Stickman Readers' Submissions September 29th, 2003

When The Tables Are Turned Part 2

I wrote a piece back in May this year…it’s the very first one on this new page, it was just a simple story of my first trip to the LOS. I stated at the end I would let everyone know if the Thai lady in question ever asked for money???

And the answer came a few weeks ago…an email, then a phone call and a few text messages…all from Kit, yes she was asking for money, but not in the way you or I would have thought a BG would ask…there was no sick animal / human, no bad debts to sort out…basically no story that would pull on your heart strings….emotional black mail…get the point! The email I received stated the following…..

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Dear Mr…and name in full…which was a bit of a worry, how did she know this…I only ever gave her my first name! They are very resourceful creatures!! Anyway, it went on to say herself and her friend have been saving up to buy a business in Pattaya, but they have fallen short by X amount of cash and could I help? She also stated that she was contacting all her old BF / male friends she had contact details for to rally some cash, no matter how small the amount given it would be gratefully received!!

At first I was shocked and well thought you cheeky bitch…I thought I was special!!! (Big smile on my face) Then I had to respect the way she had done it….no tricks just a simple request for help off all her old customers??

As you can remember from my first post I did say I would if asked make a one off payment due to the kindness shown to me by Kit during my last visit… decided that yes I would give her some money, with no strings attached……I can afford such a gesture and would feel it a bit of bad karma if I didn’t (please read the first piece and all this will be clear) I asked here via email how much she needed……It wasn’t much and to be honest the actual amount needed to take on the business was far…far more than she was asking for….so most of the fundraising had already been done it would seem… well done her!!

I suppose the point I’m trying to make is this little enterprising young girl had actually achieved something….set out a goal and gone for it…..not really the Atypical BG!! So the thought has crossed my mind what if she is telling me the truth…well I don’t care, it will never happen again and I’ve at least repaid her for her kindness from my first visit!

I have all the details of the business and will be in LOS in a week or two.. so will make a surprise visit to see how things are getting on, if as I suspect the truth has been told…I will be over the moon for her and her friend….if how ever the business is know where to be seen and Kit in the same position….well good luck to her…and all who enjoy her company in the future…for her ability to network and gather intelligence….whilst having one eye on the long game and another on your wallet is second to none!!

You have to love BG for we created them in a sense…..they are the by product of our own behaviour……just love them from a distance.

I’m going to digress slightly…….

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There really are some very strange people out in Pattaya….one such gentleman I met whilst eating in the Pig And Whistle 5 months ago, I was minding my own business tucking into my Sunday lunch…..when a guy sat down in the next booth by the window with his little teeruk, this young girl of about 19 had her head bowed looking at the table and he was trying to hold her had……she was very embarrassed and uncomfortable!! He quite openly saying to her “we get married next week” “you fly back home with me then” while he was speaking she started to look at him…..and to be honest I knew by the look she was giving him she didn’t understand a word he was saying!! I started to feel uncomfortable with the situation and just kept my head in my food wishing that I could eat faster….because I was the nearest sitting farang he had to say something to me…..(well his new found love was so struck by his charm she couldn’t say a word) This guy went on to tell me he had visited somewhere up North and met a family….the father of the family had liked him so much he wanted him to have his daughter…of course there would be a dowry to pay but for a rich farang like you that would not be a problem!!! I sat there and listened with my mouth open in disgust…….this guy was not only happy with the situation but also proud of the fact his little Isaan beauty was so young!! Oh and by the way the only reason he was there was because his wife had just passed away and this was helping him get over it!!

I left the P & W having left half my food and a terrible knot in my stomach and lump in my throat……..are these people so poor up North they sell there off spring?? I have been told not and that this was probably a one off because the family had gambling debts……but even so!! I’m coming over in a week and will make an effort to go up North and see for myself.

I don’t think I need to say anything about that farang in P & W who was so proud of his new GF but if you're reading this….you came very close that day to being taken outside and having the life kicked out of you!! Remember the big Welsh guy who just got up and walked out……..that was me!!

I don’t pretend to be an angel or whiter than snow but there are things you don’t do… of them is buy another human being, it’s called slavery and is banned pretty much all over the world!! You can hire the services of another human….but it's only for a short time and everyone has a choice!!

I would like some feedback from people who have been up North and maybe some nice places to visit would be great…

I didn’t tell this story in the first piece due to the fact I was still trying to get my head round it. I know I’m a sex tourist and that dose not give me much in the way of high ground to get all-moralistic on but I know right from wrong….why don’t other people?

Stickman says:

Yeah, parts of the North and Northeast are horribly poor. You have to get well off the beaten path, or the main highway to see the real poverty though.

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