Stickman Readers' Submissions March 2nd, 2006

Almost Fell In Love

By Calvin

I just got back from my first trip to Bangkok / Thailand / LOS. I had read many submissions from this site and did a lot of homework, but none of it prepared me for reality. Absolutely amazing. I told my buddies at home that I would get 12 girls in 7 days – ended up with 10 !!! But I tell ya, I certainly struggled towards the end.

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When I arrive at Nana Hotel at 1:30 in the morning, I'm greeted by hundreds of people milling about in front of the hotel – what a welcome !!!

Over the days, I did some sight-seeing. The Grand Palace is very nice, and surprisingly quiet. It's funny how some people did no research, as they showed up in shorts, tank tops, etc. The river cruise was interesting and refreshing. The Thai boxing was fun to watch, especially from the front row seats. I believe the skytrain (even though it's ugly) and the subway are excellent ways to see the city and to get around – especially since the skytrain leads right to the river and runs along Sukhumvit. Very smooth operation.

The worst part of the trip – all the touts – from the tuk-tuk drivers, kids selling sunglasses (at night, no less) watches, wanting to shine my shoes, etc. But it was easy enough to say no and they went on their way.

Nana Plaza was a lot to take in the first time – never seen so many pretty women in one place – so many choices !! Soi Cowboy was more relaxed, but there were people trying to lure you into all the bars – something I did not notice at Nana. Never made it to Patong, nor did I want to. I liked the gogos where the women didn't bother you while you watched. The best places, in my opinion, are the bars along Sukhumvit and the sois directly off them (4, 7, 7/1, etc). There you can sit, have a beer, actually talk to a girl, shoot pool, play 4 in a row (which I got pretty good at). It was in those bars where I met people – guys from England, Ireland, USA. Met a good guy from the Special Forces in Nam, who worked as a sheriff's deputy in the US, and now works in Iraq. Met a great British man with whom I shared more than a few beers every day at noon at the Golden Bar at the Nana Hotel.

The women ? Holy crap !!!! So many beautiful young ladies – and not just the dancers and the ladies working the bars. Ladies working in stores, walking on the sidewalk, riding the trains. This place has the most beautiful women in the world – long black hair, dark skin, beautiful eyes and smiles. Amazing. And with all the women I brought back to my room – I never had any problems. None. They were very affectionate, attentive and love to cuddle. I was smart enough to keep my money, credit cards, passport, phone in the safe provided by the hotel. I don't know if all hotels have safes, but if they do, use 'em. So basically, I had nothing to steal except for the loose change on my dresser, which was never touched. And the ladies never harassed me for more money than we agreed upon, which made it a pleasure to give them extra for "cab fare".

Annie's was odd at first – I felt like I was choosing a lobster. It's a bit intimidating. I didn't know what to expect. But boy, did my lady ever treat me right !!! A nice washing, body-on-body massage, a relaxing oil massage and a great finish. Absolutely no complaints. Wonderful.

Well anyways, the second to last night I met a wonderful lady who spoke good English, was very fun, great personality, easy to talk to, good looking. We had a lot of fun playing pool and she spent the night. Since I only had one day and part of one night, I decided to barfine her the next day as well, so I could spend the day and night with her (I had to leave at 3 AM for a 6 AM flight – sucked). So we spent the next day having breakfast, playing video games, pool, and we went to the Coliseum (spelling might be off) and then back to my hotel for the last 5 hours. It's very easy to see how men can fall in love with these ladies – she had a great smile, treated me very nicely, was holding my hand, kissing me, caressing my leg (gently, not sexually). Just a super sweet woman. When I left, I was sad to see her go. You know, I'm a very realistic man, I know it's all for money and that

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the next night she was treating another man with unimaginable kindness. But I still missed her a bit. Just glad I didn't spend any more time with her, otherwise I'm sure I would have fallen for her – even after reading all of the submissions about guys doing the same thing !!!

This was the best week of my life (and I've had a lot of fun before) and I will be back next year, but for a longer period of time. The 22+ hours of flying each way are brutal, so I'll need more time to relax and enjoy myself.

And Stick, thanks for the great website and good advice – and to all the other fellas, I enjoy your stories – keep 'em coming.

Stickman's thoughts:

Thailanditus inflicts another!

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