Stickman Readers' Submissions April 18th, 2006

To Brian In The UK

This is an open letter to Brian (not sure if I have the spelling correct) in the UK. Just exactly why am I writing this? Most of the submissions on the site deal with deceit, betrayal and heartache. The final chapter has yet to be written on this story
but it does seem as if this train is going to stay on the tracks. If nothing else, I feel fairly confident in saying that, should this relationship go South, it will not be the fault of the particular woman involved.

Odds are Brian does not read Stickman. But if he does, or just so that not everyone gives up hope, I wanted to share this. I truly hope Brian is reading because he should be able to recognize himself.

He Clinic Bangkok

CG has a friend who lives two sois over from us. She is the one who got us our place. We moved there so that CG would not be alone when I was working late / nights. Her friend really is a good friend and she will come sleep over any time
CG calls her. You see, CG just cannot sleep in the house alone. I don’t know why. She can but she needs to have one or more of light / TV / radio on. And even then she isn’t at ease. She even went so far as to have another one of
her friends move in. But she is younger, has her own life, and is not very reliable in that regard. She seems to be a sweet girl, though.

This friend has a sister. [Before anyone decides to ask, I won’t introduce you to either of the friends. They have Thai boyfriends and, as far as I can tell, have no interest in being with a farang. One did once joke that she would
like to have a farang baby but she wasn’t serious. In fact, I don’t think I can even name one of CG's friends who is remotely interested in being with a farang. Most are expressly against it, even.] I won’t mention the
sister’s name as it isn’t relevant and there will be enough info for Brian, or anyone who knows Brian, to recognize that this is his story. She corresponds with Brian via the internet. This has been going on for quite some time.
Brian came to Thailand once to meet the love of his life. At least, I assume she’s the love of his life. What he saw and whatever she said seems to have done the trick. Brian has faithfully / religiously supported this woman (and her children)
for quite some time. She was married before but her husband has died. Not that it matters but she is in her 40s and Brian is around 60.

They have tried to meet up a second time but circumstances have, so far, conspired against them. Brian’s second trip ended up being cancelled due to a medical problem. He has now been instructed by his doctors not to fly anymore. Some
people may find this bit a little fishy and, honestly, I cannot say if this part of the story is true. But, if it is a lie, it is not a lie on the part of the girl. But I have no reason not to believe it to be true.

CBD bangkok

They have also been trying to get her to the UK. But, from what I understand, they have been having more difficulty with this following the London bombings. Again, I can’t say this is really the reason for the delay in her visa but
I have no reason to doubt it either.

All of the postings on this site, that I can remember reading, which have dealt with internet relationships have been about the lies and the deceit. The girl playing multiple guys at the same time. Telling them sob stories to solicit money
for one reason or another. And I suppose it’s easy to understand how those things can happen. And I know from personal experience that reading too much Stickman can color your perception of your love. But I also know that the world is full
of players. And some time, we all get burned. Some get burned worse than others. Some get burned more than others. But I don’t think anyone ever gets through life unscathed.

People wonder whether it’s possible to find a good girl / woman in Thailand. To this, I say it is. I know because I did. But the point of this post is to let Brian know that he has, as well. If you’re out there, be assured that your love
is exactly what she has presented herself to be. And she wants nothing more than to be able to come be with you in the UK one day. No pretense. No deceit. No lies. Many people talk about how the girls have their hooks into multiple guys to increase
the odds that one of the relationships will work to her favor, or at least come out how she hopes. Not in this case. There are no other lines in the water and no other fish dangling from any hooks. Everything that I know about her leads me to
conclude that she is completely sincere in everything she has told you. And, believe me, if there were something amiss I would know. Some of the stories that CG has told me are shocking but, in this case, she has had nothing but good things to
say. I truly hope that all works out well for you and your lady. And I hope that you are feeling better now.

Stickman's thoughts:

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Hundreds of Brians read Stickman….you have got them all wondering if it is them!

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