Stickman Readers' Submissions September 29th, 2003

Real Thai Ladies

Having posted a previous story about being burned with my eyes wide open, I feel it only proper to relay other observations that were not so cold-hearted. I love the LOS, the Thai culture and I enjoy the company of my many Thai friends. I have been a regular visitor to Thailand since 1989. I am NOT a sex tourist, as my employment is what has allowed me to routinely visit this beautiful Kingdom. Not that it matters, I am 45 years old, a citizen of the USA, in shape, pretty well off financially, and employed as an airline pilot. For you whom have a mental image of fat, balding farangs, that is NOT me. I have never had a problem meeting and dating beautiful women in the west, whether it be the USA, Europe, or South America. It is just that I tire of their bullshit, baggage, attachments and yes…materialistic outlook.

In my years travelling to the Kingdom I have made a somewhat simple and remarkable discovery. The local Thai ladies working in what we in the west consider "real" jobs, i.e., hotel staff, waitresses, survey takers, etc. are wonderful companions and are quite easy to ask out for a cup of tea, coffee, ice cream or dinner. It is apparent to me that with all of the local focus on the bar girls, the local "non" working girls must be left out and de-void of usual manly attention. To me it does not matter, I treat all ladies with respect whether they are working "bar" girls or just friendly local ladies.

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If you get tired of the Gogo, Beer Bar, Disco scene and want to meet a truly lovely Thai lady, I suggest that you approach the girl who checked you in the hotel, or the one whom sold you something in the mall, or the waitress who waited on your dinner table last night. You may be pleasantly surprised at the response. Just approach a lady like you would in your home country. Don't expect immediate gratification and a trip to your room. But then again, the chase is almost half the fun. The flirting, smiles, laughing…what can I say. It has worked for me and many of my friends. Be aware that you are creating a new relationship, just like you would at home. Be honest, up-front, don't lie and keep promises. Please don't use this information to break the hearts of some truly wonderful ladies.

This has worked for me for many years and I have been invited to do many things that a farang might not ever see. I have made many friendships and have endured some losses, but all in all it has been a fantastic experience. To get away from the naughty areas of Bangkok or just Pattaya and go way outside the trails of the tourist and see real Thai life, food, and parties has been a highlight in my life.

Stickman says:

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Yep, there are lots of nice Thai ladies who would love to meet a decent farang. One just has to be a little prudent when they make the first move, and do so tactfully as all eyes will be watching the poor girl in question…

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