Stickman Readers' Submissions September 9th, 2004

How Far Can They Go?

By P

Recently got into your website and found it quite interesting to read about the similarities of fates of people entering into a Farang / Thai relationship.

”She” was “different”….”she” never asked “any money”…the end has been documented numerous times. Do not want to add another story….my experience would be pretty
much the same. Though I still know about relationships that seem to work (only a few) and surely do not want to blame now any party on either side…(basically I only blame myself for my stupidity in my case)

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Just want to add some information that might be useful for some who are tricked into the impression that “she is different” and “he” is “someone “special to her”

That was where I was fooled and I would just like to share the experience.

I basically trapped in for the first time, when I was invited into the village. Respecting very much the Thai character of high “family values” I thought, that would be an “honor” for “special people”
only. Well, to that point some people might know already, that it does not mean anything special necessarily (I did not by that time).

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I was completely convinced that I am someone “special” when I was asked to come and see the father who was dying of cancer that time. After arranging some expert checks in a Bangkok hospital, it came clear that not much could
be done – they finally decided to bring him back to the village. I was asked to visit him – I was told that would make him feel good, if a farang with some experience about his disease comes trying to comfort. Sure I felt very “special”
by that time. It would have been fine with me if ever it would have helped the Dad to talk with a farang on this subject or giving face to whomever in this show……but since money was involved throughout the game, (and of course “fake”
feelings) the rationale of all this seemed to be more than Dad’s comfort and giving face to someone.

Well …the scam came out pretty soon and I stopped this theatre immediately.

Numerous guys have been brought to the village and some of them also to comfort dying father…and, of course, leaving some financial support each time.

The lady now drives a big car and has built a nice new house in Bangkok.

The point I want to make:

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1) Being introduced to the family in the village does not necessarily mean much.

2) It can go even that far, that a dying Dad is used to make you feel you are “special” and boil you soft to give some extra money.

3) No bad feeling on the lady’s side or any of the family about all that it seemed.

I am sure this is not a common practice in Thailand – I am still convinced, that in spite of all attempts to do many strange things for money, that this was an unusual case.

But I hope it just helps some guys to be able to reflect a bit better, what makes them believe that they are “someone special”….some girls are really prepared to go far…beyond the limit I guess.

I still do not accept the “saving face” story – there is not much unique, folkloristic “Thai” values in that. Sure, no one, not in the East and the West, likes to look stupid. However, freaking out in case
one gets caught has not much to do with a unique Asian focus on “keeping face” – but more with an inability to cope with and admit a personal mistake.

I still think Thailand is a reasonable place, but it is not a paradise. And it will take a lot to convince me that there is any superiority of Thai values over Western world values.

Stickman’s thoughts:

If indeed the dying Dad was used to try and get money out of guys, then that I truly sick. I wonder if the old boy had any idea of what was going on around him?

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