Stickman Readers' Submissions March 9th, 2005

All In The Family

Dao is a real cutie: sparkling eyes, shoulder length hair. Yes, she’s an Isaan girl. A real cutie, at 65” a little taller than most. She’s a salesgirl at a department store. Typical of many farang meets local girl stories, I gradually,
and happily, allowed her to take control of my social life. As our relationship developed, I virtually swore off my swordsman ways and looked to her as my exclusive partner (well, almost exclusive; even the whitest sheep sometimes strays from
the flock).

Life has been pretty good since meeting her and I invited her to move in with me four months ago. The financial commitments for her family near Udon Thani are relatively minor and Dao has not asked me for an excessive amount of material goods.
I am aware of the potential pitfalls of farang / Isaan relationships but thus far any problems have been relatively small, except for one.

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A little over a month ago, Dao’s 18 year old sister, Lek, came to live with us in my two bedroom condo while she seeks employment in Bangkok. Lek, is also really cute, but on the petite side – a real “spinner”. Dao is
determined that Lek not work in a bar or bad area so search for a permanent job is taking a little time. I didn’t really object because I did have extra room and Lek is such a little sweetheart.

Lek is a pleasant person and gets along well with her sister. Her arrival has actually helped me gain a little of my lost freedom by giving Dao another target to focus her attention on. Still, I have intense feelings for Dao so have not fully
exploited the emerging opportunities for boom-sing with other young lovelies behind her back.

Well, two weeks ago the problem began. We were watching a movie at home and getting a little “mao” after drinking red wine with a zesty spaghetti / shrimp dish that Dao whipped up. Dao and Lek were discussing the advantages
and disadvantages of life in Bangkok when the conversation turned to having a farang boyfriend. Dao reached over and patted my package in front of her sister apparently making reference to anatomical differences between farang versus Thai men.
After an incomprehensible rattling of Thai between the two of them the next thing I knew Dao unzipped me, pulled out my manhood, and invited her sister to touch it.

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So we all ended up in bed together. Lek helped Dao massage me and both girls used their hands and lips on my best friend. It became clear that Dao and Lek only wanted me to return affection to Dao. Lek eventually left the room and Dao and I had a great
romp. I woke up in the morning not believing what had happened and with an incredible urge to consummate the act with Lek. My suggestions to go for Round 2 that morning were casually dismissed by the girls who laughed off any possibility of a
repeat performance saying that they were “mao”. On a few occasions since I brought the matter up with Dao and she genuinely got upset saying that I thought she wasn’t enough for me.

So a few nights ago Lek came into our room and crawled in bed saying she didn’t want to be alone. Nothing really happened beyond a little bit of hugging and massage but I couldn’t get any sleep. I had a woodie all night long
thinking of what a great thrill it would be to ride Lek. It was pure torture. In the morning Dao and Lek again commented and fondled my manhood, but I was not allowed to reciprocate with Lek.

The problem is that now Lek shares our bed every night and even partakes in some foreplay. Apparently, Dao and her feel that Lek’s current level of participation isn’t cheating. Any suggestion I make that Lek can go a little
farther with me is treated as though it were the highest perversion. I’m at a quandary of what to do. I love Dao but feel a sexual attraction to her sister also. Dao gives great sex and I look forward to seeing Lek’s firm body each
night as well as whatever physical assistance she renders. But it also tortures me to see her so close, yet so far. Efforts to approach Lek on the side don’t appear to be an avenue for success. I am tempted to just to wait it out and hope
for the day when they share me equally, but aside from the nocturnal torture of being next to a fine young thing that can’t be plundered, I am worried Lek may soon find a boyfriend that probably would ruin even the current arrangement.
Don’t accuse me of wanting to have my Lek and eat it too – it’s already been done by a concerned co-worker. I hesitate to tell my ex-pat friends about the current arrangement as some would be tempted to put the move on Lek.
Has anyone else encountered something like this? Any advice would be welcome.

Stickman's thoughts:

Wow! I'd love to give you some advice but I really do not know what to say! Mate, I'm drooling!

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