Stickman Readers' Submissions July 13th, 2005

The Deadliest Of The Species

Reading through many of Stick's articles, a few questions have been raised within as to the relatively 'poor' virtue of Thai BG's as a whole. That sustaining, I would like to make the following comparisons with some other establishments
around the world if only to draw a few parallels. What follows are but a few examples, 'condensed' as much as practically possible, to give the reader albeit, a brief but broader perspective of things outside and inside the fabled land
of smiles, far from the relative sanctity & 'safety' of Thailand's unique bars and clubs….

In my far flung travels over more recent years, I have been fortunate enough to travel pretty much throughout the south Americas where it is generally accepted some of the world's most beautiful women reside. Eastern Europe and Asia
too have their fair share and everyone is likely to give you a differing opinion as to where's best. For example, travelling through South America, I did see some of the most beautiful girls I am ever likely to see, dressed to kill too, and
a walk and posture to die for. Shopping in Guayaquil Ecuador once, was like shopping similarly in Thailand, only the girls were that little more forward and personal, and made no bones about if they liked you, and indeed liked the "Gringo's"
as much as Thais like the "Farang"…. "Bonita ochos" was a phrase I heard many times from the shop girls, meaning "nice eyes" and was their way of getting your attention and were more overt than their oriental counterparts.

He Clinic Bangkok

From Venezuelan 'Cat houses' to Mexican border town strip joints, to Brazilian Sao Paulo strip joints and Samba Bars, I've just about seen 'em all, and whether this is fortunate or not, I'll leave you to be the judge.
Monterrey's 'palatial' "Casablanca" girlie joint remains one of the most memorable Latino hot-spots for me, albeit expensive. Walking into Casablanca's, you could be forgiven for thinking you'd blundered into
a Playboy film set or similar, with the most stunningly beautiful girls sashaying around, – short skirts, heels, cat suits, body stockings, stage-like makeup to please and fulfill your every conceivable fantasy, – for a price… Some stunning
beauty engaged me in some rough talk on entering once, making a rude gesture embellished with some remarks about "Gringo's" and a mock 'spit' on the floor, – which I chose to ignore…!!!! I thought for a moment George
Clooney Salma Hayek would walk into the 'scene'.

Surely I'd accidentally stepped into a movie set somewhere in the Mexican desert, (?) – surely this was Quentin Tarantino's film-set for "Dusk Til Dawn"??

Another more friendly beauty approached me, introducing herself as "Iyacha" (?) – stunning also, with slightly strange, yet visibly striking subtle 'lightning bolts' facial makeup that were a throwback to David Bowie's
Ziggy Stardust makeover, and had her hair done up in a bun and cascading blonde pony tail. However, I wasn't biting, it was a bit too early and I'd just got there, but I remember her disappointment and abject pouting when I turned her
down, I was looking for something different than her…. She stalked off and slumped in a sofa, still pouting and looking over a few times, so I decided maybe I'd get back to her later, to show no hard feelings. She seemed genuinely disappointed,
surely the money wasn't quite that important, there'd be others right?

CBD bangkok

Another girl sashayed past me wearing a satin cat suit, and her eyes had been tastefully airbrushed in black similarly to a cat woman's eye 'mask' – this was a place to fulfill fantasies and dreams, and yes maybe someone's perversions
too…. My name's Helen she purred, and it brought a whole new meaning to pussy galore…. American Express? I inquired, that will do nicely she purred, wrapping herself around me.

Thrilling, exciting and exotica in the extreme, but not entirely safe…. I felt like the walls had eyes and indeed they did in the form of multiple Close-Circuit TV Cameras. You had the feeling you were being watched all the time, by no-too
friendly mafia-types who 'own the girls' lives….


Well in most cases these establishments are mafia controlled, and by the shape of the two burly hoodlums guarding Casablanca's opulent double doorway entrance, it was no surprise they were at times really needed. Beautiful as the girls
were, they were completely "mercenary", Okay, as if they aren't in Thailand, (?) – but with an 'edge'. No, not exactly cold and rough like British or U.S. 'hookers' but high-class yet quite ruthless, and often
'owned' by some mobster somewhere, where drugs and control have a new meaning. I've seen some girls carrying small 38 Caliber revolvers in their purses, – as "insurance" – a far cry for the comparative amenable nature
of Thai girls and driven to arming themselves by their dangerous surroundings. A disagreement with one of these beauties would be highly risk-worthy and might result in a flick-knife being pulled, or her trusty 38 Cal….. "A girl's
best friend" as one leggy Houstonian girl glibly told me once while packing one into her purse among her makeup and paraphanalia…. One girl was reputed to have given some guy a "38 Cal vasectomy" once, several years before although
this might have been more a case of urban legend only than anything that could be substantiated. A good deterrant nevertheless….

wonderland clinic

U.S. Strip bars are okay if you don't mind being separated from loads of cash, well, $10-$20 bucks a time for a so-called "lap-dance". A beautifully equipped girl will shake her ass at you, sit on your lap, wiggle about, but
on no account can you touch her often on account of state law which differs from state-to-state in the U.S. She too, according to the law {then, in 1995} must cover her nipples with a clear acrylic sticky-covering, to avoid actual physical 'contact'.

Some more adventurous girls will let you 'remove them', and caress their naked breasts if she likes you, and if you're in luck, will result in a trip up to the VIP lounge, where some girls actually engage in sex the customers.
An evening like this will, or could cost anything upwards of about 3-$400 U.S. !! Even $1,000 is some cases for the more well-heeled VIPs….

Mexico has some of the most abundantly beautiful girls I've ever seen, and Mexico's nefarious border town "Tijuana" boasts strip-joints that make Thailand's look positively 'tame', but are strictly mafia
controlled and the girls' movements greatly inhibited in what she does inside and outside the club, – her time is not her own to command…. In some ways, strolling around Tijuana one afternoon, reminded me of Mexico's answer to Pattaya
the way the bars were dotted around, with strippers in view of the street in some cases to lure you in. The bars are dark seedy places, and any confrontation with the staff is ill-advised and might result in wild west style brawl and you being
similarly 'discharged' horizontally onto the street pavement with a knife wound minus your wallet. If a girls likes you, she'll let you know, but aggressive advances usually result in aggressive "eviction", – and no money
back you Gringo bastido!!!

Nairobi remains one of East Africa's hottest tourist spots, and most 'dangerous' in terms of getting around the city. Take a Cab or run the gauntlet of being being mugged or stabbed as a rule. Nairobi's notorious night
clubs "Club Florida" and "Florida 2000" are among the most 'aggressive' and 'dangerous' I've been to. Where the "law of the jungle" literally prevails. Darkened girls will eye you hungrily
up and down, grab at you and fight you to a seat beside them. Some will even grab you by the nuts and fix you with a stare that says, "dare you resist?" Girls will guard their drinks at all costs against poisoning by other 'predatory'
girls. Attacks are frequent, if only among the girls themselves literally fighting for their income against Nairobi's grinding rural poverty. These girls will do anything, anything to get a "Muzungu" (White man) One such 'Muzungo'
sitting at a bar in downtown Nairobi was confronted one night by a dark beauty who declared 'he' was her boyfriend… Waiving her off with a deft waive of his Lion Beer bottle, he declared she should sod off, to which there was a 'flick/click'
sound and suddenly he was feeling the cold steel of a switch blade against his lily-white larynx…. "Yes, – you f***** well are" she hissed from behind him…. Needless to say any unwise sexual encounter means a condom is absolutely,
positively essential….

Reaching Thailand for the first time in 1994 was a proverbial breath of fresh air for me, never again did I have to check my wallet, look over my shoulder for some hoodlum or gaze up at CCTVs. Or when leaving, check which side street was
safe or a nothing more than a "mug-way"…. Going out into the night in Mexico City can be one of the most challenging, dangerous and exciting things you're ever likely to do with your clothes still on. One logistical 'mistake'
however, and calling in at the wrong illicit place, – could be your last. The infamous green & yellow Volkswagen Beetle taxis that choke Mexico City's already crowded & polluted streets, are perhaps deservedly among the most dangerous
and 'unpredictable' in the world… Compounded by widespread, endemic mafia control, vast criminal elements and a toothless, complicit, corrupt Police force, which makes the somewhat scurrilous and cheeky taxi drivers of Bangkok seem
pretty benign. Many an unwary passenger in Mexico City simply never arrived at his or her destination, only to be discovered years later in some shallow grave in the surrounding desert areas, – or never at all. Attacks and assaults are frequent,
whereby the taxi stops unexpectedly to pick up a preordained & armed accomplice, who turns on the unsuspecting passenger in some unpopulated street…. This happened to me once in Kinshasa, DRC, in about 1997, – a truly frightening experience
when my cab that I was alone in, amid a convoy of airport taxis, suddenly veered off into a side suburb, – and I had a money belt on carrying thou$ands on a work gig. Fortunately, it turned out to be a false alarm, and only his 'cousin'
came out to refill his cab with petrol only. Much to my relief, we drove off again to join my anxious colleagues at the Kinshasa Hotel, much to my overwhelming relief… I really thought I'd 'had it' – I thought I'd be dead
that night….

Amid Africa's savage wars and poverty, prostitution breeds a new form of aggressive female huntress, whereby the acquisition of a foreigner can mean the difference between eating or starvation, or a savage beating from a relative or
self-appointed pimp. African girls can be as evocative and sexier than any Thai girls, and can be impossibly nubile with figures that positively defy gravity and firmness to be seen. There's something particularly hypnotic about watching
some of these girls dance and mingle with their French/African accents and one is thrown back to somewhere like ancient Rome watching the nubien slave-girls perform for their masters, you… Some girls are 'Amazonian' is stature, with
beautifully proportioned bodies and very very strong generally, with almost relentless zeil and stamina, and some simply won't take 'no' for an answer…. Similarly gifted and proportioned are the girls from nearby Ethiopia, Eritrea
and Somalia where the word "Nubile" originated from the slave girls and labour forces derived from the Nubien Desert areas of East Africa's slave trade. Ancient Egypt's King Rhamasis was married to a Nubien woman, Queen Nefratiti
who's beauty and grace was legendary with the power to enslave a man….

As much as I like South America, and those beautiful Wanitas, give me Thailand any day, it's unbelievably safe in context when compared to the steamy South Americas, – maybe less 'enigmatic' in ways, but much safer and 'innocuous'
by far…. You're unlikely to have a knife held to your throat if negotiations go wrong, or glimpse a shining nickel plated 38.Cal in your teeruk's slightly bulging purse, where 'dressed to kill' has new meaning in Spanish.
The only thing bulging out your teeruk's purse is likely to be nothing more sinister than a packet of Lucky-Strike cigarettes…. There are always exceptions to the rule though, I'm sure. (?)

I've probably had more 'fun' than any man deserves in ways, such as in the S. America's where the excitement is racked up to fever pitch at times in some of those Brazilian Samba Bars, which so often gave me the feeling
I'd bitten off more than I could chew in most cases! One particular night in a Samba Bar remains indelibly etched in my memory, whereby some beautiful senorita persuaded me to buy Champagne while some local "Bandito's" looked
on at the rich Gringo, – but they were smiling at least…. It was like being stared down by a bunch of Rottweilers, only luckily their tales were still wagging….
Well, Celia, [was her name] excused herself to go on the stage, and reappeared
on stage as the music began. She proceeded to strip much to the delight of all as I nervously sipped my Champers. Suddenly, fixing me with a cool stare, she stepped over the small tables off the stage to mine, stark-naked…. While the locals
clapped and cheered, and then suddenly stooped, picking up the Champagne bottle. Still dancing and arching her back, Celia poured the crystal liquid down her front, cascading through her breasts as it did so onto the table… As the 'audience'
erupted in shouts and howls of approval, me getting slapped on the back, "Ayo, muchos bien Gringo!!!" That evening cost me about $400 and a 'hangover you could photograph' – and a day or so with Celia before leaving town!

A less happy and nasty incident however in a Bulgarian restaurant with 2 such girls, serves to remind me (or anyone) just how dangerously things can get out of hand sometimes, even in a seemingly less volatile Eastern Europe, and resulted
in a $1,000 Bill for two Salads and 2 Bottles of wine, and "a pay or else" threat in no uncertain terms by a Waiter that looked as though he was on Steroids. The dopey, filthy and unshaven drunken Police Sergeant who came downstairs
in only pyjama bottoms at the tatty station tied with a piece of rope wasn't any help either, and slurred over his broken English… The Taxi driver outside then tried to rip me off going back to much sought after sanctity of my Hotel room,
resulting in me slamming my door and leaning against it in abject relief that I'd finally made it unscathed after a night of hell, except for my poor Credit Cards, never never again…. I've never been so pleased to leave any country
before as Bulgaria….! Luckily MasterCard were sympathetic to my plight, and rescinded the Bill as fraudulent, and I never had to pay anything. Phew….! Similarly a Finnish elderly couple were charged $4,000 for a meal for four under similar
circumstances and was featured in the UK's Sunday Times not long after that.

Never have I encountered problems like these in Thailand and the problems I read on Stickman's site or hear about are nearly always as a result of the person's own naivety or 'gullibility' rather than anything else. The
girls in Thailand are only ever likely to "mug" you in the 'nicest' way possible, leaving you with a lopsided smile on your face, hardly a 38Cal slug in your guts if things go wrong, or a smashed beer bottle's jagged edges
as once happened to me in a Nigerian hell-hole purporting to be a 4 star Kano Hotel, – because I said 'no thanks'…. I've know strippers in Houston Texas to carry guns quite regularly, whereby it's seen as almost 'normal'
and a God-given right. Sadly, in the hands of some drunk and unstable girl, jilted by her "favorite" customer, can all too often become a more dangerous combination. This is worsened in say, parts of Mexico like border town Tijuana or
more central Monterrey and indeed, Mexico City. If you go out for some "night time nookie", for chrissakes get some 'information' and intel first from the lobby and go only to well heeled tourist-friendly bars and clubs….
This is advisable in Bangkok or Pattaya too, but there you're only likely to be disappointed – not physically assaulted or mugged by misinformation! Getting intelligence information on clubs and bars in Thailand will save you time-wasting
and disappointment, but in some foreign parts I've been too, it could save your money and a whole lot, lot more….

I would say to anyone bemoaning the 'system' in Thailand to read the above, and learn there is sooooo much worse out there with much more dangerous consequences, and all it takes is a bit of common sense to avoid any harm.

Perhaps the greatest advantage Thai girls have is they're free, or independent, and it's only an uneducated or non-streetwise girl who'll get herself into a tight spot with mafia control, in a country where pimps are superfluous, even 'obsolete'.
A Thai girl isn't under the same controlled pressure as their counterparts in the south America's, or threat of physical harm from her self-appointed 'pimp' or customers, except in the rarest of circumstances.

I've seen a lot more beautiful women around the world than in Thailand, more intelligent and street-wise too, but have never felt as 'safe' and relaxed as I do when in Thailand, and among the women too I feel 'safe-er'
– Safe, with the knowledge in the event some stern handling is involved if negotiations go wrong, things are unlikely to go 'horribly' wrong. Which, they seldom have in Thailand anyway, and the most you're ever likely to encounter
is an angry pout and a slamming of the door on her way out! (Or his, depending on your bent!)

In terms of "Are Thai girls really that beautiful" I'd say generally no compared to others I've seen around the world. Possibly the most memorable and gorgeous looking girl I once saw in a Bangladeshi Hotel in Dhaka wearing
her Sari. She positively looked to 'die for' and that image of her sitting in that restaurant in her silken colours is burned permanently or indelibly into my mind, she literally looked fantastic. I've never seen any Thai girl that
gave me a similar reaction, (or erection for that matter!) but more just a horny quick-fix type of feel, I've yet to meet any Thai girl that I truly feel is 'marriage material', or a Thai relationship that has some sense of longevity
in it. Of course, the difference is that beauty I once saw in Dhaka wouldn't give me the time of day, unless I literally proposed marriage to her in advance. Bangladeshi, or Indian girls 'visiting' a foreigners Hotel room illicitly
was/is a no-no punishable by 'social death' and banishment, even disfigurement in extreme cases….

While working in Bangladesh in 2000, I read repeatedly stories in local newspapers of "Honor crimes" committed against women, for refusing to marry in some pre-arranged Wedding, often bringing the family into dispute or dishonor.
Far from letting it rest, some girls were subjected to horrific attacks including gang-rape, disfigurement by knife not withstanding the 'surgical' removal of nipples and breasts, slicing her face up, and most horrifically of all, pouring
acid onto her face as she's held down by 'relatives' gang members… The idea being that if she doesn't want the man, he'll make damn sure no one wants her…. It sickened me to the stomach some stories I've read,
and was hard not to feel some prejudice towards the male population of these lower countries whom treat their women folk so abominably and with such utter disdain. One woman who was raped, saw her attacker acquitted after he claimed that she bestowed
witchcraft on him to do the deed….

So, excuse me if I say, ahhh, it's so nice to be in the land of smiles again, as these memories serve only to remind me of how relatively 'safe' Bangkok is, and indeed Thailand as a whole, when you compare them to the countries
above. The only people eying me up as if a lamb to the slaughter are the girls on their stage, – not sinister looking Hispanic or Russian Mafia like bar-staff and waiters, lurking in the shadows like hit men ready to pounce when you gasp at the
huge Bill you're being presented with…. I'm a lot more likely to be amorously mugged by some beguiling young girl than a thug with knife here, and live to tell the tale or avoid a long spell in hospital drinking through a straw. In
one Trinidadian night club, I witnessed some muscular guy suddenly seizing a surprised and screaming girl, and physically 'held her' over the Disco's 'balcony' while "Love is in the air" belted out, – while miming
the words, he then threw her onto the revelers below, fracturing her spine… A lover's tiff gone horribly wrong on drugs.. (??) He was caught later I learned much to my relief, she was in intensive care… This was a night out in Port'O
Spain, Trinidad in about 1996. Young Trinidadian men, generally speaking gang-members, treat women with little or no respect whatsoever, and a pretty girl exiting a nightclub is likely to hear a chorus of "look at the leeegs on that bitch
man?" while playing with their flick-knives…nice people, and I suppose their Mother's love'em still? Ahh, yes I go to all the salubrious places don't I?? I've know some pretty obnoxious and animalistic behavior from
some sex-tourist's in Thailand, but nothing like the above since my earlier travels, interspersed with the comparative serenity of visits to Thailand.

I've only encountered similar feelings of unease going to the notorious 'upstair' Bars that line Pat Pong for example when I didn't know better. Bars where shadowy Thai yet stout and burly looking waiters lurk among the
shadows waiting to 'intimidate' some unwary customers slapped with a Thb600 for only 2 Beers and a freak show, – unawares that were 'goaded' in like cattle anyway because they didn't know better. I avoid the upstairs bars
like the plague now, and warn anyone I can about their ill-practices, – you can't see anything in the darkened gloom of those places anyway. Soi Nana's not so bad, and their up-stair bars are similar to the ones downstairs, only varying
in the quality of girls, but is very much a case of 'trial and error' to any newbie. Just look for where all the ex-pats and crowds go, as these bars are more likely to be better 'equipped' in girls with looks, albeit a little
gloomy in their subdued lighting due to law, in topless bars. (formerly anyway) I was ripped off once in my salad days at an upstairs bar, so I went back, – armed with a tourist Policeman…. I was pretty promptly given my money back and a Thai
'wai' in doing so, but I reckon I was lucky, that's all but dropped it then anyway due satisfaction at least.

Anyone questioning the demeanor of Thai BG's should imagine being in a standard U.S. "titty shaker" or strip joint, where a slight infraction of etiquette or what's purported to be 'law' means the charm is outta
the window and the women take on the demeanor of a spitting Cobra. Restraint, above all else is the general order of the day in Thailand, and bar-room brawls among BG's and their charges are mercifully none too common. (with odd exceptions)
Thai BG's will cuddle, fondle you and caress you into taking them home, but with anyone stateside, the meter's running, and watch out for the Bill….

American strip joint girls have all the charm and smoothness similarly I would liken to a bottle of thick potato chips and can't compare to the charm and humor of their Thai counterparts, whom give infinitely more charm in their approach
and more 'bang for the dollar' than anywhere in the western hemisphere without your wallet suffering a heavy penalty. It could also be said both look beautiful until they open their mouths…
Yes, Thai girls and BG's can be
mercenary, but there's nooo mercenary like a 'western' mercenary in my humble point of view whom when the facade is dropped for whatever reason, reveals an ugly, ugly face indeed.

It never ceases to amaze me how [some] women, supposedly the "fairer sex", can so easily it seems, acquiesce to these traits in what is the world oldest known profession, "prostitution" By actively selling themselves so
readily when what we normally understand is that women should be treated in the highest esteem. Are women as such, basically animals answering to some primeval signal that preordains them as the subservient & sexual servant for man? – even
for a price? Women do generally show a propensity towards financial astuteness more so than men, and are often the driving force behind any successful man it is said and have seen many 'married examples' of this skill. Perhaps these
women are smarter after all, getting their menfolk to actually go out and do the earning rather than prostituting themselves in any way, and not just with sex, but their very virtue. I've known women, yes some in Bangkok, that are little
more than calculating machines on legs and that the slot between their legs might be more suited to a credit-card swipe-machine than something actually human, flesh and blood…. Hollywood siren Sharon Stone once quoted; "Women can fake and
orgasm or two, but men are capable of faking a whole relationship" Well, Ms Stone has probably never been to Thailand where there are some pretty good actresses too, that would eclipse even her own formidable talents and befit an Oscar in
some cases if not many. Other women around the world that I've encountered can't act, or it's so phony and put-on as to be nauseating and insulting. You can see through it straight away if you're not completely stupid, particularly
in the Hispanic south Americas where if they don't like you, they'll show it quite openly. After the sexual 'act' there's no 'pretense' about seeing one another again, and an encounter can be quite 'cold'
and leave you feeling distinctly 'had'…. Asian women would rather have a 'boyfriend' and some form of companionship while earning 'face value' from their peers for this, as opposed to the 'disposable'
aspect that Hispanic and western women 'on the game', would prefer.

A Thai girl often actually seems to enjoy what she's doing with almost cheerful abandon, and their inimitable "mai pen rai" attitude is their trademark if there ever was one. There are times I believe this attitude stems form
their very roots and social economic situation, and your probably have to be really poor for a sustained period to fully understand their 'driving force' and mind-set. The essential differences between West and East prostitution is that
it so often puts food on the tables in eastern Asian society whereby young women have little or no real choice, either through social political or family/peer pressure. Unlike their wealthier western counterparts who have some element of 'choice'
in most cases to walk the 'other side' of the tightrope, – the clean-side whereby Government social security will help support them. As I've said before, the "sex slavery trade" that most of the TV channels purport to
the unknowing masses isn't necessarily true, as so many girls in Bangkok for example have voluntarily ditched their factory or office jobs and taken up the pole…. If these girls are slaves, it's often to their own greed or avarice.
Sure, trafficking in women happens, and there's some pretty horrific stories out there of such, but generally in Thailand it's more open, more 'commercialised' – dressed up & packaged and dumped in the face or the lap of
tourist's. Thai BGs do fall in love occasionally, whereby their feelings somehow overrule their main goal of earning money, and this is often where the problems begin for both parties, and some can become quite obsessive or equally possessive
of their charges. I firmly believe that generations from now will be discussing similar equations in the Thai-farang phenomenon, it will always exist, long after the gogo have gone quiet and Thailand's so-called family value campaign has
truly taken purchase….

Stickman's thoughts:

So, Thailand is hard to beat for the naughty boys.

nana plaza