Stickman Readers' Submissions June 21st, 2005

Hawaiian Hell

I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. Actually, Aiea. Honolulu is just down the road if you have the patience to drive through the horrific traffic here. But I don't stay here much. My job requires me to travel a lot. Usually to the mainland. Not to exciting
there. Not that this place is exciting. Hawaii is boring. The weather is good but that's about all. Any sexual social life for a man over 40 is no where here. I'm 44. So, I don't get much sexual activity here. If I do it's
with some sagging bag whose divorced with a gaggle of kids and a sociopath ex husband hanging around. This isn't paradise. It's a desert for pussy. If you lived here you would have to go to Asia for fun. That's what I do. Every
six months I take a trip to Bangkok for sexual release. Bangkok is my favourite place.

In May I had some vacation time built up so I took two weeks off and went over to Bangkok and my home away from home. The Montien Hotel across from Patpong. Everyone knows me there since I stay there all the time. The gay bell captain met
me at the taxi stand and I checked in to my room. Room 520. I was home again. Try to get this room if you stay there. It's large and comfortable. Right across from the elevator with a view of the swimming pool. You can catch some good views
of Thai girls there.

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I was tired from the flight so I just stayed in the room. It was 1AM and most the bars were closed. I was in no hurry. I had two weeks to party so I wasn't under any time clock. I popped a Carlsberg from the mini-bar and went to sleep.
I needed it after the long flight.

The next day I went down to a cafe next to Foodland. I had breakfast and watched the dreg farangs stumbling back to where ever. I then went to Foodland and loaded up on brews, wine and those vodka coolers the bar girls like. I was set. I
like the morning scene in Patpong. You would be surprised to see all the activity.

I lingered at the pool most of the morning reading the Post. I think the Bangkok Post is the best paper around. Better than the papers in the states. Around 3pm I took a shower and went to the 7/11, bought a USA Today and headed for Cosmos.
I sat at the bar and busied myself reading what was going on in the states. Not that I cared. But it is fun to see what the government is up to. This war in Iraq is Vietnam re-visited and no one seems to know that. I'm glad I'm too old
to be drafted.

A girl named On came up to me. She was quite pretty. She said she was the early shift. She sat next to me and I bought her a drink. She was quite nice, actually. We hit it off. I know. Bar girls are bar girls. She was looking for money. And,
I had money. But, she was a pretty girl. Nice body. We drank for a few hours. I was getting kind of drunk.

I said I was staying at the Montien hotel and asked if she would like to go there with me, She said okay and off we went. I paid the bar fine even though I thought that was wrong. It was not night yet. But it was only 400 baht. What the hell.

We got back to the hotel room and I fell asleep. Ok. I needed it. When I woke up I took a shower and dressed. On was asleep. These Thai girls sleep a lot. I woke her. It was about 10 o'clock at night now. She showered and dressed and
we went to a seafood market. A big place off Sukumvit. If it lives in the sea, we got it. We really bought too much but it was great.

When we got back to the hotel room, I asked On if she would do something for me. She said ok. I asked her to let me watch her pee. I always wanted to see a girl pee. She said she had to drink more beer first. I had a lot of Carlsberg and
gave her one. We watched TV and On drank. Me to. We were getting gitty. When she said she was ready we went into the bathroom. On was naked and sat on the toilet with me kneeling in front of her. She started and I watched. It was wonderful. I
never seen that before. I have to admit, it turned me on.

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When she was finished I took her right there. Bent over and doggy style. I was really turned on.

Afterwards, On said she had to go home. Ok. Here is 2,000 baht. Will you come back I asked. Yes. Tomorrow at 3 o'clock. Ok I said. Well, she came back at 4 o'clock Bangkok time. We went over to Patpong and drank at a outside bar
for awhile. She drank Carlsberg saying that she needing to be clean for me. Such a nice girl I thought. I took her to a nice Thai restaurant, the Mango Tree I think. Poor On went to the toilet many times. Thai girls have to go a lot. But I couldn't
go with her at the restaurant.

We went to Cosmos and On was having a good time with her friends. She had a farang boyfriend and he was giving her a lot of gifts. Me. It was okay. I was on vacation. I bought On a lot of things. When On was near me, I whispered in her ear
that I wanted to watch her pee again. She smiled that nice smile and said ok. So, off we went to the Montien and room 520.

In the room, On went right to the shower. Don't you love these girls? She came out with a towel covering her. I took it off and she had such a nice body. I took a shower then came out naked. I was ready. I mean ready.

On sat on the toilet and I said no. Let's go to the room. It's only water On. So she did it on me. I almost came right there feeling that warm water on me. It was delightful. Afterwards we had a great time. We did it many times.
Her to me and me to her. We laughed a lot and drank more Carlsbergs. It went on all night. Taking time out to watch TV and then doing it again.

Okay. I'm a pervert. So is On. But we had a great time together. She said she always wanted to do this. Me to. So both our fantasies are fulfilled.

I emailed On a lot and even sent her money. I know. Thai bar girls are in it for the money and have other guys sending them money and screwing them when I'm not there. I don't care. On is my special girl friend. When I go there,
she's with me. I'm going over in October and On will be there for me. We will do the normal boyfriend / girlfriend things and then we'll do the water things. I can't wait.

Stickman's thoughts:

Maybe next time you can watch her take a dump?

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