Stickman Readers' Submissions December 14th, 2004

Gina Is Back (Or The Return Of Jennifer Lopez)

Sylvia Kouchina, a gorgeous Italian movie star, was once asked to define a beautiful woman. She said: “Being beautiful is to walk into a room naked and make the man remember you for the rest of his life”.

Indeed, over the years (and I ain’t a kid no more) I kept that remark in store, realizing too often what a smart observation it was. In fact, if you wish, you may well draw inferences to many other, unrelated aspects of life.

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Over a year ago, while visiting Bangkok, I decided to visit a club I had heard so much about from many folks on the internet: The Eden Club, located on Sukhumvit 7/1. I was a bit apprehensive as I took that five-minute walk from my Nana hotel,
trying to imagine how did the place look like. As I walked into the club I suddenly felt a strange transformation: the sight of the many lovely maidens standing and sitting in the bar ready to accommodate your (“diversified”) wishes,
with the dim lovely red décor serving as an ornament to the emotional setting gave me a thrill. I truly felt like a boy in a candy store.

As I glanced at the various ladies I noted a sweet looking girl (incredibly resembling that famous movie star, Jennifer Lopez), who happened to be my type. I asked her for her name: Gina. Not a typical Thai name, I thought then and confirmed
that she “belonged” to the left side of the yellow line. To you, newbie, still ignorant of this essential Thai landmark, please let me explain.

The Eden club provides a wide range of services basically divided into two: the first is a 90-minute session with two ladies on location, with the second being a long-term take-out for the night. The detailed services provided by each girl
are outlined on restaurant-like menus provided to each customer yet one service is limited strictly to the ladies sitting on the left side of a yellow line that runs on the wall facing the bar and dividing the ladies into two groups.

Gina was not yet booked for the evening so I decided to barfine her LT for the night. I paid the fee and we walked out.

Now, a lot has been said on Stickman regarding that special Thai feeling transmitted to us vulnerable farang men and I presume that unless you have visited Thailand and experienced it yourself it would simply be impossible to depict it in
words. The same applies right here. Believe me that I’ve been around and in general can describe myself as quite a cynical guy (lad / mate for you dear British and Aussie cousins of this undersigned Yankee) yet when I walked out the club
with Gina and she took my hand in a gesture not experienced since my teenage years I felt an electrical charge going through my body (and heart, yes, there too). Holy, gee, I reflected that second: is any wonder that so many folks fall for this
transmitted warmth?

We walked to my hotel holding hands like two kids and, that being my first night in Bangkok, injected feelings of well being and immense happiness.

What followed was one of the most beautiful nights of my life. Gina was so willing, so accommodating and so warm, literally making me melt away. Not once did I hear “I no like this”, not once a mention of “This I no do”.
An entire evening just turning into a dream-come-through.

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In the morning we had breakfast in the hotel and, later, since it was raining heavily, I offered to pay her for a cab. Now guess what: she refused! I was stunned. “Is this Thailand?!” I wondered. I subsequently learned that
she simply complied with the Eden rules. This club, which is so sensitive to customer service, maintains strict rules designed to avert any rip-offs (“I live 30km from Bangkok…taxi only 1,000 baht”).

Gina left and I went on with my other plans that included a long stay in Pattaya. During that three-week adventure I did, as you realize, engage many TGs both in Bangkok and Pattaya hence – at that time – not thinking too much about Gina.

The vacation was over and I returned home and this is when “trouble” started. I suddenly realized what impact that beautiful and charming lovely lady had on me: I simply couldn’t get her out of my mind. To alleviate the
problem somewhat I placed her picture (dressed, mind you) on my computer so I could watch her during working hours as well. Her smile served as a natural tranquilizer for me when tension ran high during my nine-to-five. Interestingly, as I subsequently
compared her picture with that of Jennifer Lopez I concluded without any hesitation that Gina is by far prettier and more attractive than that famous movie star (somehow I believe that Gina’s sexual performance outshines Jennifer Lopez
as well).

Towards my last trip to LOS (this last September) I contacted Marc, Eden’s manager, and inquired if I could book Gina again but was told, to my dismay, that she had married one of Eden’s customers. Need I describe my disappointment?
But, then, on second thought, I admitted that this outcome was much better for her personally. I blessed her in my heart and wished her all the best.

During my last trip I (naturally) visited Eden again, took another lady LT and, as usual with the club’s maiden, immensely enjoyed her; however, Gina’s picture seemed to hover around at all times.

The other day I receive an email from Marc, informing me that Gina is back. I couldn’t believe it but it was a fact. Now, I’ve already booked my flight and made the hotel reservations for my next trip scheduled for September
2005. The only problem is: how can I wait that long before holding Gina in my arms again.

Yes, Gina is back, and the city of Bangkok is so much nicer these days.

Stickman's thoughts:

Maybe she will get married next year too?!

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