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Pursuing Married Women

I’m referring to Stickman’s weekly column (19.12.04).

Actually I was not very surprised to hear of the four cases, where some guys tried to hit on Mrs. Stick. I don’t think at all that it is a Thai guy thing, I more experienced the opposite when I was out with my girlfriends. When we were out in Thai
scene places, Thai guys usually showed respect toward my girlfriend and me and they didn’t dare to hit on her. Some were staring at us, but I think that’s because of the fact that foreigners are probably not very often seen at the
places I had been. Some invited us friendly to share a table with them, while others just ignored us. But as I said, never did any Thai guy hit on her.

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Actually I think that it can happen everywhere in the world that some guys hit on married women. I think it’s a question of someone’s character and style. Some guys they simply see a sexy lady, and that’s completely enough reason
for them to give it a try, despite of the ring glancing on her finger. Some guys are totally ignorant of the situation. If a guy falls in love with a woman at his working place for instance, then he might have the right to express his feelings,
even she is already married. In that case it’s up to the woman to tell him that she is happily married and the thing will most likely be done. But if a guy hits on a woman while her husband / boyfriend is sitting next to her, then it is
absolutely unacceptable.

It is true that for some people, Thailand is kinda "Open Season" for all women. Some guys just don't respect women all that much in Thailand because they think that they are so easy to get. I personally think that in some cases it is true,
in some not.

I noticed two things when clubbing and hanging around in Thailand. Guys seem to hit more on ladies than elsewhere in the world. The most remarkable thing, that even old bald farung guys hit on young regular Thai-girls at normal places with an enormous
self-confidence as they are used to in beer bars. This is really a shame. Some of my female friends often complain about this. I don’t know what some guys think of who they are. Would they do that in their home-country? I really doubt that.
If they did so, their ass got kicked badly I guess. I personally think that most of the attractive Thai girls with good education and good family background have their standards and surely do dream about something else then of an old bald farung

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I noticed that some guys overestimate themselves when being over here just coz of their big farung nose. I personally believe that both things happen (pursuing married women and the hits from old guys on young women) coz of the situation that for many
farung guys it is quite easy to get indulged to a certain group of women over here, and then it’s hard for them to make the difference. It’s probably the big dark shade of the beer bars and all its working girls too.

The good question is how to react in a situation where your wife/girlfriend is in “danger”. If I’m going out with my girlfriend and a guy hits on her, I will tell him straight to leave her alone. If he doesn’t, we have a serious
problem. This happened to me already two times in Thailand. In both cases I had to argue with a farung. It goes without saying that I would not take on a Thai guy who is surrounded by his friends. In that case leaving would be the best alternative.
I have never seen a fight where Thai guys were involved, but a Thai friend of mine told me that most fights amongst Thais are because of women. He also mentioned that if a foreigner is going out to a place dominated by Thais, it would be best
for him to leave, coz Thais back each other up. Something I don’t understand either, coz I would not help a farung guy who is in troubles with a Thai guy, just coz we share the same nationality. But that’s another matter.

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