Stickman Readers' Submissions April 19th, 2005

Ko Samet

In January of 2003 I went on my first trip to Thailand. Starting in Bangkok I traveled north, south, and to Koh Samet. My visit to Koh Samet was much more interesting and enjoyable than I would have ever guessed.

Prior to the trip I thought I was embarking on a relaxing one week stay on the island. I managed to get myself on the island rather trouble free. Immediately after I checked into my guesthouse I decided to take a stroll down to the beach
to check out the scene. I was scanning the beach when I noticed a group of Thai women that operated a massage service on the beach. Most of the women were middle-aged, but I caught the eye of a young attractive lady. We exchanged looks for a short
while, and then I left the scene to change for some beach action.

He Clinic Bangkok

As the evening approached, my appetite grew. I made arrangements with a few friends to dine at a place on the beach. We were seated in a great spot, right on the beach. We began to wait for our waiter/waitress to take drink orders. A Thai
girl appeared and started to take orders when I noticed something. Upon closer inspection I discovered that we had once again been assigned a lady boy. I find it quite amusing when you get stuck with a lady boy server because you're forced
to communicate with them. This being my first trip to Thailand, I found it quite strange to see so many and even weirder when I was forced to communicate with them.

About half way through the meal I looked to the table to my left, only to make eye contact with a young Thai female. We kept exchanging looks for the remainder of the meal. I made a motion that included pointing at myself, then in her direction.
I was given a headshake in return and decided to shift the night into a new direction. After the excellent meal was finished I informed my friends that I was taking off in search of a wild night, which they were not ready for. I transferred tables
and got involved in the conversation. At the table there was the girl I was going after (Phaiwan), her sister, her friend, and her sister’s boyfriend from Norway. The other Farang appeared to be intoxicated and forked over 1000 baht to
his lover. He decided to end his night early and quickly left. They paid for their meal and we took off down the beach to a bar.

We were waiting in line for a few drinks and they received service before me. They asked what I was drinking, so I replied Chang. I didn't expect them to pay for it of course, but the sister decided to use her boyfriend money to pick
up the bill. After our first round of drinks she decided to order some tequila shots. I did not want to let these girls pay for my drinks, but it was the Norwegians baht. At this point I was beginning to feel the familiar effects of the alcohol.
We stayed and partied for a while, then moved further down the beach to another bar.

CBD bangkok

The bar had mainly outside seating and was an excellent establishment by my standards. I made a trip to get some drinks for the ladies and myself. When I returned I was asked to dance by Phaiwan. At this point I was is no condition to dance.
I often feel quite lanky and awkward because I am so tall, so I usually try to avoid the dance floor. We were all socializing around a table when Phaiwan had to make a bathroom trip. She wanted me to accompany her on this mission, so I went with.

We walked through a restaurant floor that was not in use at night and around back to some bungalows among many trees. I waited on a log beside a tree well she went into the can. After she was out I made a desperately needed pit stop as well.
As I exited I went and sat beside her on the log. I don't know how the initial move was made, but we began making out right in front of the bathrooms. We relocated a few houses down up against a brick wall. I started to receive a BJ and while
I was enjoying it I realized I still had my large Chang in hand. Quietly I began to chug from the bottle, being careful not to give away my position. We progressed into heavier things, but she broke it off saying she had to return to her sister
for something. The rest of the night went quite well and I just ended up going back to my place without her company. I wanted to go out with her again, but she only mentioned something about going to one of the bars down the beach the next night
with her sister. I did not know what to make of our relationship at this point and just went to bed.

When I woke up in the morning I went out for some amazing spicy food. I can't get enough spicy food in or out of Thailand. I relaxed on the beach for most of the day and began drinking in my room prior to dinner. When I began listening to pantera
and drinking the result is not pretty. I drank more than I should have before going out to eat. I hooked up with some people that just came back from Cambodia and we headed down the beach again. We ate at another fine place with excellent food
and service. I ordered two dishes and told our waitress (no lady boy this time) to make them quite spicy. As I was listening to a very exciting story regarding Cambodia we received our meal. As I dug into my food I quickly discovered how spicy
it was. I can handle very spicy food, but some of the dishes I ran into in Thailand pushed my limits. It was a fight to finish both, but I managed to do it. The spice of my meals sobered me up a bit and I quickly shifted gears.

I became interested in our waitress and began making longer eye contact than one would normally. I began subtly hitting on her whenever she would come by the table. She told me I had really nice and a really nice smile. I asked her to join
me for a few drinks after her shift was over, considering it ended shortly. After the meal was finished I once again departed from my friends in search of a wild time. I waited for my new friend by a large sign. I believe her name was oil because
I remember asking twice and I think it was oil (or it could be something totally different). I'm usually really good with names but pump a few drinks in me and I’m telling the same stories over and over and forgetting names. Anyways,
we headed down the beach to one of the bars featured earlier in the story. We found a table and I brought over some drinks for us to enjoy. She was a really nice lady, with many interesting things to say. I invited her over to the same side of
the table I was on, and then put my arm around her. I was enjoying a fine evening up to that point then received a tap on the shoulder. I turned around only to see Phaiwan and her sister. I was just speechless and didn't say anything. I turned
back around and told oil of my problem. She told me it was fine and she would go and sit with some people she knew. Judging by the look in her eyes and on her face she was hurt by this. I felt really bad and didn't know what to do. Phaiwan
and I never really made plans to meet up again. I liked Phaiwan a lot and had such a good time with her before that I did not want to end up going off with another woman in front of her. Oil had a bad look on her face and moved tables. I went
to sit with Phaiwan and her sister and felt quite awkward. We chilled out for a while and Phaiwan wanted to come back to my room. We were just talking once we arrived and she asked me to come and get a massage from her. I agreed to this and decided
it was time for some drinks. I decided to make a quick trip to the 7-11 and ran the entire way. I grabbed a vodka cruiser and a Chang and made a beeline back. We right straight to the nasty and she left immediately after it was over.

When I woke I had acquired a mean hangover and asked myself what had even happened the night before. I found some partially drank beverages beside my bed and decided to save them for a later date. When I began thinking of the events of the
night before I felt really bad about putting oil in that situation. She was a really nice girl and I would have loved to have got to know her better. I guess my choice was based on pure action. I knew that I would receive from Phaiwan, but was
not sure about oil. I drank a pint of Mekong whiskey that afternoon and went for a massage from Phaiwan. The hour long massage felt so good in the warm afternoon heat. She covered every area of my body and even did a special number on my butt
cheeks and inner thighs. The booze brought out some emotion and I decided to trek down to the restaurant to find oil. When I arrived I talked with one of the waitresses. She told me that oil was not working. I think oil must have had a talk with
her and she pieced the events together. She was giving me some looks like she knew what was going on and I was an asshole. I felt really bad and decided to spend that night alone on the beach.

wonderland clinic

I walked down the beach and sat outside a bar where a family of dogs was roaming around. There were also a few goats that were looking for a meal, but decided to chew on my sleeve until I switched locations. I overheard a conversation some
Farang were having and decided to check out the scene. An Asian girl was laying on the ground while two Farang were talking in a fast pace above her. I thought they were arguing at first, but just turned out to be discussing something. I believe
the girl had too much to drink and was passed out on the ground. As I was observing the whole thing from a distance still near the goats, a lady boy approached me. She started saying that I was to come help her and other Farang aid a girl in need.
Indeed he/she was referring to the scene going on near us, but I was not going to trust her/him. He/she then told me that I was the same Farang she spotted on the beach the day before. I do remember looking over and seeing a lady boy looking at
me strangely. He/she was persistent, but I was not going anywhere. I made it clear that I was not going anywhere and he/she was wasting time. I departed from the scene and headed for the trusty 7-11 for some road pops. I happened to bump into
Phaiwan in the store and asked her to accompany me to the beach. We chilled out on some reclining chairs and talked/made out (I do not understand that term. Making out….to make out…it just doesn't mean anything). Anyways, at the end of
the night we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I never saw her after that night, but we kept in touch for a while via email. My time spent on Koh Samet has its own special part in my mind of my first trip to Thailand. I had such a
good time on the island that I would be willing to go back sometime during my next visit. I'll never forget the feeling of a wonderful Thai massage after I just tacked on a mean buzz during mid-afternoon.

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