Stickman Readers' Submissions September 23rd, 2003

Eyes Wide Open And Still Burned

Anonymous Submission

I have been coming to the LOS for many years now. It began in 1989 with weekly trips to Bangkok. In these many years I have seen much of the problems and observations that Stickman writes about.

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For the past eight months I was fortunate enough to spend almost every weekend in Pattaya. This was not a vacation or holiday, as I was working. I know all too well that many of you would say "you lucky shit", you are living a dream. Well in answer, I did live a dream at the end, but more on that later.

My company treated us well and our accommodation was the Marriott Royal Gardens Hotel. Not far from Walking Street and very close to my favourite bar, Tahitian Queen 1 on Beach Road. I accidentally found this bar in March and enjoy the music and ex-pat clientele. It is a Go-Go, but mostly a day time laid back place to have a cold beer and listen to the excellent music. I went there for two months without bar fining any girls. I befriended many of the ladies and became known and friendly with the managers and owner.

I finally broke down in May and paid the bar for a lovely little lady that we will call "P". She was extremely attractive, spoke very good English and was somewhat more aggressive than the other girls. This was the beginning of my downfall and I knew better. This began a routine of her staying with me every weekend, meeting me at check in and leaving when I did. She was initially so inviting, lovely and always available to me.

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About two months into this situation, the talk of money began. "You can send me or give me 20,000 Baht per month and I no work bar anymore". I thought this to be a low estimate of what she needed to live. I did not give in yet, but I was being worn down. Then the "I need new motorbike" and I need new refrigerator, "fridge" for my room started. I was not hooked yet, but I was chasing the bait. And all the time, I knew better, especially having been a constant visitor to Stickman's website.

She began to change tactics and started inviting me to do stuff with her friends, such as Pattaya Water Park, boats to the offshore islands, bonfire parties on Jomtien Beach and a visit and party at her "room". Well, her room turned out to be a very nice bungalow type place, well furnished with leather couches, a big screen TV and state of the art sound system. Warning bells were again going off. This girl either is very successful at what she does or is milking many farangs monthly.

Well, the inevitable happened and I left town for Tokyo for 2 days. I paid the bar for her, as she did not want to work while I was gone and wanted to rest. When I returned, she told me right up front that :" last night I go with customer but he got too drunk to do anything, I tell you this before your friends tell you" and "I know this man 1 year, him come today and call me but I have no feelings for him" and "I have feelings for you, tilac".

It seems in the 40 hours I was gone, she went to work after I had paid the bar, went with an old customer, went to the jewellery store and sold the 5600 baht bracelet that I had bought her as a birthday present and then proceeded to tell me she was "so sorry". Man was I pissed. What a fucking sucker and I knew better.

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I have no doubt she was being coached by someone. She knew all about bank guarantees, EFTs, direct deposits, etc. I then find out that she has two kids and an ex-husband / current boyfriend in Udon Thani. Well enough of that, I bailed out and have not been back since. She was so good at tugging in just the proper direction, playing with heartstrings and being the little "NA RAK" lovely. Well I have learned and I hope this helps some of you guys in keeping your eyes wide open.

Stickman says:

Such a common story…

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