Stickman Readers' Submissions April 17th, 2006

Deport Farang Moaners

What's with all the whinging?

Sorry but this is going to be a late night rant so excuse me if it's a little disjointed.
Please tell me it's not just me. Tell me there are other people out there sick of submissions totally running down Thailand and its people.
It seems like every week there's another moaning git jumping on the bandwagon.

He Clinic Bangkok

Let's be honest, Thailand's not perfect, especially Bangkok, but I enjoy living there thoroughly and have been for the last seven years. I have no tales of being ripped off (other than 10/20 baht here and there) or tales of injustice
or discrimination.

The thing is, Thailand never was perfect. In Bangkok ever since I can remember there have been many touts and insalubrious characters trying to relieve the unsuspecting or naive farang from his money. Thankfully more are aware of it now.
Ask yourself how they are aware of it…Stick>

So many people remark that when you have been in Thailand long enough you know to beware what lies beneath the smile. And what's more, some of them seem to damn the entire nation as being a two faced bunch. I know there are many people
like that out there but I refuse to believe from my own experience that Thai people are like this in the majority. In any case, how does this make Thailand different from the UK or America? I've always been told to beware those that smile
too much. Look at Tony Blair and George Bush for Christ sake. Would you buy a second hand car off those men? I certainly wouldn't.
For the record I occasionally go for a drink with a few Thai guys after work on a Friday. They're
pretty westernised and like a bit of fun the way we do. They've been decent enough to invite me to some of the naughtier clubs they go to and the women are fantastic and I suspect sadly that some are pretty well educated. I know it doesn't
happen a lot but Thais and Farangs can mix socially but it's not going to be commonplace. The difference is cultural, it's not because they are ignorant or dislike us, although I'm sure some do.
Many are giving Thai women a
terrible press especially the Stick (mostly deservedly I have to say) but let's not forget some of the farang shitbags too. However many of these guys who couldn't get a girlfriend for love nor money in their own countries just do not
treat their Thai girlfriends well (forget about money here!). All of a sudden it's easy to get a girl and they can't be happy with one so they play the whoremaster and shag all round them. For guys like this I have no sympathy and I
hope they get taken to the cleaners. They deserve it. I think it's got to the stage now where the average bar girl / freelancer type has heard such a bad press about us guys that they have no intentions of playing the faithful girlfriend
and they're probably not a bad judge.

CBD bangkok

Something that dumfounds me is how people can possibly stay in relationships when they feel the need to slyly peek at e-mails and messages on their girlfriend's phone. If your relationship is at that stage it is just never going to work
out. And if you have the cheek to be playing away, then you really are a hypocrite and don't try to justify it just because you give her reasonable "housekeeping money". And let's be honest, while we're at it: the majority
of farangs for whatever reasons date bargirls and freelancers. How in the name of all that can you expect faithfulness from a girl like that? Now I've no problems with bar girls at all and I still like to play. I've even got one that
gives me a call when she's not working and we go out for dinner and then a bit of how's yer father – FREE! BEAT THAT. You can have more fun with the average bargirl than the average Thai girl and they can make good friends but they're
just never going to be relationship material.


Another common gripe is from the lower end of the farang market who complain about how difficult the Thai Government is making it for these poor souls to stay in Thailand and how the rules are constantly changing. However I have had conversations
with guys like this from the UK and US who complain about how soft their respective governments are at letting immigrants in. Also the same people would like to see all those that are not white shipped back in the banana boats. Why then do they
have the cheek to complain when Thailand makes rules to make it difficult for those of little value to Thailand to remain in the Kingdom?

In conclusion it seems to me as though most of these people moaning were quite happy with Thailand in the early days satisfied with a fine array of cheap alcohol and naughty women. Then all of a sudden they woke up and took a look around
and realised it wasn't paradise and lo and behold Thailand does have faults and plenty of them. In my opinion it's as simple as this: if you live in Thailand and have such a major gripe with the place then please do us all a favour and
get out. It's got to the stage where there's a couple of bars in BKK I don't go to because I just can't stand the WHINING!!! Let's be honest. You can get a better salary elsewhere, although it mightn't go as far.
And remember Thailand doesn't need you and won't miss you.

wonderland clinic


Stickman's thoughts:

Everyone has a right to complain if they feel they have been mistreated, cheated or shit on. You simply cannot remove someone's right to air their grievances. It is even worse to suggest that people should just accept things the way they are.

For the record, I edited one sentence from this submission which was about as derogatory as you could get about Thai women. On one hand you moan about the moaners, and then you cast this sweeping generalisation that was downright vicious.

nana plaza