will run. So I get to the salon and see the most beautiful face I have ever seen. Remember at this point I was not in love..! I have never seen someone look so beautiful, problem was she had been crying and had no make up on. She looked amazing. I was actually feeling sad as I don’t like seeing anyone upset.

So I asked the dreaded question, what's wrong? What's the problem? She began to tell me that her friend who she shared a room with had gone to the police and told the police that she had stolen money from her bank account using her ATM. I never do she said. Now I was as sceptical as the next guy! I don’t know this chick, as hot as she is she could be the grim reaper for all I know. Then she began to tell me that her friend had said she had stolen 200,000 baht from her. Ok now knock me over with a feather. How Much? Yes 200,000 baht..! I asked a third time 200,000 baht. I said you can't get that much out of an ATM, she said she knew that and she knew that ATM have camera but she was still shitting herself as she was scared to be involved with the police.

Right at that moment I would have been shitting myself if the police thought I had stolen that amount of money. I was worried for the girl! I believed she never done it as she was

hanging around waiting for them to turn up, instead of taking off with the 200,000 never to return to Pattaya. I pathetically asked her if she wanted to go somewhere for a drink or some food to try and take her mind of it! Couple of minutes of my charm and she would have been laughing (who am I kidding?) She declined and suggested she better wait for the Police. I told her I would go and leave her with her friends to console her and give her a call later to make sure she was ok – as much use as that would have been if she wasn’t..! So off I trot to get myself ready to go to work… strangely concerned for a girl I don’t even know. I called that night before I boarded the plane, she was playing on my mind. She was ok “police still not come”.

Stickman's thoughts:

That was a bit of an anti-climax!

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