Stickman Readers' Submissions September 8th, 2004

Black Magic

I have been to Thailand a number of times now and have progressed, in my eyes at least, from a wide eyed newbie, to someone who at least sees the rip off coming. Two visits ago whilst at a friend’s bar, he introduced me to a lovely girl who had
just started in the job (this info came from my friend, the bar owner, not her). It was the last couple of days of my holiday, and although I barfined her, and she stayed at my hotel, it was strictly platonic. For background purposes, there is
7 years in our age difference and we spent the majority of the night passing a translation dictionary between us. Off I am dragged back to the hell of wet and windy England (yes it was the summer!) and the now well known story of swapped e-mails
ensues. No declarations of undying love, no pleas for money for sick Uncle, cousin, mother, water buffalo etc. just e-mails between friends talking about mutual friends, interests and everyday occurrences.

After the eternity of two full months, I am back. Things pick up from where they were left and progress. Those expecting lurid details can look elsewhere, but suffice to say progression was most enjoyable. During the Buddhist equivalent of
Lent (I think) when all the bars were shut, off we go with a number of friends, including children, to Hua Hin and for the first time in a while I feel like half of a couple – and having been married I don't mean that the bedroom athletics
stopped and we argued constantly!! A very enjoyable two weeks starts to come to an end and I start to think about what salesmen call closure. I don't love this girl, though I am very fond of her. If I lived in Thailand, perhaps something
could happen but that is not possible until I reach my late 40's which thankfully – or perhaps not? – is still some way away. I can then retire from my Government job with a lump sum, which if I had my 30 years in today runs about 7,500,000
baht and monthly income of 90,000 baht.

He Clinic Bangkok

Anyway, I sit her down and tell her that I won't be returning for at least 9 months, and that I have not, would not and never will send money to a girl – thanks to all those submitting stories in the past for this one!. She is fine with this and
says we were friends before anything happened and she is happy to carry on this way. Still no mention of the big 'L' word. So off I go back to Farangland, no broken heart and no rash promises to be broken. I have been back for about
2 months now and the e-mails and phone calls are fairly regular. Since hearing the cost of phone calls from me to her, she now insists on calling me as she says it is much cheaper – go figure!

Anyway, now the 'Black Magic' part. I had an e-mail from her in the last few days, which is just the norm. Then I see those words that prompted this missive

"Please don't worry, I never think do black magic for you love me. But now I know you have enough charming to make me love you so I not do black magic".

Excuse me!!!. WTF!!!. I know Thais are superstitious and I have read enough on your website to know about their beliefs in ghosts, ghouls, spectres or whatever you want to call them – but BLACK F*ING MAGIC!!. No-one mentioned this before.
I don't recall seeing it on your site and I am pretty sure I would remember if something like that was in any of the glossy brochures. Rip me off? Fine – I am just a stupid rich farang. But little dolls and needles are not part of this particular

CBD bangkok

Now as much as I like this girl, I am in two minds whether to stay in contact or not. When I return to Thailand, I was expecting to see her. Is this harmless stuff like dolls and needles or can I expect love potions containing God knows what
to be slipped into my Heineken? I would be most grateful to have your expert guidance on the matter – or anyone’s for that matter. Failing all else, I could forward her Dana's details and she can experience what really weird is!!!!

Stickman’s thoughts:

Nah, I wouldn’t worry about the black magic thing too much. You sometimes hear about Thais from the provinces that border Cambodia, particularly Buriram for some reason, and how black magic is practiced there and how some Thais are sacred of it, but frankly, I think you have little to worry about.

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