Stickman Readers' Submissions December 10th, 2004

Leaving Thailand

I have noticed lately that there has been more than one mention of people leaving Thailand, and as one mentioned, possibly to leave and never come back, well this is all well and good if folks are quite sure that they will be going to a much better place
to live, and where their life will all round be much better, but I would highly recommend that anyone planning to leave Thailand had better check out his future promised land very well in every way shape and form before he packs his bags and burns
his bridges, or possibly to leave Thailand with everything open to return if desired.

I for one would be happy to take my chances with living in Thailand, I know that everything is not perfect, however it could easily be a better place to live than the USA. The USA is no longer a good and wonderful place to live, it positively
is not a free country, it is a 2 party socialist country at best. I remember when I was in school my social studies teacher Wendell Thornton was telling us about Nazi Germany and its citizens being encouraged to inform anything and everything
on their friends and neighbors to the police. Well that is exactly what is happening in the good old USA today, we positively live in a police state and it will not get any better, what else can you call it when your own child can call the police,
and have his own dad is thrown in jail for child abuse without a shred of evidence of wrong doing.

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The police in this country are not any better than they are anywhere else, possibly even worse, the police are not even to be believed, they are a bunch of liars that are for sure not to be trusted or believed. They will lie, twist and distort to attempt
to make a case look better for them. I know some folks back in Massachusetts that are having a terrible time with their 14 year old kid, he has been in trouble constantly for the past 2 years, finally dad got sick of all this and threatened to
kick the kid's ass all over the place if he didn't wake up. Well the kid went to his room and called the department of social services, who in turn called the police. When the police came to the house they arrested dad, without a mark,
or even a scratch on the kid, but they proceeded to arrest dad anyway, they took him off of his own property in handcuffs, then the guy had to get bailed out, well guess where the kid got the phone number for social services, it was on a bookmark
given out by the school to all the kids, yes they were encouraged to turn in their parents if they had any information about any wrong doing by them, also social services talked with the kid at court and told the kid to contact them right away
if dad says anything out of the way to him.

This was a good and decent family that had never been in any trouble in the past, not even so much as a traffic ticket, but now this decent guy now has a criminal record for child abuse, yes verbal remarks are considered child abuse, the
case was continued without a finding for a year, which means the guy is on unsupervised probation for a year, and if he does not get into any problems with the law within the next year, everything goes away, he could have gone to trial and had
the case dismissed, but he had already given the lawyer 4000.00 dollars, and the lawyer wanted another 8000.00 if it went to trial, as hard as some might find it to believe, this is a 100% true story, also it might be mentioned that 4000.00 is
not easy to come by, never mind 8000.00, don't ever think that justice is cheap here, it is what you can afford, and if they find you innocent, they don't give you any reimbursement for legal expenses <unlike ThailandStick>.

Now let's get into divorce and child support here in the good old USA. If you have a kid, you better plan on staying married at least until the kid or kids are 18 years of age, because this is a country where the women rule, if you have
been ordered to pay child support, they can take away anything that you have in order to get money out of you, your home, your property, your savings, nothing is sacred here, these rotten women and the judges and court systems will just fuck you
to death, and there is no such thing as justice in the justice system, I have a good friend in California that is making very good money, so it's a case here of the more you make, the more they take, my friend has to pay 1500.00 a month for
child support for 2 kids, more than half of what he makes and he never even gets to see his money and mail the cunt a check, they take it right out of his pay check for his old lady, prior to his getting divorced, the wife was very high up in
hospital administration at the Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, she has since faked being ill as a result of the divorce and dropped a couple of notches at work so my friend will get screwed even worse and have to pay even more money, prior
to his divorce, the fat pig he was married to made more than him, but now that doesn't count. Also I wonder how many people know that here in the good old USA that if you owe child support, even if you just happen to be unemployed and cannot
pay, they will revoke your professional license if you have one, for example a plumber or electrician etc, and they will even revoke your drivers license, they don't give a shit if you can afford it or not, go rob a fucking bank if that is
what it takes, pay your child support, BTW, some states have a law that requires you to pay the child support up to age 22 if the kid decides to go to college, I agree that a man should be willing to support his children, but doesn't the
wife have an obligation other than spreading her legs, and should the courts be able to take so much that a man has to live in a shack and eat beans and hot dogs.

I don't know how other westernized countries are, but if they are anything like the good old USA, give me Thailand any day, there is one thing that I do find real scary about Thailand though is the cops right to make you piss in a bottle for a drug
test, I personally don't use drugs, although I see nothing wrong with a little ganja once in a while, but what is to say that the cop switches the bottles by accident, or maybe not by accident, and aren't these drug laws in Thailand
now mostly a result of the USA telling the Thais what to do if they don't want their aid turned off, I don't know, just a guess, I do know that after Bill and hilarious visited Thailand that the prostitution laws changed soon afterwards.
I realize that a big percentage of the prostitution in Thailand is in order to support families, and I must give the Thai ladies lots of credit, they really do take care of the families.

The USA is just as crooked and corrupt as any other country, and probably more so than others, the payoffs are just bigger and the secrets are better kept, hell no I am not proud to be an American anymore.

My first trip to Thailand was some time around 12 years ago, and it has changed drastically since, I really love Thai culture and the laid back ways, and I embrace Buddhism, I feel much safer on the streets of Bangkok than most cities here,
it is a terrible shame to see such a wonderful country changing so much, and so fast, when I saw you in May I went to Lao for a day shortly afterwards, I was happy to see that Lao was such a laid back and wonderful place, I wish I had more time
to spend there, it's nice to see a place that has not been westernized, no McDonalds, Burger King and other shit food to make you fat and unhealthy, I do not believe that the western ways are necessarily the best ways, although I am totally
against communism, Lao has positively done something right.

One thing I think is better in Western countries is social security, but with all your talents Stick, I think you would do well even if you stay in Thailand and save some money, I hope you move up to Chiang Mai, that is where I spend 95%
of my time while in Thailand, it's a wonderful place and I love it.

Stickman's thoughts:

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This was originally sent to me as an email and then the author gave permission for it to be run as a submission. America sounds positively scary these days.

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