Stickman Readers' Submissions April 20th, 2005

Some Things Are Just Meant To Happen

By 20 Year Old Aussie

One day myself and a couple of mates decided to book a flight to Thailand. We didn’t know much about the country apart that it has beautiful beaches, and a good exchange rate. I didn’t have any clue on the way things work in

Being totally unaware of everything including the people, I was not sure what to expect, but I had heard many things about the famous go-go bars and the sex trade. Before we left for Thailand I decided to do some detective work and surf the
net to find as much information on Thailand as possible.

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I found many sites, which you could say weren’t hiding anything of what Thailand had to offer. This made me even more excited to go there and experience things first hand. One night, I was on the computer looking at sites related to
Thailand and happened to come across a site which had some photos of Thai women, taken at a bar in Patong Beach, Phuket.

I’d seen many pictures of Thai women, but for some reason these women appeared to be more attractive than the others I’d seen in previous photos. One in particular took my eye. I couldn’t believe it. I was totally gob
smacked from this girl in the photo. I was falling for a woman in a photo, was I going crazy?

I thought I could try to track her down, but it stated on the site that she had a boyfriend and is no longer a bar girl. This displeased me. I continued to think about her, constantly wondering what it would be like to meet her. So I decided
I’d at least check out the bar she worked at, just in case.

So the time came to leave beloved Australia and venture out, on which would be my first overseas trip with friends. We were destined Thailand, all of us the age of 20. I was so excited. Our first destination was Patong Beach, Phuket. What
a place to go for your first trip away from home. I’m sure if my mum found out what went on in Phuket she would never let me back in the house. As most people find, we had no problem adapting to the life style of Patong Beach. Girls, partying,
alcohol, night-clubs, everything we could possibly want was here right in front of us.

A few days in to our arrival in Phuket we met a fellow Aussie who was a Thailand veteran. He was in his early 40’s and had been coming to Thailand since he was basically our age. Approximately 20 years. I’ll say his name was
James. Not only did James show us the ropes in Thailand, but he happened to have a Thai wife back home in which they own a number of Thai restaurants. He also speaks fluent Thai which made things easy to get done. We learned the ways of the bar
girls. The crap they’ll tell you to get money. He taught us many other aspects of Thailand and Thai life which we would most definitely have not learned if we had not met him.

To the girl in the photo, James knew nearly everything there is to know about Patong Beach, I was sure he would have heard of the bar in which I could possibly find this girl. So I asked James if he’d heard of the Panther Bar. (I’m
using a fictional bar name) He told me he hadn’t heard of the Panther Bar. My hopes to find this girl had all but gone. And I still couldn’t stop thinking about her. We stayed for 2 weeks in Patong, before going to Koh Phangan. Spent
one week there, and another week in Koh Tao, ultimately, deciding to go back and spend our last 2 weeks in Patong, to have some more fun.

Time passed on and before I knew it I had myself a Thai girlfriend. I took her to Koh Phangan for a week, and brought her back to Phuket with me. Now just to let you know guys I’m 20 years old, I’m good looking and I only pay
for it when it suits me. But I DID manage to be with a Thai girl who may have been a prostitute (I have no idea) for 3 weeks and didn’t pay for anything except our meals. It’s not that hard to do it, don’t be suckers. I just
let her know I’m not paying for everything.

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Being back in Phuket I realized I’m not happy with a girlfriend, because I’m on holiday and do not want to be tied down for the whole trip. I told her I want time with my friends so we can go out and do what we want. What I
meant by that is can you please leave? I want to have sex with other women. She soon left and I was able to do as I pleased. One night I was out with the boys. This happened to be our second last night in Phuket, off to Bangkok and back home to
Australia the next day.

One night, we were out playing pool at a random bar, and happened to meet an English guy who was completely drunk off his head. He bought us drinks, we played some pool then he told us we’re leaving after the game was over. When we finished playing
pool he grabbed me and told me he was taking us to this bar that had the best girls in Patong. This bar happened to be called the Panther Bar… I couldn’t believe it. This bar actually existed even though James didn’t know of it.

So there I am on the second last night in Phuket, about to go to the bar in where this girl I’ve been dreaming about for months could possibly be at. I remember walking to the bar, my heart was racing like crazy, I was thinking will she be there
or will she not? We reached the Panther Bar, which I thought did not exist until now, and as I walked towards the bar, I did not see her. So I sat down and panned my eyes around the bar. Then, the person standing in my way moved and there she
was. Tucked into a little corner of the bar talking to a farang. I made eye contact with her and she looked directly at me. It was like my heart had stopped beating for a few seconds.

She was more beautiful in real life than in the photo. This started 5 months before, from seeing her on the internet, to actually being there in Thailand and tracking her down. I just couldn’t believe this was happening. My second
last night and I had finally found the only girl I wanted to be with in Thailand.

It was her eyes that I loved the most about her, it was like I was in a trance when I looked at her. She finished talking to the farang and approached me. I started to talk to her for a while and she told me about herself. Her name was Pat
(fictional name) I told her about myself and as we continued to talk I noticed a lot of flirting was going on. The attraction was there automatically. I knew I wanted to be with her that night, not forgetting what she does for a living. But I
was willing to do what it takes to spend one night with this beautiful girl. That was all I wanted.

I knew that because of her beauty she would want a lot for her company that night. Normally, as many farangs do, they only spend 1000 baht on a girl for the evening. I was doing the same up until that night. After talking for a while she
learned that I was only 20 years old, she was 23. Pat then told me that she never goes with younger guys and that she likes a man between 30 and 40. I was getting worried here, thinking I’m about to be rejected by a bar girl.

She told me that I was different and that there was something she really liked about me, I’m not kidding but we had a strong connection, it was great. I decided to get the business side out of the way, so I asked her how much for the
evening. She told me 4000 baht for one hour! I laughed in her face as she must have thought I was a dumb farang. I didn’t have to say anything for her to understand I was not willing to pay that much, so she said 3000. I told her no, and
the only way I would pay 3000 would be if she stayed all night. She told me ok 3000 for the night. Now some of you guys might think I’m stupid but I didn’t want to piss her off. I could afford it and was happy that I was about to
live a dream. So I agreed to give her 3000 baht on this one-off occasion.

Everything was great. It felt like I was king for one night in my life. I had a constant smile on my face as my dream girl was with me for a whole night.

We went to a nightclub in Patong Beach. There were six of us all together. Myself and two mates, as well as our lady friends. Pat kept buying all of us rounds of drinks. I thought this was nice considering she was getting 3000 baht from me
that night. We managed to have a great time and dance all night until the club closed. Everything worked out perfectly. After the club closed the group of us went our separate ways, and it was just me and Pat for the rest of the evening. Both
of us were hungry, so we went to get food. Just sitting down and having a meal with her was enjoyable because she spoke English so well, and was very talkative. We seemed to get along great, as well as looking good together. Both my friends and
hers told us that we looked good as a couple. After that we caught a taxi back to my hotel, and I’ll leave the rest of the story up to your imagination. I remember the next morning lying in bed with her laughing to myself about the whole
story of how I came to being where I was and who I was with. This was a story from my first trip to Thailand. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

To let you know, I will be heading back to Thailand in 4 weeks time to spend my 21st Birthday. Can’t wait!!! I plan on contacting Pat for another encounter.

Stickman's thoughts:

You're going to get a lot of emails from guys asking for her real name and bar!

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