Stickman Readers' Submissions September 30th, 2003

What Is The Thai Woman Part 2?

Noreen from Surin is a 22 year old that I met inside the Thermae while looking for Carol who has a propensity to be constantly tardy. We played phone chat for a few days as I was ironing out Carol’s intentions. We finally meet again in the middle of the day at Starbucks on Sukhumvit/Soi 5 which she did not know where it was after calling me from food land! Her friend Oprah had to walk her there! Hers is another story worth telling. She worked in a Japanese restaurant from age 16 to 19 and was essentially raped on her 18th birthday by a Japanese customer who wanted her virginity. Was then passed around to another pervert who tied her up and locked her in his room for awhile and then proceeded to do what he wished with her and paid her 10,000 baht after a few days. This same man proceeded to make her his Mia Noi as he was married and lives in Bangkok with a Thai woman. He is also Japanese. She was given an apartment and 10,000 baht allowance. This only lasted a month as he was transferred back to Japan. The past two years has been working at the Thermae and I do not understand when she tells me that she only fancies Japanese men after all the treatment that she has received from them. I would have thought that she would be forever scarred! Oprah tells me to take good care of her as she is very fragile. I take Noreen Bowling and the Movies and the general touring around town and try to get to know her better and see why she is the way she is after all the trauma she has been through. I cannot get her to talk about her family. So I fished around with Oprah and found out that her Mother who also worked in the Japanese restaurant was the one who sold her to the Japanese Man who took her virginity. It was a one night stand which disappointed her mom and she was beaten and scolded for not being able to hold on to the customer. Subsequently, fired from the restaurant. Brutality in my opinion is an understatement! And after that she was kicked out of home and that was how she ended up living with Oprah. You hear about these stories in movies but to actually meet someone is scary in terms of trying to comprehend the damage to one’s psyche! I assume Noreen can still be spotted at the Thermae.

Oprah in comparison is a shell within a shell! Thick skinned pro at age 22 that does her trade at Gulliver’s. Born and raised in Bangkok. Alcoholic and chain smoker. Probably has a violent temper judging from her scars. She has a 2 inch gash on her shoulder from a Knife fight with another girl at Dance Fever! Just knowing this outwardly symptoms makes me not want to dig deeper into the skeletons in her closet! So if you meet a gorgeous hot tempered chain smoking hard liquor drinking girl with a 2 inch gash on her shoulder at Gulliver’s, you have been warned!

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Paula from Nakon Pathom is 33 years old and owns an antique store; I met her when she had a temporary booth at Chit Lom. She had a nice write up on her at the Bangkok Post as one of the upcoming Antique dealers. Great salesperson as she sold me 20,000 baht worth of antiques. I invited her to my friend’s birthday party in a fancy Italian Hotel Restaurant and she absolutely dominated the party with her charm. Everyone told me to take her home to America. She is very independent and avoids personal conversations about herself. All I know about her is she is close to her mother. She does travel a lot all over Asia as she has to renew her passport every 5 years she says as there seems to be no more room in the pages to get stamped. That is a lot of travelling.

Trying to get a decent massage near Sukhumvit without the hanky panky getting pushed on you is sometimes difficult. This is where I met the owner Quixandra of an upscale massage place. She has very sad eyes. 32 years old from Ubon and spoke English quite well. No wonder, she was previously married and lived in California for 4 years. Got me very curious as to why she is back in Thailand. Her story is quite eye opening. She finds Americans to be the most fake and insincere people she has ever met. Her husband was an upper class executive. Thus, so are his friends. During parties she would be introduced and then ignored after being decided that she cannot hold a decent conversation. I was not told how they met. He loves her dearly but said that the relationship was not working out as she was holding him back in his climb up the corporate ladder! They did not have kids and after the divorce she just packed and headed back home. The difference between her and the western counterpart, she refused any type of compensation from him. I told her four years should warrant some type of monthly divorce settlement. No she said as if it is over it is over and besides they did not have kids. Our western girl would have surely asked for alimony! Well he is still in love with her apparently as he was the guy who financed the Massage place and bought her a condo in Bangkok. He basically set her up for life! He has since re-married and Quixandra though financially set has the saddest eyes of any Thai Lady that I have met to date. She looks twenty five and a complete stunner. She can be spotted outside her place of business smoking by the bench and daydreaming!

I met Rita at Angels Disco. She initially told me she is from Ubon and then finally when she trusted I confessed of being from Yasothon. Have 3 kids she is supporting back home and is heartbroken from Promises a California boyfriend told her that he is taking her back with him. 22 years old. Funny when I first met her she was already with a customer at 10pm and then that same night came back at 1:30am and picked up another one. I gave her the thumbs up and she laughed at me as she saw me see her do quite a good business. The following night she sees me and pulled me to the dance floor and the usual chat ensues. She asks my opinion about what I think of what she does and I answered the utmost respect as I could not do it from fear of rejection with all the competition and all if I was in her position. I told her how difficult what she does is. She tried to be a hairdresser back in Yasothon but with three mouths to feed and earning next to nothing decided to give Bangkok a shot! If you do not have connections she said it is not easy to break into it and make a decent wage. The father of her kids is the usual alcoholic womanizing story. She loves talking with me and spends a lot of evenings with me just talking and sleeping over without doing the deed so to speak as I requested that I needed rest sometimes. She is very possessive as my cell phone practically rings all hours of the night with others calling. She is constantly depressed since we met and just calls and calls’ asking me what is the matter with her calling me all the time. I asked her maybe she misses her kids back home and she should take a break and see them. She cries and hugs me telling me that I am the only person who acknowledges that she have kids that may be missing her. Every other man only wants her body and not care about her mind and feelings! She seems to desperately need affection and acceptance for who and what she is and love her and take her away from her predicament and at the same time she is constricted to trust anyone from giving in her heart as it has been broken more times than one can care to admit. The classic Bar Girl story and she is not even a bar girl as she is a freelancer. Never worked in a bar. I call her from time to time just to keep in touch but she is a complete mess every time we chat. Tells me she only has customers in life and I am just one of many. Told me to call her next time I am back in Bangkok but only after I finish with my other affairs. I guess you can be her customer if you go to Angels Disco!

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Suzy is one of the other affairs. She is 22 from Nakon Phanom. I met her at the Hollywood third floor of NEP and then she switched to Rainbow 1 downstairs. She also is the one that calls at all hours of the night. Every time I come to Bangkok she seems to just stop working cold turkey and practically gets into stalking me mode! An excuse she uses is that she is sick or taking care of her sister’s baby! We have been friends for 2 years and I am constantly asked for a commitment. I get text messages and pictures that are very flattering. She has all the physical attributes but like Rambling Richard once said “I long for decent conversation”. You cannot get that with a SE Asian woman. Suzy has the maturity of a 5 year old or maybe it’s just that I cannot speak Thai fluently enough and she has some more deep thoughts and feelings to share with me other than I want to see “Charlie’s Angels” or I want you to buy me a shirt and gold bracelet. It seems every time we are together her cell phone rings and she is trying to calm an irate girlfriend. She let’s me talk to them and nothing comes of the conversation as she snatches the phone back when they try and invite themselves over too. Suzy I think curses in Thai and call her friends crazy. I guess she is very possessive too. Now that I am not in Bangkok I assume she is still at the Rainbow.

Tina I met at the Starbucks on soi 5. She just lost her job as a marketing consultant at one of the 5 star hotels. 34 years old and has a kid and former husband from Phuket who left her to pursue his Engineering skills in another country. She didn’t really loose her job she says as they stopped paying her and her staff and when she complained of the late pay checks, they used it an excuse to fire her. I told her you can sue for that in America! She was making 25,000 baht per month setting up conventions. She is now teaching part time Thai language and I was one of her students who pay 300 baht per hour one on one sessions. The first lesson was at my place which did not work out too well as she is also attractive and well me being a man and her a woman and alone together. You get the picture! I was told I am only the third man in her life. After I told her she is not very good in bed she asked that I teach her and she will be a willing and able student. She also asked that I help her in writing emails as that is a way for her to send out her resume for more jobs. I agree but asked that the Thai lessons be done at the Starbucks so that I can actually learn how to speak Thai! She disappears after two weeks and re-appears again looking very glum. Apparently her best friend is dying of AIDS and she had to take her to the temple to spend her last days there. Her friend who was a girl was just an office worker and had ONE boyfriend and lover in her life. A Thai man! Who also just passed away. Like your typical Thai who always just thinks about now, Tina is in debt as she is used to a 25,000 baht a month living and the airlines offered her a job but at a starting pay of 9,000 baht per month. Sometimes I wish I can be a career counsellor in Thailand. You can bump into Tina if you take one of those one on one Thai Language classes in Bangkok.

Uma is a 21 year old I met at the Parking lot of Nana Plaza while on my way to see Rita. She caught my eye as she seems to look hungry so I offered to take her to get something to eat. She barely spoke English and said she lives by Saphan Kwai but had no money to get home. I gave her a hundred baht to go home but she instead stuck to me like glue. I had to ask for her ID as she looks 13 years old. I still could not do anything with her in good conscience even though her ID said birth date is 2524. So I took her back to my place and she jumps in the shower and comes back out in a towel and I said no and tried to give her some money to go home and she started crying saying that I do not like her because she is not Suay. She apparently has a huge scar on her Thigh and Buttocks from a very bad Car Accident apparently. She is prettier than any girl at the Rainbow except for Suzy. Her sister is a Tattoo artist and she asked me if she would be prettier if she got a tattoo to cover her scar. I said Mai Chai and I would never go out with her if she got one. With limited English I could not get what she was saying to me 80% of the time other than we cannot walk together on soi 11 as her sister works on that street.

Then there is Vicky. She is 28 and hails from Phuket. She runs an Internet introduction service in Bangkok. Very persistent that we meet so that she can show me how her operation works and hopefully signs me up as a customer. $675 membership fee! Upon interviewing me, all of a sudden she wants to introduce me to her younger sister who works with her! Vicky is married happily to an American she met in the internet. She truly believes that internet introductions work. Sound familiar Stick? Quintessential successful business person, Very personable, relaxed and the type of lady one would love to get involved with and marry. But that is based on her outward personality. I was not able to find out what really made her tick as I was treated as a possible client. With my plate so obviously full, I did not sign up. You will most likely bump into her if you join in one of those Thai introductory services.

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Wendy is my Dive master from Phuket and is the most personable outgoing sincere lady I have met. Workaholic too as sometimes she can go for two weeks straight diving 5 times a day. 24 years old and quick to say she has a boyfriend and is off limits which is so refreshing to hear. So many Thai ladies when asked seem to be always available. This has bothered me for a long time, why would they lie about something like that!

Xiomara is from Surin and is 28 years old and calls me Chow Choo As my phone constantly rings when she is trying to give me my private Thai Massage. She has a 4 year old girl that I dearly love as she is cute as a button. Unfortunately the father is a trouble maker. Thai man who she is separated from. I teach her English and we try and spend some quality time together too but unfortunately she is very conscious of the fact that everybody will gossip about us if we had anything going other than the customer and Thai massage provider relationship. She does not do Oil Massage! I sense a lot of tension in her trying to communicate more personal feelings about her life. Unfortunately, the language barrier gets in the way again. I was very touched that she gave me a nice vase as a going home present. The only Thai person that gave me anything as I left the land of Smiles. She still works from 10 am till midnight six days a week at one of the ambassador square foot and Thai massage parlors.

Yolanda is my travel agent in Phuket. 30 years old with a daughter and a son and an almost dead ex-husband. She is the product of physical abuse. Her Thai Husband is an insanely jealous man and an alcoholic and one day charged into the travel agency office to assault her! I was out to sea when this happened but the story relayed to me was the German guy who owned the dive shop knew this was going to happen sooner or later and fortunately had his Thai Cop friend tail the husband when a European admirer Yolanda was confiding in was in town. Long Story short, Thai husband was beaten to a pulp and thrown in Jail as he brandished a knife and injured a Thai officer of the law. Now Yolanda is a complete emotional mess as she feels guilty though she never really cheated on her husband. Every time I saw her before this incident I was always curious why she is clothed from head to toe. I was told by her co-workers that it was to hide her bruises that she regularly receives from him! The same co-workers warned me not to be so friendly with her as she has a stalker violent husband. I heed their advice and wished I knew more of her life.

And Finally Zima my interpreter! Just read “Scam, What Scam” 13/08/2003.

There you have it a sample of 25 Thai women and all I can say is you cannot generalize them. They are all that different from the western counterpart. They struggle more and the economic factors play a big part. So does education or lack there off and upbringing. From what I have gathered, Stick has a point about the borderline personality disorder being evident. Look at how majority of these women are treated!

Stickman says:

Yeah, I guess it is hard to generalise. If we were going to sum this and part 1 up, I guess the conclusion that could be reached is that Thai girls from poor backgrounds make more money, and speak better English, if they work in the naughty nightlife industry.

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