Stickman Readers' Submissions June 20th, 2005

The Slippery Slope – The Sequel

I always believed that one of the great advantages of getting older was that you were supposed to get wiser. After all, we all know you can’t buy experience in a shop or learn it from a book. Experience only comes from living the years and putting
in the mileage. Once you have experience, you are supposed to be better equipped to make balanced decisions. You should be wise enough to make wise choices. Experience usually trumps education…oh yes it does. Shit, once you have experience,
you’re a grown-up!!

Anyone who knows me, knows that over the years, I have certainly clocked up the miles (too many of them in the fast lane admittedly) but I have been around the track a good few times. Experience? I have it by the boatload.

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Wisdom on the other hand, seems to have eluded me. It’s not that I’m stupid nor nuffin’ but learning from life’s school of hard knocks is not one of my strong suits. When I was just a pup, I recall my dad saying
to my sister about me, “Well, he’s a good lad but he sure don’t know how to chose his women”.

Well I think I moved on from then. Christ, two marriages and three kids say I must have learned something?!…..or maybe nothing!!

Why then with all this experience of life, am I now about to do something that I know is unwise in the extreme? I feel like a bug speeding towards an oncoming truck. I cannot change course. Maybe the truck will.

At this point, I would like to refer to a previous submission of mine entitled “The Slippery Slope”.

You should take a look over this one because it contains fairly graphic descriptions of the only woman to ever really unlock my heart (read rock my world).

Some readers thought that submission was just another sex tourist report but I have to admit that Noi, who had the lead role in that particular post, has turned my world upside down. I am about to set this beautiful creature up in a decent
apartment, which I intend to share with her from time to time and sponsor her in a new business venture. I now have both feet on that slippery slope and I am heading for the everlasting bonfire.

Or am I?

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With some people, it’s power, with others, it’s money. Some people crave popularity. Me? I am easily satisfied. I want only Noi. That zenith of Thai womanhood is the only thing I now crave.

The cost could be huge. Wife, house, money……everything!!

I don’t care about the implications or the repercussions. I have no respect for farang rules or counsel. I have no wisdom but I have passion in abundance.

I want to be with Noi. I want to pay her rent. I want to sponsor her small business. I want to go to sleep with her in my arms. I want to wake up next to her. I want to drink her bath water. There is nothing I would not do for this woman.

Does she feel the same about me? Why should she? She’s fifteen years younger than me. She is a beautiful and sexy woman. (I think I mentioned that before). I am a fat, bald git. A cynic would say she is only interested in me because
I am a farang with money. I don’t care.

Noi is about to become my ‘Mia Noi’ and I am going to squeeze every drop of pleasure out of this relationship for however long it lasts. It might be dangerous but it will be very exciting, even thrilling. It will probably be
expensive and it might leave me a smashed a ruined man.

The gambler in me just has to roll the dice.

But what would a wise man do?

I don’t think wise men live in Thailand.

Wise men are boring old farts who solemnly judge others without ever taking risks themselves.

A wise man would analise the situation, calculate the pros and cons and make a balanced decision based on the information available.

I ask you, where’s the fun in that?!

A wise man would be living in farangland, doing his nine-to-five and keeping an eye on the pension fund and secretly wishing he was me. Didn’t I read a recent submission from a UA pilot whose pension fund had been rifled by the US

Oh come on!! Life is for living not for sitting and watching. To die in credit is a waste of money.

Living it in Thailand is living where the action is. We don’t need wise men here. The girls don’t need wise men here.

Let’s roll the dice and see what numbers come up next?

Am I really going to risk ruining the rest of my life over a girl I met in a Bangkok pool bar? Will somebody talk me out of this insanity before I completely lose the plot?

Encouragement is welcome. Criticism will be tolerated (as long as its not from Americans) and all advice will be cast aside unless it’s from a Bangkok resident.

Too late. I’m a lost cause.

Stickman's thoughts:

"I don’t think wise men live in Thailand." This is a CLASSIC quote.

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