Stickman Readers' Submissions March 29th, 2006

Did You Know I Was The First?

By Dazzle Star

Now I know where everyone is heading from the title but no I'm not naïve, young yes, but not naïve. I have been to Thailand before and now have the pleasure of living there for a month in every 2 when I'm not working.

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Where am I heading with this story, well with so much being written about Babewatch in Pattaya and how great it is I think I would like to add my story and let people know that there is more fun to be had in there than people actually realise.

Was I the first? I'm looking for confirmation…. Does anyone else know that underneath the DJ booth there is a darkened sliding door that leads to a very small area under there where there is a cream leather sofa? Now I never noticed and I dare say even regulars who go there every other day or week may not have either.

How did I come about my discovery well this is the story itself…. I stumbled in to Babewatch with my friend after a 3 o'clock in the afternoon start on Soi 6. We like our all day events. After much fun and pleasure we headed down to Walking Street at night time to take things further and do our usual and unusual tours. So as you can imagine a very merry pair ended up in Babewatch what a great night we had in there, we didn’t even move to any of the other gogos because we were having so much fun. The girls are friendly and fun and we had a real good dance about the place making typical fools of ourselves that most would probably find disgusting. But we got up to all sorts with the girls. Real good time and no pressure for nothing except keeping the drinks flowing.. Which was my pleasure ! Although one tip for Ricky the manager, make sure the bar man figures out how to make a banana daiquiri, I got margaritas every time I ordered a daiquiri but it never dampened the spirit only heightened the fun.

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Ok ok enough bull sh*t, so what the hell am I going on about! Well after the show girls came out from getting changed one made a b-line for me and wasted no time in trying to get my little brother out to play. Of course drunk and horny I was getting a little bit amorous and hot! Not one to miss out on a bar fine the mamasan spotted this a mile away, well she was standing next me helping her get it out in fact. So the mamasan starts the initiation, you take girl? I'm horny yes – but I don’t take girls home, I live here so prefer not to show everyone where I live. I prefer to go short time. Ahhh she said you can go short time here…. What??? Smiling like a Cheshire cat, Where??? In there pointing to the DJ Booth… I'm like no fxxxng way??? Where??? Under there, So fuelled by lust and alcohol I said show me…. I get taken over the doors are slid open and low and behold there is a cream leather sofa. Brilliant….

So already in tow – my girl pushes me inside and gets to work. Now this is quality I'm sitting on the sofa – her ladyship performing oral on me and I can see through to the girls performing on stage and also my mate trying to dance in the other corner, I about collapsed laughing, brilliant I thought! It can't get better, what a laugh, and a night. Wait for it.. So the door pops open again and in comes the girl's friend to negotiate a price whilst her mate is making sure I pay top dollar. Funny as..! So I agreed on everything even the 200 baht for the rent of the DJ booth – you have to laugh but what was I to do? Of course I went back and done it again the next night but it wasn’t as great pre-planned and knowing the scoop.

So ladies & gents can anyone tell me if I had been beaten to christening the sofa?

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