Stickman Readers' Submissions December 31st, 2004

Sending Money To Your Girl

For those of you who read my last submission there was a time when I was quite a regular on the bar circuit in Bangkok. This was obviously before I met my wife, and I can assure you as soon as we began having any sort of meaningful relationship that caper
abruptly ended. I quite like my bollocks where they are.

Anyway, as a result I got told quite a few interesting stories, most of which were centered around us, the farang. Here is just one of them which, at the time, was quite an eye opener. I’m older now though.

He Clinic Bangkok

I once met this girl called Poot, a major looker. I met her in Bottoms up in Nana Plaza. We got on well and that night “did the deed”. I used to see her a few times from then on and we would talk about usual stuff, you know,
“How long you stay here?” What you do for work?” “you have girlfriend”? and so on and so forth. One time we got on to money and how much she made. She told me she made a bare minimum of 2500 dollars per month…what!
Yes, 2500 dollars per month and that was not including what she made when she was working, and this girl worked a lot.

How did she make 2500 dollars? Well, she had a guy from the UK sending her 500 dollars a month, another guy from Switzerland sending her 500 dollars a month and three guys from the states sending her 500 dollars a month!!!! Holy Shit… did she do
it? All will be revealed….

Her method for meeting sponsors was basically the same. She would target an old, quite ugly farang, never a young fit looking guy. Why was this? Well, she knew fine that a young guy has most likely had great sex before, has been well looked
after before and could easily attain these goals again if he so desired. So, for this guy to get hit on is no big deal. Been there, done that sort of thing.

CBD bangkok

Enter the old fat ugly geezer who has most likely been never been married, or at best has been married to a frigid horror. The same geezer has probably always been treated like shit by girls back home and at best has scored a couple of drunken
rides once every couple of years before marrying the above mentioned horror. So, give this bloke unlimited great sex, tell him he has a good heart, tell him your not interested in looks (bollocks, all women the world over are), tell him how bad
your “job” is and how much you hate it. Add in a sick father and dreams of hair college or a small hair salon and bingo….one hooked sponsor.

When I asked her if she was looking for anymore guys to fleece she said “Oh no, too much work!!”

“What does that mean”? I asked.

Well, almost every day she goes to an internet café at around 5.00pm to check all her emails and send back the relevant replies. She then has to send text messages, answer calls etc etc. She has told her harem to call her at around 5.30ish
as that’s when she finishes “college”. Once all that’s taken care of she posts some letters then goes for some well deserved grub before she starts her shift. Also, she has long term plans to consider. By this I mean
she has to arrange for holidays / meetings at different times and has to watch out for any overlaps.

wonderland clinic

She also has 2 mobile phones. One for her “boyfriends” and one for local calls and fresh meat.

Her only sacrifice seems to be the fact that she actually has to meet her sponsors and “have a good time”. She hates going on holidays because this inevitably means beaches, swimming, sunbathing. The 3 things she hates most
because she is light skinned and like all light skinned Asians hates being out in the sun. Not so for the dark skinned Isaan rice pickers.

While I’m on the subject of Isaan women….who coined the phrase “Isaan beauty?” Is that not like saying “tall dwarf” or “round square”?

You may think this is an isolated case? Not at all. Most of Poot’s friends are at it and some make even more money. Poot had quite a laugh to herself when she told me the time one of her friends got caught out when she sent an email message to
the wrong guy. Has this been a major blow to her source of income? “Oh no, plenty more man” came the reply.

Back in the days I used to find it very strange when I would go into a place where there were ship wrecks everywhere surrounded by women and I was basically ignored. This was until I was told the reason behind the madness ;

– Young good looking guys = Short time only, no commitment. Laughs and fuck offs very possible when pressed for long term romance, sending of money. General lightsome and carefree attitude. No good for rapidly maturing bargirl approaching
30. Butterflies, bad people the lot of them.

– Old deformed guys = Gagging for commitment, want to commit, sees a long term beautiful future, even the toilet attendant has potential. Bald head shows wisdom. Whale like gut shows good rich lifestyle. Facial hair is a sign of luck. Shorts,
sandals and a stretched vest a smart yet casual dress choice. Good hearts every single one of them.
Guys, if you have been mad / desperate enough to get involved with a bargirl and are sending her money etc etc, check to see what time her
emails / text messages were sent at. I bet the vast majority of them were sent early evening time, and I would also bet that’s what time you have arranged the majority of phone calls and text messages. Try getting a hold of her at around
10 to 11 pm Bangkok time and while you’re at it, see if you can fly.

Take a look in the mirror. You are what you are. Please be aware if you have a face like a Patpong beggar, breath like a soi dogs ring piece and enough skin to cover the Millennium Dome then bargirls will go for you,

Why? Because you have a good heart of course, and more than likely a better wallet.

P.S. Poot worked in Bottoms Up, in Nana Plaza, circa 2002. Don’t know if it is still called that or not.

Stickman's thoughts:

From my experience, just as many young guys are sending money as old guys. In fact, the older guys who have been around longer tend to know the score a lot better than the young guys who have yet to "live" and seem to take it much harder when things go bad, or when they find out that they're merely one of many…

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