Stickman Readers' Submissions September 28th, 2003

Thai Heinous Lesbian Allegation

This is in response to Dana’s just-posted allegation that many Thai sex workers are lesbian. Guys don’t know it, but if I can generalize from the Olongapo (adjacent to where I worked for a lengthy period), Philippines’ club scene, he’s very very right. The submission jogged my memory, and come to think of it, every – yes every – club girl I knew of in Olongapo was lesbian, and I don’t have an axe to grind – At this moment, I’m thinking of a little, short-haired dyke (called thunderbirds or t-birds in the Philippines) who impressed me with how warm, intelligent, and conversant she was. I liked her as a person. She’s the one a club girl was pointing out to me as being in the act, along the street, of seducing a poor young Filipina, also telling me where she’d take her for sex, how much she’d pay her, and how much the room would cost (50 pesos or so if I remember right – $1.90 then).

Go into a club and club girl friend, familiar with the scene for she’s part of it, can tell you the name of the dyke each given stage performer is hooked up with. Go to an informal party with them and you might see a nice in personality, well and soft spoken, but v tough dyke (half black half Filipina in the case I’m recollecting now) who was invited by the host. Host (a femme lesbian)’s message is to let a former co-worker, with whom there’s some mild animosity, know that host’s dyke friend is tougher than adversary’s dyke. (Both adversary (a femme lesbian) and her combined dyke, protector, and no physical slouch, “Tom,” is there.)

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A Filipino man in Olongapo was telling me there’s an advantage to having a young lesbian for your steady, extracurricular fuck – better sleeping with a girl whose pussy has a history of having been worked over by a girl’s mouth than men’s dicks. (Yes the one I’m familiar with was a wonderful, soft (and soft, naturally hairless pussy), tight fuck, one of the best I’ve ever had, and who would have a nice, mild, lengthy, honest orgasm – appealing soft moans – just like I like – no noisy acting horseshit – when you were really bringing her there – getting all her juices flowing profusely – the Filipina is the best in the world in that regard – God, they come all over the place – “no Puritan hang-ups like in the US – they’re loose and free,” Playboy mag advisor responded to me when I inquired whether there is differences in races in the amount the women come, noting how the Filipina just comes all over the place. Yes, the Filipina is the best fuck in the world.)

Do the guys fucking these young clubwomen (16-23 years old) know they are queer? No. Would they know in Thailand? No. (They’d probably be catching on when they drop by unexpectedly and note a pool of fresh saliva soaking the bed where the crotch would be in the lying-down position; and who was home? – only club girl and her female roommate of the strong type.)

So is all this applicable to Thai sex workers? Are they heavily lesbian? After putting up all the time with men they often find despicable, would they find being serviced by another woman just real nice? All I can say is we have an absolutely outstanding precedent in the Philippines

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Stickman says:

I can't comment on life in the Philippines as I have never been there and it is not the top of my places to visit list.

But Thailand, I most certainly can comment on. The commercial sex industry catering to foreigners here is very big, has been running a long time, and there are thousands of people who have spent a huge amount of time in it, and with those who work in it. I have spoken to and spent time with many such people and have spent a lot of time with the girls myself, or at least in the past I did. Sure, the odd lesbian is around, but that is about it, the odd one. Most of these women have boyfriends, or even husbands. Sure, some might swing both ways, but not many.

As someone who has spent time in the industry as a customer, who has investigated a lot of girls and who has written at length about it, I can say with confidence that the situation in the Philippines is not replicated here.

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