Stickman Readers' Submissions December 13th, 2004

40 Days And 40 Nights

OK Stick, I have been reading your website religiously for the past few years, and always wanted to make a contribution. After reading your banner about requests for stories about sexual enhancement drugs, I now feel inspired to write.

I am a 35 year old male from Bermuda, and I have been visiting The Land of Smiles at least 7 to 8 times a year since 1998. I’ve played the bargirl game, but managed never to get caught in any of the usual traps. All in all, my experience
in the LOS has been fun and productive.

He Clinic Bangkok

So here’s my story: a few months ago, I visited Bangkok with a friend. It was his first visit to LOS. Growing bored of the nightlife, I decided to tray something unusual: There was a hit movie earlier this year (I think) called “Forty
Days and Forty Nights” the star (I don’t remember is name) had a very active sexual life, and vowed not have sex for 40 days and nights. The whole comedy is based on everyone trying to entrap him to break his vow…

After arriving Bangkok, I had an idea. If I could spend 10 days and nights in Bangkok without sex, it’s at least like spending 40 days and nights in America. What a great idea! I can test my willpower! I can take my friend to all of
the tourist attractions, let him sample the nightlife, and get some work and rest for a change back in my hotel room…

So everything’s going as planned; the first 3 nights, we visit various attractions in Bangkok by day, Nana and Soi 33 by night, everyone asking me “why you not take lady?” but I’m having so much fun just watching
my friend fall in love with LOS. On the forth day, we visit Chiang Mai, I take my friend to a massage parlor, he has fun and I wait. We hit the bars at night, he takes 2 ladies, and I find an old girlfriend, who goes back to the hotel with me,
but we just talk and cuddle all night. No sex. I’m feeling really great! I have a lot of self control…

CBD bangkok

We’re now on day 7. Shopping in the market in Chiang Mai, my driver buys me some kind of egg crepe from a street vendor. I really didn’t want to eat it (still not a fan of street food – except fruits) but I ate it anyway.
Shortly thereafter, my tonsils became inflamed, and after returning to Bangkok that afternoon, I take some antibiotics.

That night, I was determined to show my friend Soi Cowboy, so I was now feeling slightly better, and we made our way for a tour of that Soi. Since it was early, my plan was to bar hop, so he could get an overview of the Soi. The first bar
that we stopped in was a small bar in the middle of the Soi. We sat down, and two girls approached; nothing special, mine was friendly, so when asked, I agreed to buy her a cola. I’m also drinking colas. The bar is kinda dead, and as we
begin to leave, the most beautiful girl walked into the bar. She was the welcome girl. Ha-ha! Someone’s got my fancy! I immediately made space for her, and invited her over for a drink. The other girl senses a lost cause and leaves. We
talked, her English was marginal (good sign), and I sense a connection.

She asked “why you only drink cola?” I tell her of my vow of no boom boom and no booze (I added that one for fun) for 10 days and I am now on day 7. She seemed extremely curious why I would make such a pledge, and we talked for a while.
She was real fun. After a bit I said “but you could make me break my vows.” She smiled and said “really?” I said “yes”.

So we’re off to my room, and I’m infatuated. After the formalities, we’re in bed, and she sits on top of me and smiles. I asked her “why you smile?” she replies, “When I go with customer, I never
have orgasm. Some how I know you make me come!” Daunting words. I am a red blooded male, who’s made many a woman happy. Many times. My body is now full of antibiotics, and week. And I haven’t had sex in almost 3 weeks…..A
recipe for disaster…The inevitable happened; I was finished in 3 minutes! Some kinda record for me. <Yeah, anything over 2 and a half is a bonusStick> I can still see the disappointment on her face as she said”
you finit already?” I said “give me a few minit, and we go again.” With those parting words, I fell asleep, only to be awoken some time later from my most peaceful sleep of the trip, my disappointed girl, who said “I
go now”. I’m still too weak to do anything and my manhood and self esteem is at stake, I gave her some money, and promised to take her to dinner tomorrow night and meet her sexual demands.

The next day, my friend and I are out and about all day, and around 6pm, still not feeling 90% of my usual self, for the first time in my life, I considered sexual enhancement drugs. I stopped by the pharmacist and bought a pack of Penagra.
Went back to my room and researched the internet for side effects. Cut a pill in half, and armed with my Penagra, my friend and I headed off to Soi Cowboy to get our dinner dates.

wonderland clinic

Throughout dinner, I could still sense the disappointment, almost disrespect, from my girl. I took the Penagra after dessert, and we left the restaurant for a walk back to our hotel. As we walked by a bar, my friend’s girl wanted to
stop inside for a drink. I’m already feeling an extension in my pants and want to get back to my room. So we compromise. We stop for a quick beer and then head back to our hotel. For some reason, I’m at full throttle by the time
I get back to the hotel.

Now this time, after the formalities, she was happy several times, and now she had difficulties keeping up with me. So I amended my vow. I would only sleep with ONE girl on this trip: still a significant achievement for me. And every night,
for the rest of my trip, I armed myself with Penagra. I now refer to her as my “Pengra Girl”. And she’s still beautiful.

I must say that it started to become somewhat additive. But I’ve given it up now. It’s a crutch that I don’t need…hopefully for many many years to come.

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