Stickman Readers' Submissions December 28th, 2004

She Is Only Doing Her Job

By Ross Uk

I sponsored a Thai girl for two years and then she dumped me. For a time I was confused and broken hearted. A Thai friend of mine told me that she was only doing her job, she also told me that she continued to go with customers, even though she was engaged
to a Farang, because that was her job. I have also known an Indonesian woman who worked in the Jakarta sex industry 13 years ago, she also told me that my Thai girlfriend was only doing her job. Yes, my Thai girlfriend was selling her pussy and
her love for money. In my case, she was selling me the girlfriend experience, I am too old for pussy, if I take Viagra then I shall probably die.

A lot of confusion about bargirls can be avoided if you realise that they are prostitutes who sell sex for money, that is their job. They do it very well because prostitution in BKK is not like it is in the West. In Nevada you can go to the chicken ranch
or in London to some shady road or you pay a LOT of money for an escort (in London 11,000 Baht an hour). BKK is still one of the cheapest places on the planet for pussy.

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If you are a horny young man visiting LOS just for sex, then no problem, you love them, you pay them and you leave them. No problem. You do not give them your email address and mobile phone number. You have! Oh shit. You poor bastard. Yes, been there
done that.

The problem arises when you take this seriously. You either fall in love with the girl and want to marry her or you pity her and want to rescue her. In the latter two cases a broken heart is the likely outcome. Or you have had a nice holiday romance and
you want to keep in touch, you contact her and then she reels you in. "Honey I miss you", "You are the best", " I am lonely without you" and then "My mother is ill", and "Can you send me money honey".
Yes, she even knows how to send you a Yahoo greeting card. Remember, she is just doing her job. Yes, I have been through this fucking shit, yes, I know what you are going through.

By now you have read Stickman, you have read all the horror stories. But you think "mine is different". Careful my friend, I also thought the same "mine is different", no she is only doing her job.

Yes they will lie to you and tell you that you have a good heart, despite your large belly, the truth is that they have bills to pay. It is an illusion, but most of us guys welcome the illusion. It is better than a copy of "Men Only", that is
the ultimate illusion. I think most of us prefer the real thing to a "paper" illusion. Most of us prefer a "real" woman to the woman of our fantasies. Actually my fantasy woman is better than the real thing.

They will also sell you the "girlfriend experience" (GFE) for money. If you fall for a girl and send her regular money then you become her sponsor and you get the GFE on your return to BKK. When you arrive in BKK she stops working in bar and
becomes your girlfriend. She is acting out a role and you are paying her to act for you. You have become her sponsor, and she will put on an act for you, including becoming your fiancée. That does not mean that she leaves the bar after you
return to Farangland because that is her job.

If you sponsor a girl to leave the bar, no my friend, she will still be in the bar, she has to earn a living, it is her job. As soon as you leave she will be back in the bar with her friends, eating Isaan food. And she will go to a hotel with another
farang because that is her job.

She will lie to you so that you continue to sponsor her. Thailand is an honour and shame society whereas the West is a guilt and shame society. If she has a sponsor it gives her honour i.e. status and multiple sponsors gives her more status. If she lies
to you she does not lose honour, in fact if she is a good liar she gets more honour. Remember that if you sponsor a bargirl you are buying the GFE i.e. the illusion of love. Now I accept that for many older guys the illusion of love is better
than no love at all.

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If the girl has multiple sponsors then God help you. She may dump you when a better paying sponsor is in town. It happened to me.

In the West prostitutes have pimps, the same is true in Thailand. A pimp can be a boyfriend, a husband or even drugs. But mostly the pimp is the family, these make the best pimp, the bar girl brings the family money and they get rewarded, if they do not
bring in the money then the family deny them the affection and acceptance they crave.

If she speaks good English, then she knows the system and she will know how to play you. You should consider her guilty until proven innocent. Unlike in the West, when you are innocent until proven guilty. In the West you give your woman the benefit of
the doubt, she goes with the same rules that you do. It is not the same in LOS, two cultures come together, and they are not the same, she is only doing her job. If you are past your sell by date and have a big belly and she tells you that she
loves you, she is only doing her job, she is in it for the money. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is. But my friend enjoy it, enjoy the illusion of love, just as I did.

Whatever you think, remember that she is in it for the money. When the money runs out so does the love and the sex.

Remember, if you come to BKK she is in it for the money, that is her job.

One of the reasons Mr Stick might succeed in his marriage to Mrs. Stick is that she is not a Buddhist. At least Mr Stick does not have to put up with all that garbage… Good luck Stick.

Anyway, I wish most of you well… (not all, because there are many weirdoes out there, and you make Dana to be a decent human being, thanks Dana for your kind replies to my submissions.)

I do not give a shit about being politically correct, I prefer truth. I look forward to your politically correct crap. By the way I am not anonymous.

My Indonesian girlfriend of 13 years told me not to take Viagra because I might die, she is 38 and still a stunner, she is hot in bed. I guess that she might love me because she does not want me to die in the sack. OK, she probably loves me for my money,
but I understand that. She also told me that my BKK girlfriend was only doing her job, even though she hurt me.

Anyway, guys if you are horny and want sex, then in LOS it is cheap and available. Yes the cheapest sex on the planet. It is an adult Disney World. But if you are looking for friendship, or love or for a wife, then please be careful. I was only looking
for "the girlfriend experience", I still got burned.

I know that it is difficult to find sex or love in the West, maybe some of us will find the real thing while others find the substitute, I hope you have the wisdom to know the difference.

Yes, she is only doing her job. She sells her body for sex or friendship.

Welcome to Thailand, the Land of Smiles, it is all bullshit… but I hope you know the difference.

Stickman's thoughts:

Solid advice.

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