Stickman Readers' Submissions July 14th, 2005

Open Your Eyes

I am also a farang that speaks the lingo, loves Thai culture, the people and my job which brings me to BKK on a regular basis. I have just been burned by the same experience and am still 'licking my wounds'. I know and understand the Thai ways
and expectations of the farangs by the locals. ATM BIG TIME!!

Going through a harrowing experience of divorce after 33 years I was morally supported and lifted up in my greatest time of need by this lovely girl (or so I thought at the time) by constant SMS when I was down.

He Clinic Bangkok

I have many Thai friends, at home and in Thailand and love them dearly as they love me. At the beginning of my relationship with this girl all her friends and all my friends at home who talked to her on the phone warned me that she was up
to no good. Obviously I didn't heed their warnings and dived right in with me eyes open, choosing to disregard the little warning signs that would appear during our time together.

I rented an apartment in BKK and furnished it completely including computer entertainment systems, the works. This was my first mistake. It's the 'behind the scene' when you're away that you don't know about. I am
doing some business in Thailand and am there for 10 to 15 days at a time and we were together a lot. From the shopping sprees, discos and major fun the farang is always expected to pay for all her activities and friends. I was totally head over
heels in love with this girl whom I will always love. But this is one sided. She will be on your payroll and squeeze you with umpteen stories just to make you put hand in pocket. All this to sponsor a double relationship with this other farang
whom she really loves over the period of 7 months. I have been with her for 1 year. Make no mistake, there are Thai girls I know who have tried to commit suicide over love affairs that haven't worked out for them. So they do have feelings,
only depends for whom.

Piece of advice that the Thai locals and my Thai friends always give me.

CBD bangkok


I have been heartbroken twice over and that's a high price to pay as the deceit and lies that come with not knowing the lay of the land is incessant and even after you have been told the truth by her own family and friends in confidence
about her escapades and double life she will undauntingly stick to her own 'truths' and continue to conjure up the most ridiculous lies just to get you to continue to pay.

The pain was unbearable as I love this girl so, but had to give her up by 'blocking her pipe line' and saying there will be no more money. She did not know that I knew that she was already living with this other guy. I suggested
it to her with a lot of other little details I knew to at least try to make her tell me the truth but apparently she had further plans of keeping me on a string to fleece me again later and didn't admit to the truth! On the contrary! "I
have no one else and I love only you! Why don't you believe me"? she says. Yeah sure… sheeesh.

The grand finale was wriggling, screaming, crying and begging that was to no avail and when she knew there was no other tricks she could use to convince me, what happened next was my wake up call to total realisation of what I really meant
to her.

wonderland clinic

She locked herself in the bathroom and was suddenly silent. After a few minutes I knocked on the door wanting to give her the 100 baht that I said I would at the beginning for the taxi she came to see me in. This was after lavishly spending
thousands of dollars over her every whim and fancy. Let it be know that my intentions were good from the start wanting to marry her but she only saw it as weakness and used it for extortion.

She opened the bathroom door only a bit, took the 100 baht while screaming in indignance, stormed out the main door cursing as she went and after a moment of shock, I entered the bathroom and saw etched on my mirror:


I had helped her family medically and otherwise paying for her brother's wedding among other good Samaritan deeds which were not appreciated very much I might add.

After all of the goodness, loving, caring, nurturing her and her families health, showering money on all at every opportunity leaving her wanting for naught this is what I got!!!!!!!!!

Farang O P E N Y O U R E Y E S

Another thing to consider very carefully….she might still be married with children, something they don't always admit to for obvious reasons…..

And this is just ONE story.

Stickman's thoughts:

Be glad you're rid of her!

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