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Bagwain’s First Year In Los

Bagwain's 1st Year In LOS

I have just started reading Stick’s site again on a regular basis as I only just got ADSL on in my apartment here in Sin City. I actually stopped reading more so, because most of the stories were negative and damning towards Thailand and the girls in particular. However I am pleased to have noticed a little more variety now and a sprinkling of some positive stuff. Keep it up guys.

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I have to say, this being nearly one year since I planted myself here, that it has been quite a rollercoaster ride and a great adventure at the same time. Fortunately I have an open mind and a sense of humor plus I take full responsibility for everything that happens and that comes my way in life. I have had money stolen out of my wallet by a girlfriend, motorbike stolen from outside Big C and had a Thai guy run up my arse on his motorbike in Patong. Some funny shit can happen here if you can look at the silver lining in the cloud.

Some of the details – I met this spunk in an internet café as she was emailing her boyfriend the “Dear John” letter. I decided to offer her some translation help. We chatted for awhile and decided to call each other later and go out for a drink. She was going for an interview to work at a gogo bar and she said she would ring me after this. She called me earlier than I expected as it happens she walked in and straight out of the gogo bar. Cold feet was the explanation. So in short I shagged her all night. I couldn’t get enough of this spunk. We spent the next month together and I took her to Phuket for a week.

Her story was that she had been working for her sister and German husband in the clothing trade in Pattaya and she had done something wrong. I was to find out a little later how wrong! So she couldn’t work with them anymore. One day I had my wallet in my “Man Bag” which you need here in Thailand all day without touching it. That night, watching Australia’s 1st State of Origin match in a bar of Soi 7, I needed to pay for a drink. Well I noticed 5,000 baht missing. I knew straight away it was her, so I rang her and told her I wanted it back or I would go to the police. She said that she would work bar and pay me back and that she needed it to help her mother. I didn’t see her till a few mornings later when she rang my mobile and knocked on my door at 6 in the morning. I opened the door to see her with blood all over her head and all over her skirt. Strange that I noticed her shirt was clean? She proceeded to tell me her sister was murdered by the mafia and she was fighting with her friend. I started to worry as I didn’t want to be involved with any sort of this shit in a strange country. I smelled a rat though, so I told her we should ring her sister’s mobile and also her bro-in law. There was no answer on either. We then went downstairs to talk to my policemen landlord. She then took off saying she was going to look for her sister. About an hour later I rang the numbers again thanks to the mobile redial. Her sister answered and asked me to come to their luxury penthouse on the beach. I went with a little trepidation as I didn’t want to be involved with problems not of my making. Well I get told what this spunk had been up to and my 5,000 baht became of no consequence.

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She had been trained to use AutoCad and was designing clothing, plus managing 4 staff as well. Her salary was 10,000 baht, free luxury accommodation on the beach, free food, motorbike and worked 9 to 5, 5 days a week. Pretty damn good by Thai standards. Her sister and bro in law needed to go overseas, so they left her in charge. The day after they left she shut the doors and pissed off to Phuket for a month. Locking out the staff and of course there was no one to answer the phones. They lost a 40 million baht deal in the process. I was lucky by all means. She still visited me a couple of times and I shagged her to get some of my loot back, but I kept a close eye on my wallet & belongings. She recently visited me as she was waiting to get approval for a visa to go to NZ. Some 47 year old sucker is taking her there for 6 months. I asked her for shag, but the red flag was up, so I was getting a hand job when he rang from NZ. She changed hands and spoke to him at the same time. These Thai girls are unreal. So if you are of this age, in the north island of NZ, own a restaurant and have a 25 year old Thai just arrived with the name starting with N be careful! She will be back and I will shag her again. Although it won’t be in my apartment as I have a live in now.

My rental motorbike was stolen outside Big C a few weeks back. Funny as I couldn’t get into the security park so I decided to park at the end of a row of other motorbikes in the side street. My gut feeling said to me, your bike could get stolen from here very easily. I didn’t listen to my own instinct and it cost me 30,000 baht. Not good as I am in the early days of my business here and I needed that loss like a hole in the head. The owner & I had to go to the police station in Pattaya to report it. Before we left the owner said that we would have some fun with the police as they don’t like work. How right he was. The Pattaya police after 1 hour of paperwork decided that it was a Banglamung Police responsibility as his office was in Naklua and not Pattaya.

We went there and they said no, it was a Pattaya responsibility as it was stolen in Nth Pattaya. He then dropped me off to not waste my time and dealt with it himself. A couple of weeks later he had another of the same sort of motorbike stole from the same place. Now the cops are saying that he did it. He is pissed off as he has done everything he can to try and locate the bikes, even telling the local mafia of a reward. He explained to me that if the cops did regular roadside checks at irregular times and places this industry would fold. The cops don’t even tell you if they find your bike. It seems that all stolen items get auctioned every 3 months and guess who gets the proceeds? So the trick is to visit the holding yards on a regular basis yourself to check.

On my last business trip to Phuket I had my bag handle broken by the taxi driver, by mistake paid him 100 baht too much and had a motorbike accident in Patong. Funniest

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thing you would experience ever the accident. It was raining and I was just coming from Karon Beach into Patong when I had a Thai guy run up my arse on his motorbike. I was slowing down to turn into the right hand gutter when he hit me. I quickly looked around; saw this guy and bike all over the road, so I decide to piss off down the next street to the right. As I went down this street I noticed it was a dead end. As I turned around I noticed 2 cops crouched over at the start of the street looking at me and yelling. I pretended to check the bike and make out that I was checking to see if any damage had occurred. They had been in a café and saw it all. When I went back to the scene of the crime I was told to wait on the footpath. At this time some dickhead Thai guy starts to tell me that I didn’t use my blinker. Fortunately there were a couple of Farang dudes who told him to piss off as they saw what had happened. The guy who hit me was dazed, but ok and he decided not to worry about it as his bike was undamaged and the cops said I could go. Thank God, as it was my birthday. Cheers and take care.

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So you never did get your 5k baht back?

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