Stickman Readers' Submissions November 21st, 2003

No Sex Please

By No Name Hong Kong

What I would like to talk about here is prostitution and sex industry with Thailand as the background.

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I have only been to Thailand once, and that was in 2001. It was on a short tour with a tour group. We spent two days in Bangkok and two days in Pattaya. In Bangkok, we saw the shemale show. It was OK. It was not porno and outrageous at all, but the guide told us there are other shemale shows that are more porno. In Pattaya, our hotel was located a block from the beach waterfront. There are many bars around town. At night, I guess that is the time when the naughty sex scene appears. Walking along the beach, I could see a lot of goings among the sex tourists, girls in the TRADE, etc. It is not a pretty sight to me. It is somewhat disgusting.

I am still a male virgin at 44. Sure, the temptation of sex always exists anywhere. Doesn't any healthy man wants to have sex, the best sex he has ever wanted? What if there is no unpleasant consequence (AIDS, string and tie, police after you, etc.)? It is just natural for a man / woman to have sex, even with a prostitute. That is the main reason why prostitute exists. However, to hope that there is a chance that the experience of paying visit to a prostitute can be good is just mere wishful thinking. The nature of the trade makes it easy to tie with many sorts of crime. If one stays at the scene for long, inevitably he will meet some unpleasant things. If one stays in the scene long enough, one will suck into it and ruin oneself. So lately, I have made up my mind not to lose my virginity to a prostitute. That means I have decided not to have sex with prostitute, not even practice unsafe sex too.

Thailand is not a rich country. It has a large population and little natural resources. Most of its GNP comes from farm products. Manufacturing and trade, services are not much there. How about tourist trade then? Sex trade does boost it a bit, but does one really want a country to prosper from sex tourism? Well, whether from the point of view of a foreigner or local, I would rather like a country prosper without relying on such trade.
It makes the country pitiful and despiteful.

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What about regulating the sex industry? Some countries have done so with varying degree of success. I agree it is better to regard it as a service rather than other things else. Regulating the sex industry has more pros than cons to make it worthwhile, and it is not always impractical to implement.

What I still have doubt in mind is the mentality of accepting prostitution in our society. By regulating the sex industry, the government and that means the people have accepted it as a healthy part of their society. Will people have such good self-discipline that they will not indulge themselves in sex by using such service? Should married people use the service? Yes, I am pretty liberal in this matter. For example, I believe people who unfortunately got raped should not necessary kill themselves or let such event ruin their life. I also believe we don't need to beat ourselves up after we have paid visit to prostitute sometimes. Much has been discussed on the moral side of prostitution. My current stand is better not doing it than sorry later for both physical and mental health reasons. Think about this, you might think that you are a moral person with an open mind. You won't mind your love mate (husband or wife) has pre-marital sex experience. However, are you sure there will not be a sting in your mind if find out your love mate has used prostitute service before?

Stickman says:

It is times like this that some people should be glad that this is not a message board or discussion forum where replies are possible. Man, I can guarantee the sort of replies you'd get!

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