Stickman Readers' Submissions November 24th, 2003

Mia And Khan

By 40 year old Brit

To cut a long story short I met her (call her Mia) working in a bar in Hong Kong, when her contract ended she moved back home, where I supported her, (paid for a landline telephone, called different times mostly night time so I had some idea where she was). Had stayed in her town with her family where there was absolutely no nightlife (and 9 PM seemed to be the bedtime for all).

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Though I wanted to live with her, I never wanted to marry her (in case it all went wrong, she was 29 years old, me 40). But felt over the moon when the embassy gave her a visa for 6 months to come to England thinking we were to marry. So next day back to her town, where she packs her suitcase and says goodbye to family and friends. I am standing there suitcase in hand ready to walk to the road where we can get a ride back to the capital. Then she walks back into her house to talk to her 20 year old brother (her father left years ago) and tells me he needs 200,000 baht to look after her 7 year old daughter in case she not come back. I explain that I will send money ever month like before, no they want 200,000 baht. I say no way and will go back by myself, OK OK he says just 100,000 baht. This makes me more angry now (because all this happens in the space of 5 minutes with no guarantee they would not want more at the airport). I ask her what she is going to do. She decides to stay where she is.

I go back to the capital, stay there 4 weeks and butterfly every night. Anyway, one night I meet a sweet and beautiful girl called Khan who has some excellent ways of making me forget my problems and calls me everyday in England. 2 months later Mia (the 1st girl) calls me in England wishing me happy birthday and asks when I am coming back. I say Christmas and spend one week with her on one of the islands, but am glad to make an excuse and get to be with Khan (though the sex with Mia is hard to beat). I return to LOS again the next May where I arrange for Mia to come and see me. This time she says no because she is ashamed, when asked why, her story is she goes to a party one night, gets drunk and gets pregnant, but the next day she turns up at the hotel and still gives an excellent effort in the bed big belly or not (with no money changing hands).

I have been back 7 or 8 times in the last two years, still having sex with Mia for 3or 4 days each time with no mention of money except for her bus ride. The hurt when she let me go back to England alone I find hard to remember and now just enjoy her company before moving on to the next girl. If I tried sum all this up would I would say do not get involved to deep with one girl, keep one eye on how much their are costing you (money and emotion). Remember we are the ones with money in our pockets, have a better education and hopefully more wisdom from our advanced years. Enjoy their youth and cheap sex. And, remember you have thousands to choose from, and do not let them control the situation. You should be the BOSS.

Stickman says:

While you cannot control them, you have to remain in control of the situation yourself. Good advice at the end.

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